Predictions of Times Past

Well it is that time of the year again for me to review predictions that I made last year and eat a little crow in the process:

1.   Elections 2014-The Republicans will gain 10-15 seats in the House and the GOP will take the Senate with at least a two seat advantage.

Correct!  The Republicans gained 13 seats in the House and have a 54-46 advantage in the Senate.

2.   Our fowl President-Obama’s lame duck status will be confirmed time and time again next year, with even Democrats in Congress considering him to be a spent force.

Correct!  Even liberal Democrats like Senator Chuck Schumer (D.NY) are beginning to attack Obama on his focus on ObamaCare for example.

3.   ObamaCare Code Blue-ObamaCare will become an ever increasing debacle.  Legislation will be passed by June to largely gut ObamaCare which the President will veto.  The Republicans will be able to win an override vote in the House, but fail to do so in the Senate.

Nope.  No such legislation was passed, but the most onerous features of ObamaCare have yet to be implemented due to the Obama administration unilaterally postponing them.  Wait until the employer mandate kicks in during 2015 for the feathers to truly hit the fan.

4.   Asia War-A high possibility of a naval or air clash between Japan and China.  I doubt if it would spiral out of control, but the old power relationships that maintained the peace since World War II are weakening around the globe, especially in Asia.

Nope, although the situation remains dicey.

5.  Pope Francis and the Left-The bloom will be off the rose on the love affair that the left has with the Pontiff next year.  It will increasingly dawn on them that the Pope has no power over economies and that on social issues the teaching of the Church will not change.

Mixed.  I see fewer paeans to Pope Francis on non-Catholic leftist sites, but Catholic leftist sites are still in seventh heaven over having a pope they perceive as on their side.

6.   Cubs Win the World Series!-In some kinder, gentler alternate reality.  In our reality they will stretch their losing streak to 106 years.

Correct!  Next year I should predict that it will snow in Chicago.

7.   Major Terrorist Strike at Moscow Olympics-Too juicy a target for major terrorist organizations.  Probably will be spearheaded by Chechens.

Nope, thankfully.

8.   Ted CruzSenator Cruz will emerge from the 2014 elections as the front runner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

Nope, although at this point there is no meaningful front runner.

9.  Conversion-The atheist world will be shaken by a high profile conversion to Christianity by a famous atheist.

Nope.  Conversions there have been, but not the one I was thinking of.

10.  Wrong Again Don! -McClarey will be wrong in some of his predictions!

Correct!  Pass the crow please!



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  1. 9. Conversion-The atheist world will be shaken by a high profile conversion to Christianity by a famous atheist.
    Nope. Conversions there have been, but not the one I was thinking of.

    I am dying to know who you were thinking of. I, personally, pray that Bill Maher converts. That would be headline news. And since most converts I know are so very enthusiastic, he would be a powerful voice.

  2. One can never know how many atheists are deathbed converts. What are atheists going to do without hell for the demons and devils except allow their evil to permeate the human race. Nice legacy for the atheist. Hell for mankind. Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned. Columbia is a woman. Lady Justice is a woman, Lady Liberty is a woman. Just asking. Are the atheists ready for the fury? The wrath of God, the atheist may deny, but the fury of a woman scorned, no atheist can long endure.

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