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Father Z reports on comments made by Pope Francis regarding families:


In an audience with members of an international Marian movement, Pope Francis warned that the sacrament of marriage has been reduced to a mere association, and urged participants to be witnesses in a secular world.

“The family is being hit, the family is being struck and the family is being bastardized,” the Pope told those in attendance at the Oct. 25 audience.

He warned against the common view in society that “you can call everything family, right?[ZAP!]

“What is being proposed is not marriage, it’s an association. But it’s not marriage! It’s necessary to say these things very clearly and we have to say it!” Pope Francis stressed. [Okay!  Let’s say it!  And will the secular MSM pick it up?  Will they report that their darling Pope Francis, the first Pope who ever smiled, the first Pope who ever kissed a baby, the most wonderfullest fluffiest Pope ehvur, made it clear that attempts to confuse the concept of family and marriage must be resisted?  NEWS FLASH: Pope Francis seems not to think that homosexual unions, even with adopted children, are “marriages” and “families”.  Will the catholic media report on this? I just went over to the site of the Fishwrap and did a search on the keyword “Schoenstaat”.  Zip.]

He lamented that there are so many “new forms” of unions which are “totally destructive and limiting the greatness of the love of marriage.” [“‘new forms’ of unions”… hmmm… what ever could be mean?]

Noting that there are many who cohabitate, or are separated or divorced, he explained that the “key” to helping is a pastoral care of “close combat” that assists and patiently accompanies the couple.

Pope Francis offered his words in a question-and-answer format during his audience with members of the Schoenstatt movement, held in celebration of the 100th anniversary of its founding in Germany.

Roughly 7,500 members of the international Marian and apostolic organization, both lay and clerics from dozens of nations around the world, were present in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall for the audience.

In his answers to questions regarding marriage, Pope Francis explained that contemporary society has “devalued” the sacrament by turning it into a social rite, removing the most essential element, which is union with God. [If it is a social rite, then I suppose three or four or more can all “marry”, including Spot, the family pet.]


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  1. Among the “new forms of union,” it is remarkable how popular civil unions (PACS) have proved with opposite-sex couples.

    In France, in 2000, before their introduction, there were about 350,000 marriages; in 2010, there were 250,000 marriages and 200,000 PACSs. Other European countries show a similar pattern.

    There are significant differences. A « pacte civil de solidarité » creates a strictly personal relationship. For example, there is nothing corresponding to Article 206 that imposes a duty of mutual financial support between parents-in-law and children-in-law and between remoter ascendants and descendant. This obligation is based on marriage as a union of families and its linking of the generations. This is clear from the fact that, if my daughter dies, my obligation to support her husband (or his obligation to support me) ceases, unless there is living issue of the marriage, in which case it continues.

    The parties are obliged to contribute to the joint living expenses, but here is no automatic obligation of support; the parties are free to agree to such financial arrangements they choose,

    Likewise, a PACS confers no right of inheritance and each partner retains the right to dispose of his or her own property by will, subject to the reserved shares of certain blood relatives and to the special rules governing inherited property (biens de famille). There is nothing corresponding to the quarta Falicidia (automatic quarter-share of a surviving spouse.)

    A PACS does not establish filiation. If one partner acknowledges the child of the other as his, then, of course, filiation is established. The great Revolutionary principle of consent (through marriage or acknowledgment) as the foundation of paternity is preserved. « l’importance donnée par le droit révolutionnaire à la volonté comme fondement de la filiation » as Prof Dekeuwer-Défossez has called it. Hence, there is no duty of sexual fidelity between PACS partners.

    Because a PACS is terminable at will, they annot jointly adopt a child.

  2. Anzlyne: I believe you are correct. In fact, Pope Francis had not counted on so many Catholics to understand to defend the truth of the Gospel, to the point of schism. Pope Francis’ legacy might be schism.

  3. I think the Church has in fact been in schism for quite some time. It may well be that this causes a formal break, such as we saw when the Eastern Church (now the various branches of Orthodox) left, Martin Luther left, the Anglicans, etc.
    I wonder what the new schism group will be called?

  4. The Blessed Trinity is the perfect family…the Father Who loves the Son perfectly and the Son who loves the Father perfectly and the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son.
    Designed in the image of God is the Holy Family of Nazareth…The Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and their Holy Child, Jesus Christ.
    When the state redesigns God and redefines the Holy Family, it is truly the bastardization of the family, made in the image and design of the state.

  5. Was Pope Francis Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina before he was promoted Pope?

    If so, during the Conclave, recent poll results apparently were not available to the Holy Spirit.

    Survey Question: Is homosexulality Unacceptable; Acceptable; or Not A Moral Issue.

    Russia: 72% Unacceptable; 9% Acceptable
    El Salvador: 70% Unacceptable; 18% Acceptable
    China: 61% Unacceptable; 13% Acceptable
    Argentina: 27% Unacceptable; 49% Acceptable.

    The Czech Republic, Germany and Spain only had higher “Acceptable” percentages.

    Not hard to see that Pope Francis simply is bringing Church morality to the Argentine level . . . Love, Peace, Justice!

  6. Second @Mary De Voe on @Anzlyne’s insightful comment.

    “Noting that there are many who cohabitate, or are separated or divorced, he explained that the “key” to helping is a pastoral care of “close combat” that assists and patiently accompanies the couple.” – What does this even mean?!

    The drumbeat continues …

  7. After all this planting, as Anzlyne points out, what are seeds of confusion, it is to wonder about the seed package gifted by the US President to the Pope.

  8. Bishop Fellay SSPX on the Synod:

    There is nothing to expect. There is no need to wait. The direction has been given, and it is clear. We must simply say: it is clear. It is obvious that they wish to trivialize the situation of those who live in adultery, truly in a state of sin. They wish to trivialize it, and that is very, very, very serious. When we play with morality, we are playing with God’s commandments. To have dared, for two weeks, to leave up to opinion questions that leave no room for opinion! It is God’s word. All we have to say is “Amen.” We must, of course, think about how to help these people; we must always think about that. But we certainly do not help them by telling them there is an open door when there is none. The door that is being opened is a door to hell! These prelates who have received the power of the keys, that is, of opening the gates of Heaven, are closing them, and opening the gates of hell. It is unbelievable! It is crazy! Absolutely crazy! And as I said, the direction has been laid out. It is true that this synod was not supposed to make a decision; it was supposed to be a first step, but the first steps have been taken, the direction has been laid out, and it is not hard to guess what the following synod will do. Unless there is a much stronger reaction than the one we see today, and unfortunately, I doubt that there will be. Alas, there will not be!

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