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Your Highnesses have an Other World here, by which our holy faith can be so greatly advanced and from which such great wealth can be drawn.

Christopher Columbus, letter to Ferdinand and Isabella, 1498


Something for the weekend.  With Christopher Columbus day coming up, a trilogy of pieces on Christopher Columbus.  From 1936 Fats Waller belting out Christopher Columbus. A jaunty tune whose cheerful historical illiteracy is set forth early in the song with the claim that Columbus did not have a compass:

Mister Christopher Columbus
Sailed the sea without a compass
When his men began a-rumpus,
Up spoke Christopher Columbus!

There’s land somewhere
‘Til we get there
We will not go wrong,
If we sail with a song.

Since the world is round-o
We’ll be safe and sound-o
‘Til our goal is found-o
We’ll just keep rhythm-bound-o

Since the crew was making merry,
Mary got up and went home.
There came a yell for Isabel
And they brought on the rum and Isabel.

No more mutiny, no.
What a time at sea!
With diplomacy,
Christopher made history.

Mister Christopher Columbus
He used rhythm as a compass.
Music ended all the rumpus,
wise old Christopher Columbus.

(Latch on Christy, yeah! Uh huh! Yes, yes, yes!)

(Well, looky there!
Christy’s grabbed the Santa Maria and he’s going back!
Yeah, ahhh looky-there!
In the year 1492,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue… what’d I say?)


From 1949 the musical score from the technicolor movie Christoher Columbus.  The film is forgotten today, which is a pity.  While containing a plenitude of the usual historical howlers that period films are ere too, Fredric March gives us a powerful, albeit irascible, portrayal of the Admiral of the Ocean Sea.  Definitely worth watching.


The Conquest of Paradise theme from Conquest of Paradise (1992).  I like the film despite a portrayal of Columbus by Gerard Depardieu that I think can only be characterized as odd.  However, the film is beautiful, the music just right, and the whole project has a majestic tone worthy of the theme of the discovery of a new world.

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  1. While visiting inmates at Jefferson Co. jail one of the stirring accounts we shared with them was the prophecy from 1492. It still invokes a discovery of a “new” world. The kingdom of God.

    Names of the three ships; Holy Mary – Paints- Girl aka Sancta Maria Pinta and Nina.
    39 years past and outside of Mexico City Holy Mary paints self portrait. Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
    Not to be outdone by the likes of the reformation, millions come to the true faith in Mexico while many depart the bark of Peter in Eroupe.

    Amazing Grace.

  2. Wow!

    Thank you Barbara.

    How I recall nina meaning girl and not child…..well whoohooo is right.

    Thanks for the links.

    Spanish 101? Obviously not.

    Thanks and uh…..oops.

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