Incompetent Obama Open Thread

Obama Competence

We haven’t had an open thread in a while.  The usual rules apply:  be charitable, be concise and, above all, be amusing!

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  1. Steve Wynn “[They, not me] We elected a man as president who had no experience at anything.”
    Does this apply to the Vatican as well?

  2. Can there be more snarky threads on here that have this format? Incompetent Blank Open Thread. How about the US’s reponse to Ebola, for starters? The possibilities are endless.

  3. Obama is a spokesmodel for the Left. He works at their promotional events: on the campaign trail, in the White House, at fundraisers, overseas. That is all.

  4. RodneyHood1314: “Can there be more snarky threads on here that have this format? Incompetent Blank Open Thread. How about the US’s reponse (sic) to Ebola, for starters? The possibilities are endless.”
    Benghazi? Maybe. While a Senator from Chicago, Obama refused medical assistance to the citizens born alive after abortion, leaving them unattended to die in a storage closet. I would call that a hate crime. Does anyone believe he would do anything for any one of us?
    During the government shutdown Obama refused to allow the Catholic Mass to be said on military bases as though he owned the souls of the persons who serve, and there was no First Amendment.
    “Incompetent Blank Open Thread”.
    It is the Daily News, you know.
    “How about the US’s reponse (sic) to Ebola, for starters?” This is precisely the incompetence of Obama, as leader, we abhor.
    Obama thinks the city under Washington, D.C. is going to save him.

  5. Stephen E. Dalton: “Hey, I got some good news! Ebola is covered by Obamacare! That makes me feel so much better!”
    Stephen E. Dalton: If you are Catholic, or even religious your treatment for the ebola virus, and I pray you do not contract it, is not cost effective. In other words, you will not receive treatment. Obamacare, like the stimulus package is for Obama’s friends and he knows who we are.

  6. Mary De Voe.

    Your the Man!….well woman that is.

    Jenna Jensen was our key note speaker at our RTL conference two years ago.
    She is an abortion survivor. (saline)
    She sat face to face with then Senator Obola, as she spoke thunderously in defense of abortion survivors. His response was that she shouldn’t of survived. What arrogance. What a pig.
    What a empty chair. A suit with no soul.

    October Baby. A must see movie.
    Jenna gives a great talk afterwards.

  7. When Obama said, “Ebola isn’t a threat to Americans now”, we could assume the opposite to be true. He seems to lie with aplomb. I take due notice that his formative years were spent in Indonesia where he where he may have encountered the Islamic notion of Taqiyya, the so called righteous lie permitted for a supposed greater good. So perhaps he can lie with a clear conscience. He does not seem to learn from his mistakes either. We are in trouble.

  8. The movie October Baby focuses on forgiveness.

    My conscience is working on me to forgive a President who states that he is concerned for the marginalized. Unborn? Ask him.
    I will pray for him regardless.

  9. Barack Hussein Obama is a combination of an empty suit and a puppet. Other than his hard left ideology, he is nothing. His childhood, his school years, his college years – all are sealed off. His parents were certifiably crazy. Nobody challenges him politically – ever. He has been propped up by affirmative action. He has two books about himself. Why does nobody remember him at Columbia?

    King Putt is the worst President this country has ever elected. He’s worse than Buchanan. He was reelected by an electorate that is so mind-numbingly stupid that this nation’s future as a representative republic is in doubt.

    A Republican Senate – such as it would be, would serve two useful purposes. One, it would remove Harry Reid from the Majority Leader position. Two, it would prevent Obumbler from packing the courts (more than he has). The least damage Obumbler can do is to spend each remaining day of his administration on the golf course or shooting basketballs.

  10. I like the word “aplomb” Mr. Walsh. It was one of my grandmother’s common words and you made me think of her. I thank you for that little kindness.

    I am actually grateful that His Majesty, Barack Obama (May He Live Forever) lacks the will and competency to be a tyrant. God was kind to us in making him lazy and incompetent.

  11. Though he seems incompetent, he has managed to do a lot of damage. The effects are going to be felt for a very long time.

  12. No comparison. My first job was shoveling natural fertilizer into bags at a rose nursery. OK, well, now that I think about it . . .

  13. Philip: “Jenna Jensen was our key note speaker at our RTL conference two years ago.
    She is an abortion survivor. (saline)
    She sat face to face with then Senator Obola, as she spoke thunderously in defense of abortion survivors. His response was that she shouldn’t of survived.”
    Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death in the concentration camps was a tender and loving grandfather.
    Hank: “Let us be kind. Who among us did not make some major goofs on our first real job? ”
    An honest man would repent of his mistakes and blunders. This student of Saul Alinsky, Obama, is taking us on the fast track to hell. Al Capone had to be removed. Obama is going to be removed if there is anyone left after ebola to remove him.
    “Malice”? Obama is possessed by the devil. Who else can tell another person she ought to be dead? The pigs, a herd of 4,000, wanted no part of the devil and ran off the cliff into the sea and drowned themselves.
    Philip: “I will pray for him regardless.”
    I will, too.

  14. I keep wondering WHO is behind the evil in the White House? WHAT has he succeeded at? The economy? Nope. Racial unity? Nope. Improving the moral climate? Nope. Ukraine? Nope. Defending Israel? Nope. Running the military? Nope. Benghazi? Nope. ISIS? Nope. Ebola? Nope. Religious liberty? Nope.

    Well, at least he is consistent …

  15. Thanks for the thanks David Spaulding. Aplomb is an interesting word, meaning straight up and down like the string of a plumb bob. Plumbum being Latin for lead and so on. One must love words, most of all the Word of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ who tells us must love also our enemies, including Obama, Domestic Enemy Apparent, whom our youthful oath taken during military induction, binds us to oppose in defense of our Constitution. On the horns of this moral dilemma, we through Grace suppress the temptation to hate the man. “Be angry but do not sin” be my watchwords. Also “Judge not” the state of anyone’s soul for Christ is judge. None of which allows one to retreat to slothful silence in the presence of evils. We have a duty of discernment, of knowing men “by their works”. Obama is an enigma, his Presidency a rolling riddle, our speculations concerning his motives exasperate us. To the extent that he is his own man, we presently consider him to be a mono-maniacal radical egalitarian, an ultimate ideologue whose contributory life-experience comprises little else. That he is the current standard-bearer of the cult of Secular Humanism, there can be little doubt. This is the heresy of our age, and the proper focus of our attention, with Charity and all zeal.

  16. The use of the word ‘incompetent’ must refer to the blatant and competent rejection of the words spoken in the oath of office. And the title of the article shows disregard for taking the Lord’s name in vain.
    The Quote of Abraham Lincoln post nearby – definitely timely as regards both church and country.
    “Men are not flattered by being shown that there has been a difference of purpose between the Almighty and them. To deny it, however, in this case, is to deny that there is a God governing the world. It is a truth which I thought needed to be told, and, as whatever of humiliation there is in it falls most directly on myself, I thought others might afford for me to tell it.”
    It seem the joyous light of truth is detectable in a persons’ eyes. Look at the pictures of Cardinals Pell, Burke, Napier, Muller which are most recently available – there are others, but, I can’t find it in the high-ranking administration officials to the point of suffering difficulty seeing their photographs.

  17. 1. Barack Obama: truncated and unremarkable career practicing law and superlatively unremarkable career as a legal academic; no executive experience.

    2. John Kerry: truncated and unremarkable career practicing law. No executive experience.

    3. Jeh Johnson: lucrative career practicing law, fueled by leveraging connections from government positions.

    4. Sylvia Burwell: liberal education; one time associate at McKinsey, but for 20 years alternating between positions in the philanthropy apparat and positions as chief of staff to this or that big shot. Line administration limited to one year as the federal budget director. Care to guess how much critical engagement she had with agency requests?

    5. Dr. Thomas Friedan: genuine experience abroad as a public health physician, but for 12 years willing to truckle to the notion (favored by his patron, Michael Bloomberg) that ‘public health’ efforts now forego attacking actual diseases in favor or stigmatizing behaviors and tastes disliked by the haut bourgeois (gun ownership, smoking, and fast food). Cannot as yet gin up a cogent excuse for why Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia are not under a commercial aviation quarantine. The air traffic controllers report to..

    6. Anthony Foxx: lawyer. He actually did spend three years superintending a municipal government, so he’s not a complete tyro running an apparat which has a purpose other than promoting the fortunes of a particular politician. And now, the czar…

    7. Ron Klain: nominal lawyer; in truth, twenty-five years alternating between stints as a political consigliere and stints as a lobbyist. Reasonable wager is that it’s his job to manage the talking points.

    Do you see a pattern here? What happens when you’ve a hollow man at the top?

  18. Art Deco said; “Do you see a pattern here? What happens when you’ve a hollow man at the top.”

    Un happy hollow weenie….that’s what happens, that’s what we ended up with.
    A sausage wrapper without the meat!
    A new Chicago dog!

  19. Art, your list reminds me of the televised presidential debate that Ross Perot participated in over 20 years ago.
    Now, I don’t Perot had the political acumen to be an effective president, but he certainly knew how to manage things. I found it stunning when he was asked in the debate about bringing competent women into government and he quickly rattled off nearly a dozen names, almost none of whom were political personalities. In our modern complex world part of getting things done is knowing other people who can get things done. In government we just get the same smiling faces again and again.

    Which brings me to another point: czars. Why American czars? Their very existence demonstrates that the system is broken. If they are really needed it demonstrates that the size of bureaucracy has nullified managerial span of control – presidents haven’t a hope that new policies can be properly devised and implemented because there are too many layers and divisions of responsibility. If they are not needed then it demonstrates that presidents do not manage properly – they allow politics to dictate the selection and retention of incompetents (“I can’t fire the idiot, I appointed him, remember? And besides, people will think I’m mean and I’ll lose support”). Probably both sides of the coin are true.

  20. Former House Spesker Henry Clay called President John Tyler “His Accidentcy”. O’bama can be properly addressed as His Malevolency.

  21. Pat: “And the title of the article shows disregard for taking the Lord’s name in vain.”
    The title of the article is : “Incompetent-obama-open-thread.

  22. On Friday, the government ordered ordained ministers to perform same sex weddings or go to jail. A same-sex couple asked to be married by the Knapps, and the Knapps politely declined. The Knapps now face a 180-day jail term and $1,000 fine for each day they decline to celebrate the same-sex wedding.
    Since the same sex couple could have employed the sitting judge on the bench in their lawsuit, to witness to their vows, the couple was not denied their civil rights; only their demands. There is no other reason for the lawsuit except raw and naked aggression against the Knapp’s freedom of religion, the Knapp’s First Amendment right to be free in their person and citizenship.

  23. Mary. !!!?
    To be sure, just in case I was falsely amused, titles of posts here are for posts, titles for newspapers’ headlines are for articles, but, considering the subject involved in both the post and the article – thanks for the spot of humor.
    Today, headlines are dark, down, and dirty, speaking of those newspaper agenda types, with the morning paper here “Bishops scrap welcome to gays”. Yup. If my mother didn’t live to see the paper delivered, it would have been cancelled eight years ago. Those five words are full of wrongness. Welcome is, has been, and will be for anyone seeking a home out of love of God, not the rubber stamp of approval for adultery. Grrr. Those agenda types in the Vatican will next be trashing the Decalogue.

  24. To clarify that last sentence, I must say that I think we’ll hear about mercy versus letter of the law types with no mention of the actual ten laws given to man. More is the pity after watching the Constitution recycled.

  25. And as far as wedding cake bakers and florists; the gay couple has already insulted, violated and negated their First Amendment civil rights to freedom of religion and peaceable assembly, to come and go unmolested. Adding insult to injury, the law and the court then gives the violator of a free man’s First Amendment civil right to exercise his conscience and go about unmolested, a legal bludgeon to end any thought of individual human rights. The Knapp case is legal assault and battery, discount the terror visited on the Knapps by incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines being levied on them for their violation of the devil’s hold on some gay atheist’s soul.
    As in false arrest, this unwarranted intrusion into the peaceable living of decent human beings by the so-called gay agenda, aided and abetted by the law, is tantamount to an atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
    It is incumbent upon a gay and a straight person standing in the public square to have the good will to sustain the common good. It is the same for the public accommodations owned by private citizens.

  26. Pat: I, too, was offended by the headline of the article in the Daily News, until I read it as a prayer. I am thankful that both the article and the post are bringing this matter to the fore. I think we are in big trouble with ebola thanks to the incompetence of Obama. Have you seen what the free press media has done with Mayor Parker’s lawsuit and subpoena against the priests and their sermons. Priests are citizens, too, who are free to go about unmolested.
    Glad you had a good laugh.

  27. One seaman got off the boat in Marseilles, France, and two thirds of Europe perished. Obama, “The One” says we are safe. Don’t worry, be happy. (sarc.)
    George Washington, the Revolutionary War President, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War President, Obama, the ebola virus President.

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