Christmas Star

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  On Memorial Day we remember those we can never thank.  A very good reason to thank those we can.

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If Trump provided no other service to the Republic, the insane reaction to his Presidency by so many Federal bureaucrats is of

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Philip Neri

  Men are generally the carpenters of their own crosses.

One Comment

  1. The cathedral in Cartargo, Costa Rica, has a rather similar painting in a side chapel which dates from the same time. It is obviously a U.S. soldier. He is not squatting and facing the star (frankly, I don’t remember if there is a prominent star, but I think there was). Rather, he is on his knees and facing the viewer, though not square on, with a small hill running up behind him. His hands are folded in prayer. There are white clouds in the distance blocking some of the stars, and in the clouds can be seen the images of Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson, among others. My driver was a bit proud of the painting.

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