Don’t Insult Their Sacrifice

New York City cops turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio, a far left loon, as he came to speak at a press conference after two cops, Wenjian Liu, a newlywed, and Raphael Ramos, a family man with a wife and teenage son, were murdered in revenge for Eric Garner:


“They were, quite simply, assassinated, targeted for their uniform and the responsibility they embraced,” an obviously shaken New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said at an evening press conference. “Both were ambushed and murdered.”



De Blasio and police officers have clashed in recent weeks over what officers see as the mayor’s lack of support for their work. Many officers took offense when de Blasio said it was a “very painful day” for many New Yorkers when a grand jury declined to indict the officer who put Eric Garner into a fatal chokehold, and when the mayor also said racial profiling is a problem among officers.

The New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has been distributing a letter for members who want DiBlasio to stay away from their funeral if they’re killed. The association says many politicians have engaged in “police bashing” and failed to properly support officers.

On Twitter, the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association said “the blood of 2 executed police officers is on the hands of Mayor de Blasio. May God bless their families and may they rest in peace.”

The Left around the country have been attempting to make political hay out of Ferguson and Eric Garner.  Congratulations.  They can now claim the deaths of two cops.  Bring enough hysteria into what should be a reasoned debate over policing tactics and this is what happens.  The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association in New York has been circulating the flyer below.  Tragically, it is now relevant because Democrat politicians love playing with race hatred to whip up votes:



Don’t Insult My Sacrifice
I, _____________________, as a New York City police officer, request that Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito refrain from attending my funeral services in the event that I am killed in the line of duty. Due to Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito’s consistent refusal to show police officers the support and respect they deserve, I  believe that their attendance at the funeral of a fallen New York City police officer is an insult to that officer’s memory and sacrifice.  _______________________ Signature



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  1. I pray this cowardice attack on the patrolmen doesn’t lead to national copycat murderer’s targeting law enforcement.

  2. These are days of deadly, rotten politics, when the criminals are deemed victims and their protectors targets. The words spoken about ‘poor’, rights, ‘profiling’, and ‘freedom’ have been changed into opportunities for sensational lunacy and have given no inspiration to people to use their time helping one another in community as happened until a decade ago. Sounds like a composition that is orchestrating control of the non-exempt ‘classes’ by cynical use of each their own to react . The hoodlums want to bully in a big way.

  3. Would not revolt against local police be exactly what Obama wants so that he can send in the Feds to re-establish order and racial / gay equality?

  4. Pray for these two early widows and a son missing a dad…Mrs. Liu married only two months….now broken hearted and alone….as is the Ramos mother and son in another way. Fatherlessness…not long past slavery…produces mayhem subcultures. The murderer probably never worked one good month in his whole life let alone picked cotton in the heat of day.
    It’s decades ago in a college summer job on the night shift on the Jersey City waterfront Post Office warehouse. I walk out on the platform to a waiting train filled with mail along with one elder black and seven young blacks. The white supervisor comes out as we sit by the wall and announces we are now to unload the whole train tonight. The young blacks don’t move one bit. I get up and enter the train. Within a minute, the elder black enters, comes right next to me and starts helping me unload….then says to me…” if they didn’t want to work…why did they take the job?” A minute or two passes….all the young blacks entered and started working. It could have gone bad….it didn’t. The elder black was key in it going in the right direction.

  5. Sadly I don’t think we’ve seen the end of violence in NY. I heard from my sister, a freshman at West Point, that a fellow cadet was attacked because of his uniform in NY. The crowd started throwing bottles at him. They mistook him for a police officer, or they were just so mad that any uniform is provocation. Cadets have been told not to wear their uniform in the city in breech of a long standing tradition that freshman must always wear it when arriving and departing campus. I hope this dies down soon, but we may see a lot more innocents harmed in the crossfire.

  6. I recall that back in 2011, when Jared Loughner killed 6 people and wounded
    14 others, including Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the left did not hesitate
    to blame the right for the shooting. We were even breathlessly informed that
    Sarah Palin, because her website used target symbols to mark congressional
    districts where incumbents such as Ms. Giffords needed to be unseated, bore a
    responsibility for Loughner’s unhinged attack. The presstitutes of the main-
    stream media and their Democrat fellow-travellers were united in affirming
    that it was the right, with its ‘overheated rhetoric’ like the use of target symbols,
    that created the climate where Jared Loughners would come out of the woodwork.
    We won’t see the left engage in an examination of conscience over the deaths
    of these NYPD officers. The “Reverend” Al Sharpton long ago demonstrated his
    indifference to the mayhem and loss of life he’s incited– only recall the Crown
    Heights riots, or the fatal fire at Freddy’s Fashion Mart. That such a one is
    not only given a bully pulpit at MSNBC but is also treated as a serious voice on
    race and policy by congressmen and the White House tells me all I need to
    know about the left’s supposed commitment to civility in public discourse.
    Sharpton, Obama, Jesse Jackson, de Blasio– to these men, it’s always been
    about exploiting the crisis, and i doubt they care too much about who gets hurt.

  7. I had not heard a peep about the murdered NYC police officers.

    The GOP has numerous faults and often nauseates me (but rarely disappoints, since I have low expectations when it comes to the GOP) but the Democrats inspire in me the kind of rage I used to experience when reading about Communist atrocities. The Democrats are not a political party – they are organized crime.

  8. The ulitimate responsibility rests with Obama and secondly with AG Holder. These two assasinations are the result of their inflammatory speech and actions. I hope that the letters make Mayor DeBlasio understand what he has unleashed by betraying his city’s law enforcement. I pray that there will not be any vigilante payback in NYC or other parts of the country in response to the murders of P.O.s Liu and Ramos. This craven Obama Administration’s agenda, I believe, is to incite provocations so that this country will be under martial law with a national police force.
    Blessed Mother, protect and comfort Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Ramos and family.

  9. Penguins Fan.

    I don’t see much of a difference between the Dem’s and the Communist Party. Sorry but they have earned that similarity. What a shame.

  10. The animal rights extremists funded and fought tooth & nail to get De Blasio elected because he promised to do away with the beautiful horse drawn carriage rides in NYC saying that having a horse draw a carriage is animal abuse (NO I AM NOT KIDDING.) The animal rights extremist movement is filled with charlatans getting rich off of poor needy animals (a mixed breed dog shipped North and/or West from the South is being sold -I mean “adopted” – for between $300-$1000 an anImal–sight unseen. Pure breds are stolen and sold for $3000+ a pop,) The animals are taken and are out of the state before the owner has a chance to defend themselves and never sees the animals again.

    However back to the point at hand of the crazy Bill De Blasio and those he supports politically. The animal rights extremists movement is also filled with Socialists/Anarchists/Communists who literally intent on destroying the legal precept of privately owned property (in this case animals,) the value of human life (people = animals–so what does it matter if 2 cops are killed in these nuts’ logic? and these nuts are intent on destroying the very fabric of American society as well as the American economy. I said at the time that De Blasio was running that the people of NYC deserved what they got if they elected this nut–however if I remember correctly, all of those running for NYC mayor this last time were absolute psycho nuts.

  11. The behavior of di Blasio and Judge Shira Sheindlin (as well as a mess of sociologists drawing salaries from CUNY) is a reminder that much of the left adheres to self-aggrandizing social fiction. Their collision with reality is unpleasant and when it happens they respond with misdirection and obfuscation (see most of the press) or the manufacture of new social fictions (those same sociologists amplified by the press).

  12. The headline of the NY Post the day after DeBlasio was inaugurated mayor: “Red Dawn.” DeB worked for the reds in Nicaragua.

    It was race war in the 70’s when dozens of policemen were killed nation-wide. Obama, Holder, DeBlasio and the Clintons are heirs of the ’60’s/70’s radical left, e.g., black liberation army and weather underground: Obama’s BFF Bill Ayers. Only thing, now they’re running regimes that once were the US government and NYC.

    Hope and change.

  13. Say what you will about Rudy Giuliani being a RINO and all that, stuff like this would never have been allowed to happen on his mayoral watch.

  14. By “stuff like this” I mean all the anti-police protests and lack of trust among the force being allowed to fester to the point where cops are preemptively disinviting the mayor to their funerals. No mayor can entirely prevent cops from getting killed in the line of duty.

  15. Mr. P. W. Primavera, you “hit the nail squarely on the head!” I have said for many years that Obama wants chaos in the streets so he can declare as “State of Emergency”. Lord knows what the “Communist in Chief” will do then!

  16. Penguin’s Fan: I basically agree. only quibble: you insulted La Cosa Nostra: The men I know in that “businness” are angels compared to those mass baby-murdering, tyrant-wannabe, racial-racketeers.

  17. “We won’t see the left engage in an examination of conscience over the deaths
    of these NYPD officers.”

    Too many of them lack a conscience to examine.

  18. CAM: “This craven Obama Administration’s agenda, I believe, is to incite provocations so that this country will be under martial law with a national police force.” This is possible but premature to conclude. they appear so far to be too pusillanimous for such an audacious enterprise. There are ominous and inexplicable observations which trouble us. Why are so many pencil-pushing federal agencies stockpiling arms and ammunition? The Democratic Party has moved far to the left since the days when m uncle and my father could have a friendly political argument on a Sunday after Mass. My uncle would find his old party affiliation incompatible with his religious faith. It’s quite clear that the party having the jackass mascot has no use at all for the principle of subsidiarity. Rather, they would accumulate pervasive power within the federal oligarchy and relegate the states to the status of mere departments. Is there a concrete plan to accomplish radical goals through social upheaval? I do not know. I can’t know what goes on in the hearts of these people so I’ll leave the judging to God while keeping a wary eye open. Nonetheless, Obama should have admitted the obvious truth about Brown’s attempted murder of the police officer or at least keep his federal mouth shut about local affairs. And, stop inviting the rabble-rousing-tax-evading Mr. Sharpton to the people’s White House.

  19. La Cosa Nostra….well I haven’t thought of that combo before but it applies.
    The linkage; Planned Parenthood-George Soros-Bill & Milly Gates-The Clintons-Al Gore…just a few of “da-good-fellas.”

  20. William P. Walsh, Agreed. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men. If only the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown had been left to the local authorities without premature comments or opinions period voiced by the press, president and other federal officials.

  21. Merry Christmas CAM et al. On a light note, when I was a kid, the radio had an answer to the question: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” The Shadow knows. I had the ensuing laugh down pat. 🙂

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