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Well, this is interesting:

In Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s complete works, an article from 1972 by the young theologian Father Ratzinger, has been published minus a passage referring to the possibility of Communion for the divorced and remarried.

This deletion is interesting since that passage has been quoted frequently by Cardinal Walter Kasper, who, as was noted at the Synod, is a an enthusiastic advocate of the divorced and remarried being admitted to the Eucharist.

According to the Irish Times, Father Vincent Twomey (a theologian, who studied under Professor Ratzinger) is of the opinion that the editorial modification is important; the theologian suggests that Pope Emeritus does not want his ideas as a young theologian, never repeated as Prefect for the Congregation of Faith nor as Pope, being manipulated.


Go here to read the rest.  The Pope Emeritus has been very quiet under the current pontificate.  PopeWatch wonders if he will remain quiet and the consequences for the Church if he does not.

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  1. Cf.

    You probably know that Benedict XVI’s life’s works as a theologian are being edited and released in different volumes. Ignatius Press has the publishing rights for English. His volume on Liturgy is available. HERE

    In German another volume has been issued.

    In this volume he mentions, in his newly written forward, that he has rethought and changed him mind about a 1972 essay he had concerning Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried. Previously, he had not closed the door to this possibility. Now, he thinks he was wrong back then.

  2. “Pope Emeritus does not want his ideas as a young theologian, never repeated as Prefect for the Congregation of Faith nor as Pope, being manipulated.” to include adultery and sodomy.
    Perhaps God has allowed Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to survive and battle this ugly monster that might not have reared its ugly head had Pope Benedict XVI not resigned. The Pope’s resignation is not so unusual in that Pope Pius XII resigned his papacy so that Hitler might not kidnap the Pope.

  3. German historian Hubert Wolf seems to want Pope Emeritus Benedict to be stripped of his title “Pope Emeritus”. Wolf, who likely in my view is a crony of Kasper, fears that Benedict will re-emerge as an anti-pope. If what I suspect is true, and Pope Benedict XVI was intimidated into resigning, then the anti-pope is Frank. The liberals do not hesitate to pull the nuclear trigger if they even suspect that their agenda is being challenged. This holds true in the Church, as well as in the secular world.

  4. Catholicus: When Hitler threatened to kidnap Pope Pius XII, Pius XII offered to resign the papacy and go into exile, I believe it was to Spain, so that the Pope would not be kidnapped. It may not have come to that. but if it had come to that, Pius XII was ready to meet it head on.

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