Can We Call Them Pro-Aborts Now?

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  1. There is no such thing as pro-choice. It is pro-abortion. I hear pro-abortion people say I am against abortion, but I give the woman the right to choose. You can’t give a person the right to do a wrong.

  2. From the article: “Abortion saves lives, improves lives, and makes for a stronger society. The facts are decisively on our side.”
    By that logic, then, if we kill everybody, we’ll all be immortal. Hey, ya sold me.

  3. Of course-there has always been so much more going on with abortion policy than “empowering individual women,” so many of whom were simply “useful idiots” in the implementation of eugenic racist abortions. And many of power in the Catholic Church have blood on their hands. See below:

    Pecado Mortal Votar Democrata: Conscience + Democrats = Mortal Sin

    Imagine 11,000,000 more minority voters in America. Imagine hundreds of thousands more Hispanic voters in Texas. Such imaginations are not a reality due to what the Democrats and their president have done.

    To have a well-formed conscience as defined by the Catholic Bishops, a Catholic must know not only the facts about a candidate, but also the commitments the candidate and his/her party have made and what they have actually done when they are in power. Obama and the Democrats have made it clear that they will together- all three branches of government- use all their power to promote abortion; to promote racist abortions that target Hispanics and Blacks; to fund abortions with taxpayer money; and to prevent any restrictions directed to the health and safety of mothers on the court-created right to abortion.

    The Democrats and their president have advocated for, enacted, and enforced racial eugenic targeted abortion (“RETA”)– funded with tax dollars – which has resulted in the death of millions of minority babies, primarily Black and Hispanic children. Of 56,000,000 dead babies since the Supreme Court invented the “right” to abortion, an inordinate percentage are Black and Hispanic babies – almost 60% – although their mothers account for less than a third of the population. This is not only population control, this is the real-world embodiment of Margaret Sanger’s scheme to eugenically rid the USA of what she called “human undergrowth.” What the KKK failed to do, Planned Parenthood has achieved far beyond its founder’s dreams. Echoing Archbishop Burke: the Democratic Party is now the “’Party Of Death”.

    No longer can a Catholic with a well-formed conscience say: “Yes, I am voting for a Democrat, but I do not intend to support abortion by doing so.” No longer can a Catholic say “Yes, I am voting for a Democrat, but I am ignoring this Party’s role in racist abortions”. As the Bishops have stated: “A Catholic cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, such as abortion or racism, if the voter’s intent is to support that position. In such cases a Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in grave evil.”

    No other issue morally trumps issues of racism and abortion – not immigration, not poverty, not immigration, not war. Today a Catholic voter who has learned the facts about the Party Of Death, and who votes for any Democrat, necessarily has the intent to support abortion and RETA and formally cooperates in grave evil, committing a mortal sin. This is developed in detail in my document Virtuous Citizenship 2014 available at

    No doubt Catholic Bishops and pastors will soon be issuing statements explicitly and clearly asserting that a Catholic with a well-formed conscience cannot vote for any Democrat at any level of government without putting their immortal souls in danger of eternal suffering.

    Guy McClung
    San Antonio TX;

  4. “Most profoundly, Pollitt’s book is a call for us all to reclaim and speak out about the truths we know. Personally, I like abortion. I’ve never needed one. I’m still glad to have the option. I’m glad for the people I’ve known who got pregnant at the wrong time, with the wrong people, and didn’t have their lives ruined by it.
    If Pollitt gets her way, more of us might feel free to admit that, hey: We like abortion.
    hey: We like killing the unborn of our species.

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