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What is it with the modern day Jesuits?  With certain honorable exceptions, it is hard to view their antics without assuming that many of them are at heart atheists.  Father Z gives us a minor atrocity:

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see any value in having this hideous thing in a church.

This rubbish is now hanging in the Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church) of Vienna.

No.  Really.

Corriere della Sera has the sad story.

Need an explanation?  I’ll bet you do.   I’ll bet you all the money in your pocket that you can’t say what this thing represents without looking at an explanation.

“To be in limbo”.

Yes. I know.

This piece of… thing… is 8 meters high, weighs 700kg, and will stay there until 19 April 2015.  So, rush to Vienna to see it.

It is meant – I am not making this up – to symbolize “faith and its menacing aspects”.

Only Jesuits could allow into their church something that make the faith look like a piece of… thing.

If this isn’t the representation of self-absorbed promethean neopelagians, I don’t know what would be.


Go here to read the comments.  If the Jesuits are not secret avowed enemies of the Church then, for all their vaunted intellectual pride, they are complete dunces.


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  1. It looks like the cocoon of the Monster Mothra from Japanese Sci-Fi! Please, don’t sing any Vatican II song, the thing might wake up and destroy the next council! Hey, that’s not too bad of an idea….

  2. A. The Papal Pinata

    B. The home of the missing bees.

    C. An extraterrestrial awaiting baptism

    D. The once missing Vermin of the Apocalypse #7.


    E. The old Trojan cocoon trick.
    Black Mass propagator’s ready to

  3. I know. A homosexual trapped in a dark rigid pharisaical cocoon
    of cruel intolerance of the pre-Vatican II Church.

  4. Christmas time is supposed to be “CELEBRATION.” How grotesque to interfere with this season.
    It is fitting however, since the powers that be can not distinguish between sacred art and p–s art.
    Shame on the Jesuit order.

  5. I had the pleasure of being in Vienna a few years back, although I didn’t make it to this church. But take a moment and look at the church. Majestic, inspirational. Beauty as a reflection of divine order. Every religious building (and many governmental buildings) in Austria have this look. Now look back at that thing. It’s even worse than on first sight.

  6. Lumen Gentium 8.2 “[Christ’s] Church, constituted and organised in this world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church..” There is the true Church, which PInky observes and sees, and the false church. And the latter is right in front of us.

  7. “It looks beautiful! It reminds me of my own faith!” Fr. Gearloose S.J.

    Prayers coming your way Father.
    We all need them.
    My faith is not nearly as huge as yours.
    Prompting of the Holy Spirit leads to greater understanding compassion and love for neighbor. In my earlier post I may not have acted from the promptings of the Holy Spirit, rather from a selfish need for poking fun at a ugly lesson in (faith)?
    So. Enlighten me in this faith greater than a mustard seed, if you wish.

    I thank God for our holy priests. It is their ears I confess my sins and by their hands I receive the bread of Life. Their absolution is Christs and for them I am greatly appreciative.

    God bless our priesthood. May they radiate Christ in their words and actions.

  8. I don’t understand all the confusion – it simply looks like something Pope Francis said. I used to laugh and repeat the joke ” Is the Pope a Catholic?” after PF harangued faithful Catholics for opposing abortion and gay ‘fellowship’. Now I seriously wonder if PF is a Christian in the way we might understand it or is he one of those collective spirituality, evolving to the Omega point de Chardin heretics? Relativism in the Jesuits endows all ‘spiritual’ practice with the same validity via Inculturation(a favorite of PF). I fear we are truly infested. Who will suppress SJ numero uno PF? And is the Pope obliged to be obedient to the Father General of the Jesuits? The order has certainly defied obedience to the Popes since P6. It WAS only their founding charism. I beat it like a broken drum but Malachi Martin opened my mind with “Jesuits”. still available @ Amazon, Thrift Books etc.

  9. They need to be disbanded.. They’re nothing but a cancer within!!! Nothing will happen during this pontificate, but hopefully the next Pope will end this fifth column…

  10. Yes, the church building is beautiful. Vienna is beautiful. But, well, this is the first time a Catholic site and story were able to elicit a foul-mouthed reaction from me. That monstrous thing must be a roundabout way to get us to go to confession.

  11. Let’s see….Popes Pius XII, John Paul II and Benedict XVI (et al) all had problems with them.
    Having taught in a Jesuit high school, most students think that social justice issues are all that Catholics supposed to care about. How about a Jesuit priest apologizing for the Mass readings? Or having a non-Catholic administrator advocating birth control during an in-service? Having to ask if Jesus was in the tabernacle to a priest because there was no tabernacle light – then students asking what it was for?
    And how many Jesuit universities (thinking they are Catholic) support birth control, SSM, abortion, etc?
    Pope Clement XIV had the right idea with Dominus ac Redemptor. It’s time for the sequel.

  12. FR. Brain your faith is huge and ugly if it looks like that thing. Mine is small dont even want to put in in high places!!

  13. I would say it represented sin. If I’m sitting in that church, then this is a great blackness that blocks or obscures my view of Christ; it’s so huge and overwhelming, renders me unable to see the beauty by which I am surrounded and which I could enjoy were it not for this atrocity.

  14. Read “The Jesuits” (Fr. Malachi Martin). It says it all about the Order in its current disarray and betrayal of its founding principles.

  15. I read it when it first came out and I’m almost done re-reading it again. I recommend it too – it explains a lot of things.

  16. Most comments here makes me so sad… How can you say so awful things about OUR Pope? I bet you sad other things when Benedict was Pope?! We are ALL suppose to follow and pray for our Pope Francis!

  17. And yet, the Society produced the greatest theologians of the 20th century: Joseph Maréchal, Cardinal Henri de Lubac, Cardinal Jean Daniélou, Claude Mondésert to name but some.

  18. Thank you, Philip and Grace. Why is my faith so great? If you must know, long ago as a priest I left behind all that solemn nonsense about Christ and absolution. Instead, I evolved into a higher consciousness. Sin? There is no such thing as “sin” for us dolphins in the sea.

  19. Yes its time! I went to a Jesuit high school in Boston and I’m stunned at how irreverent and misguided some of the priests were. My homeroom teacher ( a Jesuit) used to say every Friday “have a good weekend and wear a condom.”

    Another priest, an English teacher, was asked what he’d do if he ever won the lottery and he said he’d leave the priesthood as fast as humanly possible, get married, and buy a mansion in Florida.

    The Jesuits have done more to damage the Church than Bill Maher could dream of.

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