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The above video is courtesy of the Pontifical Council on Culture.  I truly hope this waste of money and time was a product of good old fashioned nepotism rather than anyone being confused enough to think this vanity-vamping-selfie serves any useful purpose except the obvious one of making the Pontifical Council on Culture appear truly absurd.  Vatican Bureaucracy-a sure sign that God clearly protects an institution cursed by such fools.

Update December 28:  The English version of the video has been yanked, although the Italian version is still up there.  No doubt the Council pulled the English version after all the caustic comments on English speaking blogs.  The fact that they left up the Italian version indicates that the powers that be on the council do not understand the criticism.  Hattip to Patrick Madrid for preserving this monument to the cluelessness of the Vatican bureaucracy.

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  1. The Gospel is about Jesus Christ, NOT about women, NOT about men. Let us imitate Jesus Christ. Let men aspire to be like St. Joseph. Let women aspire to be like the Blessed Virgin Mary. This godless narcissism is abominable! Even on Facebook I do not post selfies of myself. Doing so is by definition selfish, self-serving, and vain-glorious. This freaking crap has got to be condemned as the horse manure that it is.
    PS, but I do rant a lot both here and on Facebook. Why my wife surely destined for sainthood tolerates me I do not know.

  2. Art,
    He can be a fan of any medium he wishes, but this is just embarrassing insipid crap. As my late mother-in-law would say, “It is a crime that working people pay for this.”

  3. Solar indigestion is on the way. One belch or flatulence from the Sun and poof! The narcissistic culture will be busy planting crops and knocking fruit down from branches. Just one finely timed btttappthhummph and end the chapter face bookies….off the air!

  4. Embarrassing. She looks and sounds like a really creepy Stepford Wife. Who thinks this is appealing to women again? Stuff likes this makes the Gates of Hell seem all that much menacing. Yuck.

  5. PS, but I do rant a lot both here and on Facebook. Why my wife surely destined for sainthood tolerates me I do not know.
    Tell her I greatly appreciate it. I enjoy your posts. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. It has always been charged that a male hierarchy knows nothing about women. Rather than appear transparent and caring, this video only confirms their know nothingness.
    Catholics have Our Blessed Lady

  7. Yes, Stepford Wife, or more likely, a droid: I think I see the glint of transistors and a motherboard thru her pupils..

  8. – The Woman’s Consultation Group – Rome, Jan. 4!!!
    Hair and makeup, it’s just what women do, serious looking glasses to type a string of words, new look of formal apparel exampled, clones reply for satisfaction of a statistic study of interested seeker types. Don’t worry about Peter’s Pence – let the improperly cultured do that.
    Forget it if you missed the ‘culture’ boat of proper phones and style, or have homes and family ties to keep you where you belong.

  9. Ugh! Sorry I viewed the video! Other than the near-lethal dose of the foreign accent, the “model” has serious problems with blepharospasm, making me want to keep narrowing my own eyes to avoid being blinded in addition to avoiding reverse peristalsis aka vomiting. Agree with Mary De Voe 100%!

  10. I note that, as of 8:51p EST Dec 24, it has 2 likes on Youtube, and 65 dislikes. 3, 180 views, lots of interesting comments there, including this quote by a woman named Karen W: “On top of all else that is wrong with this thing, you do NOT ask a woman how she feels about being a woman two days before Christmas.”

  11. Such catty sourpusses here! The young woman in the video reminded me of a young, almost-as-blonde-yet-just-as-beautiful Milanese woman I once met. Any transistors one saw in her eyes were only reflections of the microprocessors she, as a Ph.D. process engineer, she oversaw the manufacture of.

  12. Yes, Micha, you are so right: We all see how your observations are so much more serenely profound and certainly NOT superficial (on “blonde, beautiful MIlanese women”) than facing the facts of a vapid, shallow advertising campaign entirely unworthy of the Peter’s Pence.

    So, how much are you donating to this, Micha? If is over $250, you know you have to get an acknowledgement with their Tax ID# from the organization for the IRS. Do tell.

  13. she said: ” inspired by Pope Francis openness.. ” reflecting on woman’s place – at what point today is woman between “equality” and “difference”? who are you what do you think about being a woman? your body? your spiritual life? ”
    your answer could be used to ” be part of a GREAT MEETING OF CARDINALS AND BISHOPS! in February.”

    What will the bishops do with this information – what women will respond to this ad to send in something for the bishops/cardinals at their great meeting?
    🙂 i guess the headlines could be about the women from around the world who sent in pictures of themselves in roman collars

  14. Anzlyne: “What will the bishops do with this information – what women will respond to this ad to send in something for the bishops/cardinals at their great meeting?”
    I am afraid that any traditional women will be thrown out with Cardinals Pell and Burke.

  15. There goes the close minded Catholic Church again….discriminating by omission against the third and fourth genders… and maybe the fifth if there is one….my cultural IQ is rather low.

  16. ha- yes, that’s right- as in any democracy, of course other genders certainly would want to give their input for the great meeting!

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