Seriously, NO.

A recent column by the conservative pundit Byron York noted that Romney had kept in close contact with many of his advisers and aides. As we spoke, Romney compared the barrage of 2016-related questions to a scene in the film “Dumb and Dumber.” After Jim Carrey’s character is flatly rejected by Lauren Holly, she tells him that there’s a one-in-a-million chance she would change her mind. “So,” Romney told me, embodying the character, “Jim Carrey says, ‘You’re telling me there’s a chance.’ ”

This was the obvious opening for me to ask if there was a chance. Romney’s response was decidedly meta — “I have nothing to add to the story” — but he then fell into the practiced political parlance of nondenial. “We’ve got a lot of people looking at the race,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Well I can’t think of a better potential candidate than the guy who lost to an unpopular incumbent during a time of high unemployment and after passage of a widely reviled health care reform law.

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  1. Romney ran on the basis of his competence. In the general election he ran a completely fouled up campaign that couldn’t do campaign 101 things like effective television advertising, identification of voters and getting them out to vote. His “Project Orca” get out the vote plan was a total fiasco that was unbelievably badly managed:

    After winning the first debate he decided that a good strategy against an incumbent president was to sit on a non-existent lead and fritter away the 30 days before the election.

    His internal polling was so bad that it came as a complete shock to him election night that he lost.

    A million times no to putting this incompetent loser up again.

  2. I can only muse that all this Romney talk is designed to make Jeb Bush and Chris Christie look palatable by comparison.

    It’s amazing that a man who has lost so many more elections than he has won is consistently trotted out as an ideal candidate in some quarters. He’s the Oakland Raiders of politics.

  3. I’m afraid the GOP is pretty much over. And as far as Romney’s ability to target and be an advocate for the aspirations of social conservatives is concerned, well, we have a rather earthy, but apt expression for men like him here in the Deep South: “That boy couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle!”

  4. Depends on which GOP is being referenced. The Establishment “Ken dolls” are finally fading away in favor of a more vigorous, aggressive and realistic version. About 8 years too late, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

  5. A presidential election loser has come back and been elected president; however,
    those were different times. Romney was an honorable, and decent, God loving family man, who had achieved success in the private and public sector. He knew how to generate jobs. BUT the Dems always outsmart the opposition. They defined Romney and they started a year before he was nominated. Combine that with a lousy campaign and the ticket lost. The McCain and Romney campaigns appeared to be run by closet liberal Democrats. When are Republicans going to smarten up and nominate a conservative candidate, and campaign like they want their guy to win? If the Republicans do that and still lose maybe the End Times are near.

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