Some good news to end the year:

A new survey conducted by Operation Rescue of all abortion facilities in the United States has confirmed that the abortion clinic closure trend continued strongly in 2014. Operation Rescue is the only pro-life organization that maintains a listing of abortion facilities and tracks clinic closures and its extensive research has provided the most accurate accounting of abortion facilities known to exist.

In all, 73 abortion facilities shut down for all or part of the year. The total number of all remaining abortion clinics in the US is currently 739. Surgical abortion facilities account for 551 of that total while the number of medication-only abortion facilities stands at 188.

Out of 60 surgical abortion clinic closures, 47 were permanent. This represents a 23% decline in surgical abortion facilities over the past five years.

Thirteen surgical facilities were allowed to reopen after initially closing, primarily due to court action that enjoined abortion safety laws that had shut down the substandard facilities.

Thirteen facilities that provided only medication abortions account for the remaining closures in 2014. That more than doubles the number of medication abortion facilities that closed in 2013 when six were shuttered.


While the abortion clinic closures did not eclipse the high water mark of 93 total closures in 2013, the 73 closures this year far exceeds the two dozen closures recorded in 2012.

The 2014 figures represent a net decrease of 31 surgical abortion facilities nationwide. even though the number of medication abortion facilities increased by 11 over 2013 numbers, they still remain below the high of 196 facilities in 2012.

abortionclinic6“We are continuing to witness the implosion of the abortion cartel in America,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The only things that are preventing total collapse are court injunctions that are blocking several state abortion safety laws from being enforced. Once those laws clear the courts, we expect to see even more dangerous abortion facilities close. This is great news for women and babies because when abortion clinics close, lives are saved.”

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The greatest number of closed facilities took place in Texas as the result of the 2013 abortion law known as HB2. Eleven surgical and three medication-only facilities shut down permanently over the course of 2014.

Closures far outpaced clinic openings. Fifteen facilities either added surgical abortions or opened for the first time. Thirteen clinics, primarily Planned Parenthood centers, added medication abortions to clinics that previously did not provide them. Eight clinics that formerly provided surgical abortions made the decision to halt those procedures, but continue to sell medication abortions.

“As new states laws add safety standards for surgical abortions, we are seeing the beginnings of a new trend. Abortion providers who cannot or will not comply with the higher standards have, in some cases, dropped surgical abortions in favor of medical abortions so they did not have to become licensed,” said Newman. “This allows incompetent abortionists to continue exploiting women for money while evading the need to increase patient safety.”

Some of the more notable abortion facility closures included:

Outpatient Services for Women, Oklahoma City, OK: This surgical clinic shut down after the arrest on December 9 of clinic owner and operator Naresh Patel on charges of fraud and racketeering after Operation Rescue filed complaints. Patel had been caught selling abortion pills to women who were not pregnant.
All Women’s Health, Chicago, IL: Clinic owner, abortionist Mandy Gittler, closed this facility after local activists protested there over the death of Tonya Reaves, which was killed by Gittler in 2012 at a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic.
Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, Novi, Michigan: This facility shut down after being evicted from two locations this year. After the last eviction in November, owner Michael Arthur Roth had nowhere to go.
Aid for Women, aka Central Family Medical, Kansas City, MO: Operation Rescue discovered evidence of multiple abortion abuses and lodged complaints. This facility was best known for suing in court for the right to stop reporting child sex abuse. Under pressure from the medical board and struggling for business, Aid for Women, finally shut down.
Affiliated Women’s Services, Indianapolis, IN: This facility, associated with the infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart shut down in July due to financial woes and a lack of demand for abortions.
Femcare, Asheville, NC: Its shut down earlier this year for two dozen serious health and safety violations caused an outcry from abortion supporters since it was thought to be the only facility that could pass new safety standards. It reopened briefly before permanently closing after its abortionist, Lorraine Cummings, announced her retirement and placed the building for sale.


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I have been involved in the pro-life struggle since 1973.  We are making progress in the teeth of our adversaries largely controlling the judiciary, academia, entertainment and much of big business.  Why are we winning this fight?  Because of the still, small voice of conscience that the hand of God puts into every human soul.  Lincoln once said that if slavery wasn’t wrong, nothing was wrong.  Precisely the same can be said about abortion.  Our opponents know this.  That is why our foes hide behind completely mendacious euphemisms like “pro-choice” and “reproductive health”, and will talk about anything else under the sun other than the innocent victims of abortion.  We are winning, thanks be to God, and may God bless all pro-lifers over the years who have endured scorn, indifference and worse as they have seen in the unborn child our neighbor who we must love and protect.

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  1. Thank you for sharing great news!
    Our local Right to Life office just purchased a building to move into. The new location is next door to Murder Inc.
    aka Planned Parenthood.

    Talk about trench warfare. Our sidewalk presence is consistent and prayerful.

    The enemy to life has large resources however not as large as the God of Life.
    His are human hearts. His resources will not run dry.

  2. I find it remarkable that there should be so many private providers.

    In Scotland, both before and after the Abortion Act 1967, virtually all abortions are performed in the large teaching hospitals. There are no more than two or three private clinics licensed to perform abortions in the whole country.

  3. No Paul, No Michael: Follow the money. The respect for life, health of the child and his mother and even Justice are irrelevant to the abortionist. It is only the money that they get from satisfying any demons demands.
    The devil is everywhere and those who enable the devil will join the devil.

  4. I didn’t see it on the map, but an abortion clinic, a 1/4 mile from where we used to live, closed in a little Northern VA city. The clinic was behind in the rent; fewer patients (victims); crying women coming into and out of the building were off putting to the other tenants; and the pro-life picketeers created too much attention, so the clinic lost its lease. Unsaid in the newspaper article, of course, was the answered prayers of the good Anglicans (former Espicopalians), Catholics and other good people. Several months later the city council received a business license request for another abortion clinic to set up shop and the council denied it. Two victories! Luckily the newly elected fallen away Catholic in the peanut gallery, though vocal about women’s rights being denied, wasn’t yet sworn in.

  5. anybody know from whom can I order the “I am a Pro-Life Generation” signs? When my mission travels up north to pray at a clinic, we have people in their 80s on down to young people participating. It would be great for each generation present to carry such a sign.

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