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Time to renew my Chief Geek of the blog creds.  As faithful readers of this blog know, I am a Star Trek fan.  (No, I do not own a Star Fleet uniform, let alone worn one to court!)  Over the weekend I watched the three episodes thus far produced by Star Trek Continues, go here to their website, an unpaid volunteer group making episodes to complete the final two years of the original Star Trek five year mission.  Other Star Trek “tribute” episodes have been produced by other groups, but I have seen nothing that comes as close as Star Trek Continues in capturing the feel, and the fun, of the original series.  Judge for yourselves.  The video above is the third episode produced:  Fairest of Them All, which is a continuation of my second favorite Star Trek episode, Mirror Mirror, which introduced the alternate “bearded Spock” universe where the Federation is an aggressive interstellar empire.  Long may Star Trek Continue continue!

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  1. Galaxy Quest is one of the best satires of show business I have ever seen:

    “Sir Alexander Dane: I played Richard III.

    Fred Kwan: Five curtain calls…

    Sir Alexander Dane: There were five curtain calls. I was an actor once, damn it. Now look at me. Look at me! I won’t go out there and say that stupid line one more time.”

  2. I love Galaxy Quest– it’s such a great skewering, but unlike, say, that book “Redshirts” it oozed love for the show. Heck, some of the jokes are ones that I have made! (In spite of that, it’s good.)

    Really need to make time to watch this.

  3. Is this the independent Star Trek series that has an actual relative of James Doohan (maybe his nephew?) playing Scotty?

  4. I watched the beginning, and this is the one I was thinking of. I saw part of the first episode a while back, I think. And I see that the opening credits show Chris Doohan as Mr. Scott. Evidently he is James Doohan’s son, not his nephew, according to Wikipedia.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this video. The people who put this together did an excellent job, based on the part I have watched so far.

  5. I watched the whole episode, and it was good! I was very, very impressed with how they captured the look and feel of the original series almost perfectly, from the sets to the music to the costumes — even the acting was pretty close for most of the characters (though it was hard to judge from this episode, since it took place in the mirror universe, where most of the characters have somewhat different personalities).

    One thing I didn’t like was Spock’s voice — it needed to be deeper. But the actor did a good job with Spock’s mannerisms. Also Uhura seemed to be a bit too whiny and lacking in self-confidence, but maybe that was just because she was mirror-universe Uhura?

    Chris Doohan was great as Scotty, as you said. And I like the actor who plays Kirk, who apparently is also the main creative talent behind the series. I especially loved his scream of “Spooooooooock!!!!!!!!” at the end. Classic!

  6. Another interesting thing I just noticed: The video appears to be 4:3 aspect ratio, instead of the modern TV standard of 16:9. I guess that makes sense, as they are keeping the same aspect ratio as the original series.

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