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  1. . Pray for all who are fighting to the death in Kobani…the just fighters first, the unjust second.
    Deut. 32:39
    ” See now that I, I alone, am he,
    and there is no god besides me.
    It is I who bring both death and life,
    I who inflict wounds and heal them,
    and from my hand no one can deliver.”

  2. Not a word about converting Muslims. Not a word about Christ. So he wants the African seminarians to be specifically taught how to talk to Muslims, not for converting to Catholicism, but to ‘get along’. Is that right or did I miss something?

  3. This Pope doesn’t understand a dang thing about Muslims. Muslims aren’t interested in us talking to them, they’re only interested in talking to us about becoming Muslims, or, enslaving us or killing us, if we fail to convert. What this man needs to do is declare a crusade to evangelize these barbarians, and teach the West to resist the Muslim threat spiritually and if necessary, (it probably will be) to fight back with armed force, because the only way we stopped Islam in the past was on the battlefield.

  4. ‘Working together to outlaw all forms …’, as a +1, and ‘training the seminarians to dialogue …’, as a -1, seem to form an approach to the deadly, tragic violence that comes to nothing in the here and now.

  5. It’s interesting to note that the Pope’s remarks are directed to the African Bishops who are on the front lines in “dialogue” with Islam. This is an odd top down and rather condescending approach, or so it seems. I also note the Pope’s use of the word “dialogue” when his predecessor drew attention to what is an important prerequisite to real and meaningful dialogue—namely that Islam must come to grips with “reason” and forego its theological imperialism.

  6. Islam, IMO, is the devil’s army. When Mohamed claimed that he was visited by the Archangel Gabriel, check out what the ‘angel’ said to him. I think it was Satan deceiving him. Did you know that the number of verses in the Koran is 6,666.
    I tend to conform to what Bp. Fulton Sheen said about Islam – that Our Lady will be instrumental in the conversion of muslims.
    Sooner rather than later please, Lord.

  7. “The Pope added that if all of us who believe in God want to serve reconciliation, justice, and peace, ‘we must work together to outlaw all forms of discrimination, intolerance and sectarian fundamentalism.’ On the Church’s part, he said, she ‘must constantly bear witness to the love of God, the Creator of all men, making no distinction among religions in her social action.’”

    Uh…a lot of Christians are considered intolerant and to be sectarian fundamentalists!!! Get my drift?

  8. cthemfly25, yes. Before we can have a constructive dialogue, Islam must agree that God is a reasonable guy. Not full of surprises.

  9. The first thing that seminarians ought to be taught about Islam is that it is a man-made Cut-and-Paste religion; and despite the Catechism rant about giving it a “best” tier of monotheism, it is a lie, and deadly to soul and body.

  10. The Roman Pontiff knows less about Islam and dealing with it than he knows about economics, or baseball, or how to rebuild a Ford 427 side oiler, or quantum mechanics or engineering……………..

    The Roman Pontiff is from a nation that had the world’s seventh largest economy in the year 1900 and now trails Poland, a nation that –
    did not exist a century ago,
    was torn apart by two world wars,
    lost over five million of its citizens (killed), and
    was ruled by Communists for 44 years.

  11. Despite all the problems in Africa, the African Anglican and Catholic bishops are among the most conservative/traditional of their faiths. Now the pope has turned his attention to Africa. Hmmmm.
    I get it when the pope says there should be no discrimination according to religion when Catholic organizations treat the sick, vaccinate, and provide nutrition, if that’s what he means by “social justice”, a term I dislike. BTW covering the ebola outbreak, the media forgot to mention the Christian medical missions that were already in place and their work.
    African seminaries should school future priests on Islam, aminism and other predominent religions on that continent. But it’s not a question of “can’t we all just get along”. It’s more like “know your enemy”.
    Muslims rarely convert. It’s a death sentence for apostates. Having attended Mass on Penang Is., Malaysia it was fairly obvious – few Europeans, mostly Indians with Portuguese surnames, some Straits Chinese and no Malays. I’m hoping that US seminaries instruct their students about Islam and also emphasize Catholic prison ministry because most muslim converts in this country are from the prisons.

  12. Sounds like the pope hasn’t read European history. He ought to be more concerned with the inroads of Islam on his own continent. The Christians have almost a zero birthrate while the Muslims have large families and do not assimilate.
    African is a troubled part of the world, yet the African Roman Catholic (and Anglican) bishops have a reputation for being conservative/traditional; maybe that’s why the pope is turning to Africa? I’m guessing without the pope’s encouragement the Copts and Christians in sub Sahara Africa understand Islam all too well. Forget evangelizing Muslims. They rarely convert. Apostates are sentenced to death. As an aside, years ago attending Mass on Penang Is., Malaysia I noticed few Europeans, mostly Indians with Portuguese surnames, some Straits Chinese and no Malays. As for social justice (I dislike that term) where is the pope’s praise for Christian medical missions, schools and food distribution that have operated for years in Africa?

  13. Our seminarians in the US hopefully are learning about Islam and the importance of prison ministries because most conversions to Islam occur in US prisons.

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