Cali or Kali ?


 “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Quote from the Bhagavad Gita, where Vishnu transfoms himself into Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, that flashed through the mind of Robert J. Oppenheimer after witnessing the first atomic bomb test.

As faithful readers of this blog know, my dog Baby passed away at age 14 in May.  Go here to read about it.  Yesterday my bride and I adopted a Jack Russell terrier, Cali, from the McLean County Humane Society in Normal, Illinois.  The staff were friendly and efficient, and we were in and out in 40 minutes.  I regard it as propitious that we adopted Cali on the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi.cali01a

Jack Russell Terriers tend to have only one mode, fast, and Cali is a typical Jack Russell!  We are enjoying her immensely and thus far she has wreaked no destruction.  Hopefully we will not have to change her name to Kali, and her energy will continue to be used for fun instead of havoc!


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  1. The “I have become death” quote is what flashes before me as I kneel at a Planned Parenthood business location praying the rosary. Guy McClung, San Antono

  2. Good luck with the new pooch.

    Our “Buddy” is lying near me on the couch (he’s not spoiled . . .) We’re watching (he watches TV) the Pats vs. Cinci. He prefers baseball.

    Truly “man’s best friend.”

    Don’t get me started on the thugs!.

  3. Calie, sounds cute. Certainly not ‘Cutie’. Why? I am just watching some animated drawings by Winsor McCay, one of which is called ‘The Pet’ from 1921. Col. and Mrs. B had rarebit which caused Mrs. B to dream. She loves pets and took in a little one. Of course she named it Cutie. Well, Cutie grew from its first saucer of milk until by morning it took the whole space under the table, where it ate the cat. And on and on until Col. B had a barrel of ‘Rough on Rats’ delivered, but it continued to grow until it was bigger than city bldgs. etc. eating cars and buses and walls. Then, after a day, there was an explosion (… Cutie) and Mrs. B woke up. So, I thought of new pet Calie and was glad she isn’t Kali or Cutie.

  4. My daughter, Mary, has a Jack Russell Terrier named Isabel. Isabel jumps straight up into the air, maybe four or five feet. I never saw anything like it.
    My hope is that you and Cali, and you will, have a good relationship. Hide your shoes.

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