Bill? Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bill!

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  1. The will of the people, the voice of freedom, enrolled in the bill was assaulted, battered and abused. Constitutional protocol was abandoned, rejected, refused and ignored by the individual in the White House. The executive’s orders are only valid and constitutional when the executive order deals with citizens, “We, the people…”
    Obama has no authentic authority over non-constituents, illegal aliens or war criminals when they impact or threaten citizens. Non-citizens are not under Obama’s executive privilege.

  2. Believe it or not, The Washington Post felt compelled to do a “fact check” on this sketch. Next, they’ll be solemnly informing us that Fr. Guido Sarducci was not really the Vatican newspaper’s gossip columnist….

  3. The President is using the examples of Reagan and Bush for precedence. Maybe somebody can explain why these examples are no bueno. I don’t understand the legalities of all of this.

  4. The shorter version: Obama does not have the power to make citizens of illegal individuals through amnesty because the illegal individuals are not citizens and constitutional law applies only to citizens. Illegal immigrants have been instructed to respect our laws by the United States. Yet, they have violated our borders.
    Obama can bestow any kind of honor on the illegal immigrants, knighthood, champion, first in class, Congressional Medal of Honor (NO) he wants, but citizenship requires legal entry and prerequisites that must be met before citizenship. Citizenship remains out of illegal immigrants grasp until they are citizens.

  5. Tom M. “The President is using the examples of Reagan and Bush for precedence. Maybe somebody can explain why these examples are no bueno. I don’t understand the legalities of all of this.”
    I believe that it was Bill Clinton who certified citizenship to over one million illegal immigrants who then voted for his second term. Clinton had overstepped his legal authority to make citizens of illegal individuals who violated our borders and our laws, as he, Clinton, had not power over non-citizens.
    It was Clinton who set the precedent for unauthorized executive privilege.
    Clinton also made all the free lands and waterways the exclusive domain of the Chief Executive, himself, by executive order. This begot the Clive Bundy travesty; changing laws without asking the will of the people or consulting the Fifth Amendment, the takings clause for public domain. Clive Bundy’s use of the land was and is public domain as he was contributing rent.
    I do not know if Bush or Reagan ever did.

  6. It has been said that Obama micro-manages the military, much like Hitler. That didn’t go well.

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