PopeWatch: Rabbits and Hares

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  1. So glad that we do not put that much stock in any ‘man’…or ‘woman’…but that we look to the gospel and Christ for all that is needful.

    Even the church will let us down from time to time…for it is made up of sinners.

    But in Him we can always have confidence. We can always be faithful.


  2. The prophecies from Amsterdam in the mid forties through the early fifties speak of degeneration. Our Lady of All Nations is noteworthy.

    “Silly rabbi, twix are for kids.” -:(

  3. Harvey ( the pooka ) is very upset about the pontiff’s statement; “I find it disturbing that the leader of the Catholic Church is attacking our kind”. “We have always supported Easter, but we are going to pull our participation from this years Easter Sunday treats for the Christian youth”. “Go and make chocolate chipmunks, but don’t except bunnies this year”.

    There ya have it. One rabbit’s feelings definitely soured from the popes comment.

  4. I wish that I could laugh. I cannot. At least not at this Pope. He is a pathetic disgrace of a man, of a priest and a colossal nightmare of a Pope.

    When he comes to New York, I hope to spend some time while his person is within driving distance for me, praying before the Blessed Sacrament and petitioning God that He will be merciful to us here in New York by freeing all Catholics from this human delict, asking that he succumb to natural causes while he is nearby but that he will be given the grace of repenting before he takes his last breath, so his soul can be saved.

    Lord, have mercy.


  5. “On the other hand, in a generation or so none of this will matter anyway.” A ficticious iman’s quote from the satirical Eye Of The Tiber may be prophetic: Europe an Islam continent. Christian Europeans’ low birth rates and the Muslim immigrants’ high birth rates are progress towards that. Too much has been written about the pope’s thoughtless rabbit breeding remark. Pope Francis is trying to be hip and one of the people. A pope can never be hip; it demeans the office and is not what his flock expects of their shepherd. His remarks are distractions. Instead pray for the re-evangelism of Christians in Europe. Europe has forgotten Tours, Grenada, Vienna and Lepanto. BTW Muslims do not believe in abortion…..pregnant suicide bombers excepted.

  6. One point to keep in mind is that Islamic demographics have been going through the floor, a fact that is often ignored but should not be. The fertility of muslim immigrants tend to mimic over time that of their host nations.

  7. Thank you for that info. I stand corrected. Last I read their average family size in France and Germany were 6+. As a rule the muslims whether Turks or Arabs (don’t know about the Africans) do not assimilate. Is it possible that as the education levels increase the family becomes smaller? Joblessness is a factor? Or?

  8. As the mother of 7 and grandmother to 21 I feel the Pope’s words as arrows through my heart. On Friday as I sat in a darkened chapel in front of the Blessed Sacrament for my hour of Adoration, I lit a votive candle for each one and as each little flame flickered the chapel illuminated with such a beautiful light and warmth my heart softened with the LIGHT of Christ and the True Church. These children and grandchildren are all practicing Roman Catholics and their “lights” shine non stop through this community. They are highly regarded in every aspect of the social and economic wellbeing of all they know. I had a hard time bearing and I will admit raising these children through some tough economic times out here on this hard scrabble farm. I would not trade one ounce of the sacrifices their dad and I made to have them and raise them on their journey to the Kingdom. Which ones should I not have had? It has made me a stronger, more patient and loving human being. I also know quite a few of us who had to have c’s. So much for “may children be as olive plants around your table” and “go out multiply and fill the earth”. A very bad omen for future generations. “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD”.

  9. “BTW Muslims do not believe in abortion”

    I recall that the Kuwaiti sex slaves of Saddam Hussein’s soldiers were able to get abortions after the 1991 liberation.

    Actually, Islam allows fathers (and only fathers) to kill their pre- and post-born children. The appropriate Quranic verse is “They are lost indeed who kill their children foolishly without knowledge, and forbid what Allah has given to them forging a lie against Allah”. Note that it implies that killing children with knowledge – for good cause – is not forbidden.

  10. Actual quote by a gloating Iman: “We shall conquer through the wombs of our women”. We should shiver and shudder, and beg St. Michael the Archangel to protect us from this malignancy.

  11. “One point to keep in mind is that Islamic demographics have been going through the floor, a fact that is often ignored but should not be. The fertility of muslim immigrants tend to mimic over time that of their host nations.”
    Is it possible that as the education levels increase the family becomes smaller? Joblessness is a factor? Or?
    Some years back, my spouse and I were very involved in the NFP movement and I used to write letters to the editor on contraception, abortion, etc. Certainly, contraception and abortion have a lot to do with the birth dearth; however, I could have condoms or the Pill in my medicine closet, and they in and of themselves won’t do anything to my fertility if they just stay there, just as a gun doesn’t shoot itself off. I have to make a choice to USE it (or a choice to have that abortion.) And I’ve never made that choice for various reasons.
    I’ve posted this link before, about social programs making children worthless to their parents. It is worth considering. I also remember way back when President Reagan was in office and the subject of population control came up, and I seem to recall the President preferred education to contraception/abortion for the 3rd World nations. A book I have by Brian Roberts makes the claim that homeschooling families generally are larger than non-homeschooling families because the worth/value of the mother actually increases with each child she homeschools. Unfortunately, he doesn’t cite a good source for that claim.

  12. Of course an Imam wants Muslims to procreate, not Christians. How else do you become the overpowering religion of the world!

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