Witch Hunt in Philadelphia

Witch Hunt
As the UVA rape story hyped by Rolling Stone falls apart, Ralph Cipriano at Big Trial notes that the author of the Rolling Stone story was involved in another story that may have sent three innocent priests and a teacher to prison:


In the Billy Doe case, what Erdely didn’t know [or bother to find out] was that Billy had already told his story to the archdiocese, police, and a grand jury, and would subsequently retell it to two different juries in two criminal cases. And every time he told his story, the details kept changing.



In the case of the alleged University of Virginia gang rape, The Washington Post discovered that although the victim claimed she had endured three hours of rape, which supposedly left her blood-splattered and emotionally devastated, no event was held at the frat house the day of the alleged rape.


Jackie’s defenders also reported that “key details of the attack” had changed over time and that they were not able to verify those details. For example, one alleged attacker belonged to a different fraternity. The fraternity also reviewed a roster of employees at the university’s swimming pool where the alleged ringleader of the attacked supposedly worked and discovered that roster did not include the frat member cited by Jackie, or anybody else who matched the physical description that Jackie gave.



But when it comes to details that keep changing or don’t add up, Billy’s got Jackie beat by a long shot.



In the Billy Doe’s case, Billy initially claimed that he was:



— Anally raped for five hours by one priest in the sacristy and afterwards the padre threatened to kill him.



— Punched in the head and knocked unconscious by another priest, after which Billy came to and found himself naked and tied up with altar sashes; after which he was anally raped so brutally he supposedly bled for a week.



— Punched in the face by a school teacher and strangled with a seat belt before he was raped in the back seat of a car.



Then, Billy dropped all those details about the anal rapes, being punched in the head and knocked unconscious, being tied up with altar sashes, getting punched in the face and strangled with a seat belt, and being threatened with death. And then he invented a whole new story about being forced to perform strip teases, oral sex and mutual masturbation with the same trio of assailants.

Go here to read the rest.  Trials that take place in an atmosphere of hysteria almost always lead to massive injustice.  The hysteria whipped up over abusive priests, aided and abetted by anti-Catholicism and simple greed, has fostered a witch hunt atmosphere in which innocent priests have suffered.  Predator priests and the bishops who protected them deserve severe criminal punishment, but their misdeeds have led to manifestly innocent priests paying for crimes they did not commit.

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  1. Remember when the media was inventing stories of day care providers who sexually abused children during satanic rituals? Those stories turned out to be fake. People went to jail. We should figure out a way to send the media to jail when they do this sort of thing.

  2. I’m dealing with a situation like this in my own family. I know the accused person (not a priest btw) is innocent. The accuser is dividing the family by forcing them to chose between her and the falsely accused person. She has even affected my own marriage. She suffers from serious mental problems, which I’m convinced is driving these hysterical attacks on my innocent relative. Please pray for her, pray to St. Dymphna to intercede for this poor young women before she destroys my family beyond repair. If you don’t know who St. Dymphna is, go to http://www.nalshrinestdymphna.org and learn about this saint.

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