Defender of the Faith

“O bone Jesu, fac ut sim sacerdos secundum Cor Tuum.”

“O good Jesus, make me a priest after Your own Heart.”

Motto of Raymond Cardinal Burke


Raymond Cardinal Burke.  A Cardinal of the Catholic Church speaking like a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.  What a novelty these days!

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  1. My heart breaks for Cardinal Burke and yet I know that he isn’t fazed with this non sense and he knows he is responsible for the truth of the faith. Let them spread their evil for we all have to answer to God Almighty. Diabolical teaching has led and is leading souls to hell. He knows that when we stand before the Lord we can’t say, “But Lord, no one ever told me this was wrong”. There were some who did tell us and guide us and hopefully they will receive their just reward by His side.

  2. We all may thank the One Living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the Church still has men such as this individual for a beacon of truth for the masses! That day many of us have discussed has finally arrived, ushered in with “The Winds Of Change” that will surely cleanse all churches before its completed its sacred mission. Cardinal Raymond Burk is one of the few who knew this day would appear as well as its outcome, in fact and in form. Thank you sir for the service you have rendered to he Catholic Church as well as mankind! “Laus Deo”

  3. Very interesting interview, but moot for practical circumstances. The game is already long lost!

    Abandoned spouses NEVER experience anything remotely resembling justice with the Catholic Church. NEVER. Unless there is a reconciliation and the abandoner comes to a horrible, terrifying, nearly suicidal inducing understanding of what they have done to their family, it is simple hog wash!

    Even Burke has no idea what he is talking about from MY LIVING PERSPECTIVE. I believe his “heart” is in the right place but he insults me, even at his best and insults our marriage by not openly advocating for formal excommunications for all unjustly abandoning spouses and all Catholics who support them, materially or substantially. If minor children are involved, the excommunications should be lifted only at death, unless there is a reckoning, as in “Unless there is a reconciliation and the abandoner comes to a horrible, terrifying, nearly suicidal inducing understanding of what they have done to their family, it is simple hog wash!” and it is even clear to third parties with no interests involved that, indeed, the “perp” has experienced a living hell!

    My two cents.

    SORRY, DON. Way, way to close to home for me for the past 25 years.

  4. Karl.
    “MY LIVING PERSPECTIVE” – Says it all. Whilst we all have the deepest sympathy and concern for those who have been abandonned by their spouse, your statement and complaint smacks very loudly of- “Poor ME – the mean old Church should change their rules to fit MY circumstances.” It’s not all about this life but the next. Some crosses are very hard to bear.

    Bravo Cdl. Burke; it is good that some cardinals have joined him in confronting Kasper’s heretical statements. How can we change the rules in complete contradiction to the words of Christ and remain Catholic – let alone Christian?

    I am disappointed by the NZ Archbishop of Wellington John Dew – who I know personally and is a very good man to chat to but is on the liberal side -whi has come out and said that he doesn’t think any Church doctrine will change, but he thinks some of the language may be changed because it is harsh – words like “intrinsically disordered” and “living in sin”. Trouble is, change the words and you change the meaning – that has been the way of progressives for many decades now. Its not about being “MEAN” , its about speaking the TRUTH.

    Next time I talk to the good Arch Bishop I think I’ll have a word in his ear 🙂

  5. Don the Kiwi:

    Do you seriously think that I am alone in what is going on? Get a grip man. This is going on because the Catholic Church has been unresponsive except to our poor adulterous spouses for my entire lifetime!

    It is not about me. But, I AM living it. That is how I know what is going on. But, I also know, from many others, that what is going on is ubiquitous in the Catholic Church, at least in America. However, the defense of truth is not a function of numbers. Our marriages are in the cross hairs of the Catholic Church. That is reality.

    Rules….man made ones, do change. Even the heretics know this.

    What I have long defended, the indissolubility of marriage, does not.

    Believe what you want, Don. I did not say the next world did not matter or that it is not the point of all of this. Nor do I reject the cross of my wife’s adultery. However, a failure to address injustice adequately, which beyond any question the Catholic Church is long guilty of, to the hilt, regarding the violation of marriage and is now in the slow process of trying to regularize, teaches, PRECISELY, that it does not.


    I doubt, however, that you see it the same way. So be it. Enough said.

  6. Karl.

    I have not experienced your injustice from the position of the Catholic Church.

    I have experienced forgiveness healing and peace.

    My prayer today is for you to receive what I have from the same Catholic Church.

  7. Cardinal Burke is a man unafraid of the Truth. He may have his own fears about what will happen – who would not? – and probably has always had other clergy who have opposed him.

    Our Holy Father has no public critical words or decisive actions for Cardinal Kasper, or anything Kasper does or says. That says a lot about the Holy Father.

    Our Holy Father’s comments about traditional Catholicism (the backhanded slap for those who offered him 3,000 Rosaries), the deeds of Fr. Volpi to the FFI, the impending demotion of Cardinal Burke – and yet Cardinal Burke soldiers on.
    He provides inspiration to me, a sinner.

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