Chris Johnson Watched the State of the Union Speech So You Didn’t Have To

State of the Union Condensed


Chris Johnson, a non-Catholic who has taken up the cudgels so many times for the Church that I have named him Defender of the Faith, watched the State of the Union speech last night so you didn’t have to:

Got started a little earlier than I thought I would.

2:34 I just got back from Freddie’s Market to lay in booze, er, supplies for tonight’s festivities. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Stephen Green may have had the right idea all along.

7:55 Gettin’ on toward that time so I’d better get the first vodka thing going.

8:02 – Let’s rock and roll.

8:08 – Himself is on the way in.

8:13 “Our combat mission in Afghanistan is over”  Really?

8:15  “Growing economy?”  I don’t have a job, dumbass.

8:18  “We are a strong, tight-knit family who has made it through some very hard times.”  Of course that’s never happened before.

8:20 “America is number one in oil and gas.”  No thanks to your opposition to Keystone or fracking, thank you very much.

8:22 Dude’s just making crap up now.

8:23 My way or the highway, bitches.

8:25 Rebecca just isn’t asking for a handout.  Except that she wants “affordable child care” at someone else’s expense.

8:27 You’re not just going to be paying for Sandra Fluke’s birth control.  You’re going to be paying for Sandra Fluke’s birth control AND paid her affordable maternity leave.

8:29 “That’s why this Congress needs to make sure that women are paid the same as men.”  Since they basically are right now.

8:30  Strengthen unions.  Saw that one coming a million light years away.

8:32 Free community college.  ‘Kay.  Who’s paying for it, O?

8:34 Apprenticeships?  You mean like going back to reading law again?  Produced Lincoln, after all.

8:36 This is starting to sound something like a Nuremberg rally.

8:37 “Let’s set our sights higher than a pipeline.”  See you, Keystone.  And get used to paying $3.00 or more a gallon again.

8:40 “And where we too often run under the rocks is how we pay for all this”  Here we go.

8:43 The top one percent.  Saw that one coming a light year away.

8:44 He’s on to foreign policy now.

8:45 Barry thinks his “foreign policy” is making a difference.

8:47 America’s foreign policy has been forceful?  Obama wants a Congressional resolution authorizing force against the “Islamic” State.

8:52  G0 ahead and take “credit” for Cuba, O.  “Stands up for democratic values and extends the hands of friendship to Cuba?”  Care to reconcile those two mutually-exclusive ideas, Barry?

8:53  Computer hackers now?  This have something to do with the IRS scandal?

8:55 Climate change.  Last year was the warmest year of climate change of record, Barry.  Do you have any idea how old the universe is, dimwit?

8:56 Barry wants to go Luddite.

8:57 Dude had to work duh gaze in there.  Pretty much de riguer these days.

8:58 O wants to close Gitmo.

9:00 “I still believe that we are one people.”  Glad you do.

Sorry that things stopped early.  Some kind of technical problem; I’m not quite sure what happened there.  I’ll keep comments open a little while longer.

Go here to read the comments.  After six years I skipped the speech.  By this time I know what he is going to say and how he will say it, and I have better things to do with my time, so I appreciate Chris standing watch in case a novel idea did escape from Obama.


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  1. I yelled and screamed as I watched it. I should not have watched it. I must go to Confession. But Joni Ernst was well worth watching. Unlike that godless, iniquitous man of sin and depravity, she served and is still serving in the military. She has real courage. He has pink progressivism.

  2. I watched the Wisconsin/Iowa college BB game, and for it I am the better: hard work; intelligent, unselfish play; game plan execution; teamwork; etc.
    Money quote from the movie, “My Cousin Vinnie,” “Everything that guy just said is bu!!$hi+.”

  3. I was compelled to listen to it. I’m not sure I’ve heard a full State of the Union address since the one delivered by Gerald Ford during which the Speaker of the House fell asleep (or so I was told by the babysitter; I fell asleep too). You listen to him and it hits you that it’s a reasonable wager the man has not had an original observation in the last 25 or 30 years. At any one time, he just manifests whatever is conventional opinion among a certain sort of professional-managerial bourgeois. And, of course, there was one deceptive statement after another; there is no truth or falsehood to this man, merely what is useful for his purposes at that moment. His mode of delivery makes the Little Rock Lounge Lizard seem pleasant by comparison.
    I guess politicians know their audience and what constitutes good rhetoric for their purposes, but I have to say I gagged on Jodi Ernst. Her talk was gratuitously self-referential, she’s given to embarrassing gushing, and she looked like a mannequin. Curiously, the greybeards on MacNeil-Lehrer liked it.

  4. Well, as one of the ‘folks’ who could not bear the metabolic disturbance, I turned to the cable offering called something like -on demand- to find an old movie. The screen said it wasn’t available due to a high amount of usage, to try again later. Hmm, after initial moment of amusement that maybe many others were checking alternatives, I concluded that there might be another reason less amusing. (Saw a picture of the cable head golfing with the speaker during one of the vacations.)

  5. I couldn’t watch it any more than I can now not read about Pope Francis’ off-the-cuff remarks.
    Both of those men have some deep mommy issues.

    I now believe, Obama by his obsession with aborting as many of the the very young as possible, coupled with undermining the family and replacing it with the government; and Pope Francis’ “breeding like rabbits” statement (even when taken in context, no lecture needed please, I am extremely well catechized, and have read the entire airplane speech, in fact someday maybe a compilation of his airplane speeches might surely displace Leslie Nielson’s legendary comedic place) –that statement had to come from some core disgust for women and/or the marital act.

    Lordy I miss Bush and Benedict.

  6. Both of those men have some deep mommy issues.

    There just does not seem to be any there there; I’m not sure what Michelle Robinson ever saw in him. I do not know quite where his mother fits into that. Given that he was attending the Million Man March while she was dying of cancer in Honolulu, I tend to think he did not care much about her. Given that both she and his sire were nothing if not self-centered, I cannot say as I blame him. However, he was also willing to sell out his conscientious grandmother to get out from under Jeremiah Wright, so maybe I should blame him.

    I’ve never been able to make sense of the man. I’ve seen a couple of judgments offered in different connections which remind me of Obama. One was from the psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, who said his clientele was largely composed of men who go through their life playing somebody else. The other was from Camille Paglia, who said compulsive talking is an indicator of a truncated inner life (her assessment of John McCain).

  7. This is amazing to me! Our civilization is being tested and found wanting. The response to the non state of the union speech should be outrage at the BS the fluff, the lack of meaning in the multiplication of words. Yes we know Obama is wrong inept inadequate false– what about us. Do we get and keep the leadership we deserve? What a mockery for him to get up their and carry one as if he were giving a serious state of the union speech. And the band played on.

  8. For the record, Obama is not only in favor of late term abortions, Obama is in favor of letting the victim of a botched abortion die in a garbage can. That’s out and out infaticide.

  9. Ernst Schreiber.


    In the course of History I will wager that this (p)resident will be known infamously because of his position on Life issues. It won’t matter the slightest, obamacare or other programs he’s instituted, because in the end LIFE will win.

    Years from now children of all colors will say; “oh I know…the first black president…he hated life for the innocents”.

    What a shame.

  10. Philip: ““We can disagree on abortion…””. Who is “We”? “We, the people”? Speak for yourself. Only you are afraid to use “”I” disagree on abortion.”
    The taking of a human life with the sanction of the state. Our nation is possessed by the devil. Obama is possessed by the devil..

  11. Mary De Voe.

    He must be including the millions of supporters of genocide in the “We”.
    Regardless, they and lil’ king, are possessed by the devil. No doubt about it.

  12. Philip, I must disagree. A criminal separates himself from “We, the people” by his very deed. Therefore only law abiding citizens may participate at all levels of government in “We, the people”.
    Honestly, Philip, I am not so sure that Obama and these secularist progressives have not separated themselves from the human race, from, as it were, humanity as they deny the rational human soul, the divinity of Jesus and our brotherhood with the Son of God. While they demand that “We, the people” acknowledge them as little gods, they actually deny themselves divinity as the adopted sons of God.
    And that under their skin, if it were scratched, there is the unspeakable and unviewable face of the MURDERER, himself, Satan.

  13. Mary De Voe.
    Thank you for helping me to distinguish between the criminal and the citizens in the “We the people..” Good point.

    As for your insight on trading the sonship of God for the false notion of being God, amen. They are following a light that was banished from Heaven for the same reason. “Who is like unto God”? Saint Michael pray for us.

  14. Philip: As I go on. How much sovereign personhood does a woman employ to murder her child? Even the Supreme Court would not have allowed Roe v. Wade if the personhood of the child were to have been proved.
    Abortion has been human sacrifice for all time. Roe v. Wade was brought to court to make all taxpayers pay for Kermit Gosnell. Women drank turpentine and went blind or insane or used “the hangar” or jumped off tables. If human sacrifice is the worship of the devil and it is, then Roe v. Wade is the Supreme Court imposing a worship of the devil on every citizen. I mean, if abortionists choose to go to hell, I do not. To force me to attend by money or legalization of abortion, as one judge put it; “the price of citizenship”, the devil and his demons have free reign in the United States of America. Abortionist are high priests in the worship of the devil.

  15. My heartfelt thanks to Chris Johnson for watching the speech for me. I haven’t the heart to tell him I wasn’t going to watch it anyway. Sssshhhhhhh! 😉 It does not matter what Obama says. Watch what he does. We don’t know his enigmatic intentions. We observe the effects. His domestic policies are like the tunes played by a Pied Piper leading the country to oblivion. His foreign policies are like a Third Column leaving the country openly vulnerable to her enemies.

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