Anti-Catholic Bigot Appointed to Governing Board of Notre Dame

Father Jenkins and Katie Washington


Father Wilson Miscamble, a professor at Notre Dame, brings us this news, that, in morally saner times, would be regarded as a bad attempt at a joke:

Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees gathers on campus this week. Committee meetings will be held on Thursday, followed by the full board meeting on Friday, and then the much-anticipated football game against Stanford on Saturday. Not much is expected to emerge from the meetings themselves. It will be appear to be business as usual. But in fact, something deeply troubling will have happened.

Sadly, at Notre Dame – as indeed at many other Catholic universities – many board members are essentially passive bystanders selected mainly for their “giving potential,” as it is delicately put, rather than for their qualifications to fulfill the serious responsibility mandated for them in Ex Corde Ecclesiaeto maintain and strengthen the Catholic identity of the university.

Board members are usually not deeply familiar with Catholic higher education. They are easily “guided” by the administration to desired decisions. Whatever their limitations, however, many are no doubt committed Catholics who genuinely want Notre Dame to be an authentically Catholic institution. And most trustees have not damaged Notre Dame’s mission as a Catholic university.

This is about to change at the October meeting, when Ms. Katie Washington will take her “junior trustee” position on the board, to which she was elected last May. Ms. Washington was Notre Dame’s 2010 valedictorian and is now enrolled at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

In 2012, she joined several of her medical school colleagues in authoring an op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun criticizing the Catholic Church’s position on the Obamacare contraception/abortifacient mandate. She revealed her belief that all religious employers should be required by law to provide contraception and abortifacient coverage whatever their religiously grounded objections.

Her op-ed singled out “national Catholic leaders” for reproach, and specifically criticized then Cardinal-designate Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore. Her animosity to the Church’s position – the very one which Notre Dame has embraced in its lawsuit against the Obama administration – was clear. She has not subsequently qualified or retracted her statement.

She presumably favors the continued federal coercion of those like the Little Sisters of the Poor whose conscience forbids them to agree to morally objectionable Obamacare provisions. Nonetheless, this supporter of the Obama Administration’s assault on the religious liberty of institutions like Notre Dame has gained appointment to the governing board of the university.

Regrettably, this appointment was made upon the initiative of University President Fr. John Jenkins and by vote of the twelve-member Board of Fellows, made up of six Holy Cross priests and six laypersons. It happened, however, without their being briefed on Ms. Washington’s hostility to religious liberty and Notre Dame’s claim of conscience.

Go here to The  Catholic Thing to read the rest.  Anyone surprised by this?  Since “Obama Worship Day” at Notre Dame I have assumed that if there is a way to oppose Catholic teaching, Notre Dame, as an institution, will grab at it.  Anyone care to assert that the powers that be at Notre Dame will do squat about this?  Notre Dame, where the Faith is merely a quaint cultural relic.

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  1. The scandal, as it usually is, is that bishops and religious superiors are implicated in this sort of thing. The Church in this country has been execrably led.

  2. Not surprised at all.

    Around the globe I read accounts of statues of the BVM weeping tears. Some may be authentic…some not.
    But in Saturdays (Oct.4th) Psalm 119:136 I can’t help it. I see a connection to this decision from N.D. , the weeping statues, and this from the psalmist; “My eyes shed streams of tears because Your law has not been kept.”

    Lord help us to repent!

  3. Why is sex so important to these people? What is it about imitating herd animals that’s such a d$#@*d big deal?

  4. Mary De Voe. “ebola is upon us.”

    I’m afraid many non-believers will raise their fists at God, cursing His name and yelling at us; “So where is your merciful God now?” They will not accept the cataclysmic facts of abortion, nor the injustices of un-natural sexual acts.
    They will be indignant to Gods law right up to the very end.

    My prayer is that while we still have an era of Gods Mercy upon us, many will seek His forgiveness now.

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