PopeWatch: Did I Just Say What?

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  1. “Father Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, when questioned about this sighed and said this was the Pope’s way of expressing solidarity with baffled Catholics everywhere.”
    Baffled, frustrated, exasperated, and alienated.
    This really explains it all. Thanks, I needed a laugh. It reminds me of the “black humor” (no racism intended) used to alleviate the absolute degradation experienced in Hitler’s concentration camps.

  2. This just in; EOTT correspondent Ned Scooter asked the pontiff if it might help Holy Father to pray before the Blessed Sacrament more often? Holy Father responded; “We don’t do that anymore. It’s much easier to channel with John Lennon and takes much less time.”

  3. He’s only human.

    That’s why we Lutheran types stick to the Word…ALONE.

    And I love you Catholics! I was one for 40 years. And my entire family is Catholic.

    But WAY too much stock is given to what comes out of the mouth of the Pope. When it’s good…enjoy it and thank God. But when it’s not…remember…he does have have anything that you do not possess.

  4. Old Adam said, “That’s why we Lutheran types stick to the Word…ALONE.”
    1st Timothy 3:15 says:
    “…if I am delayed, you may know how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth. ”
    2nd Thessalonians 2:15 says:
    “So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.”
    What is Scripture – the Word – was determined by the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit given to her Bishops and Pope – the Church which is the pillar and foundation of truth. The determination was made based on the Sacred Tradition handed down from the Apostles.

  5. “That’s why we Lutheran types stick to the Word…ALONE.”
    The WORD is ALONE. Jesus Christ, really present in the tabernacle, ought to be praised, adored and loved.

  6. The Word , ALONE…is Christ Jesus. In the bread and wine. In Baptism. And in preaching.

    Traditions are fine. As long as they keep the message on Christ…ALONE. If tradition takes us back into ourselves, and ‘what we do’…then it is not helpful to the gospel of grace without works for our justification.

    If we need some works in addition to the work of Christ on the Cross…then you had better sit up and pay more attention to the Pope and the treadmill of socialism that he espouses.

  7. We are free to trust in the finished work of Christ on the Cross for the ungodly (people like me)…and we are not taken from the societal, cultural blender…into the church blender.
    For us there is real rest in Christ. It’s all about Christ… for us. And not about us, and the latest project to get into. Now, we are free to engage in any sort of project that we want. But we are NOT goaded into it.

    And this freedom is there…ought be there, for Catholics too. It just needs to be preached that way. Instead of all this save the world stuff, which is never going to happen, no matter what we do…or don’t do.

  8. The old Adam.

    Tomorrow’s Gospel Reading is key!
    Matthew 25:31-46,
    aka; The separation of the sheep and goats.
    Please read it and then tell us about its “action plan.”

    It’s no coincidence that you have stated your point on this evening. Read the Word…Alone on the above passages.

  9. Philip,

    I love that passage!

    Those who were working in His name…He didn’t know. He cast them out. They were looking for a reward. Expecting something in return.

    Those who whom He knew were doing all sorts of things…but because those things were needed. No expectations of anything in return. They just did it out of love.

    Peace to you, my friend.

  10. The slanted humor in all of Eye of the Tiber’s narrative, including the current one, is messed up by all the back and forth Scripture quotes; the Old Adam was a Catholic for 40 years, and now floats comfortably in his stepping out of the fold: what, Scripture quotes will change that? Q.E.D. The Good Shepherd knows His sheep by name. God bless.

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