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I think the man was likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life.

Chistian Bale, star of Exodus:  Gods and Kings, in reference to Moses, who he is portraying in the film.

One of the many services that TAC has provided to its readers over the years is me going to see bad films so you don’t have to.  My bride and I are picking up our daughter on Friday from college and on Saturday our son will arrive by train, fresh from the rigors of first semester law school finals.  We will eat after he arrives and then the family will go off to see Exodus:  Gods and Kings.  I suspect it will be a bad film from everything I have read about it.  I hope it will be so bad that it may be a cult classic in the making rather like Dune (1984).  Whatever it is, I will review it for the blog.

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  1. Because schizophrenics are known for their leadership abilities and charismatic appeal, both of which Moses had to have in order to keep the Israelites following him for 40 years, pillar of smoke notwithstanding. As for “barbaric”, someone should perhaps introduce Mr Bale to the Canaanites.

  2. “pillar of smoke notwithstanding”
    Moses followed the Word of God. Does that make Moses schizophrenic? or charismatics ? How could Moses, the Lawgiver, give laws with a broken mind? How could Moses direct the establishment of the nation of Israel, the temple and lead the nation of Israel for forty years in the desert of sin until every person of the generation of the golden calf had perished…with a broken mind?
    The atheists have having fun with us. The atheists have not yet figured out that they are in the desert of sin and they will not find the Promised Land until they perish to themselves.

  3. The atheists are having fun with us. All law, (Exodus, Leviticus) and our Constitution (Isaiah and Jeremiah) are in the Old Testament. One would have to give up one’s Faith to believe this and I have not yet seen it.

  4. Every promising basketball player gets billed as the next Michael Jordan, and every young golfer aims to be the next Tiger Woods. I understand why a catastrophically inept big-budget mess would aspire to Dunehood, but that’s a pretty high bar. It’s a rare generation that gets to witness such greatness.

  5. Guessing Exodus; Gods and Kings, will be as close to biblical reenactment that Noah was last year. Another lame frame by frame mockery of Our Lords inspired Word.

    I hope the movie portrayal of St. Padre Pio will be actuate. What I’ve read thus far is promising.

  6. Can’t watch the trailer after seeing the example of costuming. Did Moses really wear such as that couture for forty years?

  7. With his penchant for pyrotechnics, I would have thought the subject of Soddom and Gamorrah more amenable to Ridley Scott’s cinematic endeavors.

  8. Ernst Schreib: “Anyway, I know Bale cited Numbers 31 (the Extermination of the Midianites) as an example of Moseses barbarity.”
    All, but the Israelites performed human sacrifice, and therefore were ordered by God for extermination. God prevented Abraham from sacrificing Isaac to end human sacrifice of another one of His children, a person, Now, If cutting the heart out of another human being, a newly begotten human being’s heart begins to beat at 18 days after fertilization of the human egg by the human sperm, is not barbaric, then the word has no meaning. Yes, abortion is human sacrifice.

  9. The Film Stinkeroo Hall of Fame!

    Several Christmases ago I went looking for a DVD of the 1958 film Gigi as a gift for my wife. The salesperson had no idea what I was talking about, and kept trying to sell me the 2003 film Gigli! We don’t have a dog, but I know what would have happened if I came home with Gigli for Christmas.

  10. Re: Dune: Imagine how well this could be re-done today. I still watch the old one if it comes on. Guy McClung

  11. Kmbold: “In ancient times, when Charlton Heston played Moses, the characters knew the proper pronoun cases.”
    As beautiful as The Ten Commandments was, God’s Name is: “I AM WHO I AM”. “that” and “which” and “it” cannot denote, identify or demonstrate a human being, a sovereign person, made in the image of God and especially God.

  12. So true. My own reference was to the misuse of the personal pronoun in the dialogue of the video herein: Egyptian: “We’ll see who is more effective at killing, you or me.” As you well know, it should be “you or I”. Honestly, one expects so much more from royalty than one gets.

  13. I don’t think Dune was bad because of when it was made. At least, I don’t remember its special effects being a problem. I thought the ship designs were amazing. I haven’t run across it on tv in a long time, but I’d definitely watch it again. It was interesting.

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