December 7th

Directed by John Ford and produced by the US Navy, this is a stunningly good film on the attack on Pearl Harbor, winning an academy award.  Released in 1943, the film asks hard questions about why Pearl Harbor was so unprepared and expresses sympathy for the Japanese-Americans in Hawaii and the suspicion they found themselves under after the attack.  Fifty minutes of the film was cut as a result, and for decades only a truncated 32 minute version was available.

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  1. “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.”

    “Greet them ever with grateful hearts.”

    This one day, we may stop criticizing the admirals/generals; cease “Monday morning quarterbacking” the conduct of the war; and let us gaze upon the simple soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen not as pitiful victims, but as heroes.

    We need to rediscover their principles and motivations: the whys and wherefores for which the fought with such courage, perseverance and skill; and for which so many paid the last measure of devotion.

  2. Such a different world then, it seems to me. An attack on a territory of the U.S. elicited Such a response. Allies worked together with a shared focus. to fight when and where and how necessary. Now even after beheadings , attacks on on embassies etc -not to mention 9-11-01. We can not seem to find the necessary self preservation instinct.

  3. The days of a reasonably coherent culture in America are in our past. We are a nation of immigrants who are not happy with where we left, nor with where we are and our interests are everything but common.

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