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The Fire Next Time


Yet another bad sign for those who fear that the upcoming renewal of the Synod will spit in the face of Christ and approve reception of Holy Communion by Catholics in adulterous marriages:

ZENIT: How can the Synod on the Family be represented?

Archbishop Paglia: If I were to describe the Synod with an image, I would say that the Church gathers all families, the good ones and those that have problems, all of them, to say to the whole world that the family is the way of happiness for contemporary society in the third millennium, because globalization has become almost solely that of the market and, let me to say it: loneliness is being globalized.

ZENIT: Why is there fear sometimes to address these topics, even among more “observant” persons?

Archbishop Paglia: I would say that it is necessary to have more serenity and more confidence. Let me to answer with a biblical image: the deluge. At that moment, God created Noah’s ark. And the Church is a bit like Noah’s ark. We are all there, all types and tendencies. What is important is to be in the ark, and not to make holes in it or to open the windows.

The Church is called with all her variety – all are necessary. We cannot say that only “the head is important.” A Church that is only head would be monstrous. The little finger is also important. The knee is important. One can live without a hand, but it’s not the ideal. I would like to say to all Christians and to men of good will: at this moment the Church, with Pope Francis, wants to be like Noah’s ark to save all of them, all families. This is a wide objective as wide as God’s heart. A large ark where there is room for all, with one conviction: while we are together we will be happy.

Go here to read the rest.  With all due respect Archbishop, the animals in the Ark were there because God was destroying almost all of humanity due to their wickedness.  Well, at least we know that no matter how wicked the human race becomes, it will not be destroyed by water.  It is fire the next time.

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  1. If the point was ( All to be Happy ) then what of the virtuous life? The martyrdom’s of countless Saints that would suffer horribly vs. blaspheme the Lord. I get that we’re all sinners and each of us must repent and strive for holiness. What I do not understand is changing the meaning of Jesus’ words after two thousand and fifteen years of clear teaching. That is what sinks the boat.

  2. I think they are speaking of the family with a different intention or meaning of their words- to bring in a social utopia with a newer better higher form of family–

  3. in the link provided Archbishop Paglia says “It would be really interesting to review the historical development of the Christian family that, despite all its limitations….”
    I don’t know what he means by the “historical development of the Christian family.

  4. If the world stands another 2,000 years hopefully it’ll be that long before another leftist Jesuit sits in the Chair of Peter.

  5. cpola, good riddance. Christ could come back today for all I care. I am tired of the church caving in to every perversion this side of the moon. I became a Catholic because I wanted the absolute truth, the never-changing truth of the gospel. While all other faiths watered it down, the Catholic Church stood firm. Then along comes a someone like Francis making a mockery of all things Catholic and trying his hardest to turn the one, true, faith into a bigger version of the Anglican Church, which sold out to the forces of darkness years ago. When Francis’ pontificate is finally over, he will have done untold damage to the faith. Right at the time in history when the Church needed a strong leader to guide it through these troubling times along comes this character. Pray and pray a lot. That’s all anyone can do.

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