Saint Augustine on Epiphany For Our Times


So also, now that the Divine epiphany of the Word of God has taken place, the darkness of idols prevails no more, and all parts of the world in every direction are enlightened by His teaching. Similarly, if a king be reigning somewhere, but stays in his own house and does not let himself be seen, it often happens that some insubordinate fellows, taking advantage of his retirement, will have themselves proclaimed in his stead; and each of them, being invested with the semblance of kingship, misleads the simple who, because they cannot enter the palace and see the real king, are led astray by just hearing a king named. When the real king emerges, however, and appears to view, things stand differently. The insubordinate impostors are shown up by his presence, and men, seeing the real king, forsake those who previously misled them. In the same way the demons used formerly to impose on men, investing themselves with the honor due to God. But since the Word of God has been manifested in a body, and has made known to us His own Father, the fraud of the demons is stopped and made to disappear; and men, turning their eyes to the true God, Word of the Father, forsake the idols and come to know the true God.

Now this is proof that Christ is God, the Word and Power of God. For whereas human things cease and the fact of Christ remains, it is clear to all that the things which cease are temporary, but that He Who remains is God and very Son of God, the sole-begotten Word.

Saint Augustine, On The Incarnation of The Word

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  1. The subject of the Epiphany in the US Church has bothered me for some years. I know I may be a little off topic, but I have said very little over many months, so if you can indulge me. So here it is:
    Why do we move the Epiphany to the nearest Sunday, instead of staying with January 6? It distorts the meaning of the 12 days of Christmas and minimizes the importance of the event. Meanwhile, most of the Catholic world still observes Jan 6. Years ago,our bishops in their compassionate wisdom decided to make it easier for working Catholics to make holy days, so they consolidated a few, suspend them here and there, and wow, has it bought back people to the church! Why there was only standing room this Sunday!!! (Not really.) In their great wisdom they decided that January 1 would be a very easy Holy day for everyone to make. Again, the 2 masses here were standing room only. (Nah.)
    Would we not be better to return to Jan 6, make it a holy day of obligations and drop Jan 1? I go to mass almost daily, so this is not about my personal preference but what makes more sense from my point of view. The Epiphany would get the spotlight it deserves and I doubt it would have any negative affect on attendance. Who knows, perhaps it might even inspire a few people to recognize its significance. Any of you feel the same way?

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