PopeWatch: Clarification

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  1. Francis condemns any criticism of Islam as limits to freedom
    of expression, while he condemns in very harsh language
    members of his own faith. And whatever happened to
    evangelizing. Franklin Graham in a recent statement encouraged
    Muslims to abandon violence and hatred for love by converting
    to Christianity. Mr. Graham is putting his life in jeopardy for
    his faith, while Francis reinterprets the meaning of sin for homosexuals
    and polygamists. The princes of the Catholic Church should be ashamed
    of themselves.

  2. Philip, It was my thought that because Steve Martin worked with Bill Murray, who is Catholic, and Dan Akroyd who became a Christian minister, He too, I will look that up, became a Christian minister. As far as Steve Martin being a relation of King Tut, maybe he can get us free tickets.
    Sometimes, I think about meeting and knowing all these people in heaven. It is never boring.
    God bless.

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