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Pope Francis spoke out strongly in defense of life on Sunday:


After his weekly prayer of the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis reached out to Italy’s pro-life movement, encouraging them and expressing his gratitude for their commitment to life. He also summoned all Christians to “a renewed esteem of the human person and a more adequate care of life, from conception to natural death.”

The Pope’s words came on the day that Italy celebrates its Day for Life, whose theme this year is “Solidarity for life.”

“I extend my appreciation to the associations, movements and all those who defend human life,” Francis said.

The Pope said that by opening ourselves to life and serving life, “we experience the revolutionary power of love and tenderness, inaugurating a new humanism: the humanism of solidarity, a humanism of life,” he said.

The Pope’s words today followed on other recent declarations. For his annual Christmas message, Pope Francis compared the killing of unborn children to King Herod’s hunt for the baby Jesus, and said that abortion is the result of “the selfishness of a culture that does not love life.”

A week ago, Francis called the maternal womb “the first ‘school’ of communication,” where a person begins to familiarize himself with the outside world “within a protected environment, with the reassuring sound of the mother’s heartbeat.”

On Sunday, the Pope also spoke about the liberating power of the Gospel, saying that not only does it not oppress people, “it frees those enslaved to the many evil spirits of this world: the spirit of vanity, the love of money, pride, sensuality.”

“The Gospel,” he said, “changes hearts, changes lives and transforms the inclination to evil into good resolutions.”

Because of the Gospel’s power to change lives, Francis said, “it is the duty of Christians to spread its redeeming power everywhere, becoming missionaries and preachers of God’s Word.”

“Always remember that the Gospel has the power to change lives! Do not forget this,” he said.

Go here to read the rest.  Outside of almost all major cities in the ancient world mounds of abandoned babies could be found, the dying among the dead.  Christians and Jews were noted because they refused to abandon their children, they would not abort their unborn and they often rescued from death the abandoned children of pagans.  As the West has turned away from Christianity, the pagan belief in the expendability of children has come back in all its fearsome horror.  As at the beginning of the Church, so in our day, a hallmark of the Christian is to care with love for the children, who God in His mercy grants Man.

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  1. I don’t know how he could do so in stronger terms than in this passage of Evangelii Gaudium:

    213. Among the vulnerable for whom the Church wishes to care with particular love and concern are unborn children, the most defenceless and innocent among us. Nowadays efforts are made to deny them their human dignity and to do with them whatever one pleases, taking their lives and passing laws preventing anyone from standing in the way of this. Frequently, as a way of ridiculing the Church’s effort to defend their lives, attempts are made to present her position as ideological, obscurantist and conservative. Yet this defence of unborn life is closely linked to the defence of each and every other human right. It involves the conviction that a human being is always sacred and inviolable, in any situation and at every stage of development. Human beings are ends in themselves and never a means of resolving other problems. Once this conviction disappears, so do solid and lasting foundations for the defence of human rights, which would always be subject to the passing whims of the powers that be. Reason alone is sufficient to recognize the inviolable value of each single human life, but if we also look at the issue from the standpoint of faith, “every violation of the personal dignity of the human being cries out in vengeance to God and is an offence against the creator of the individual”

  2. This Pope confuses me. One moment he says something orthodox and the next he is ingratiating himself with liberals and Muslims.

  3. This is typical of Bergoglio (the perpetual Argentinian politician):

    Say a little something that appeals to every group at any given time. Always feed the illusion of plausible deniability. Keep up the fog of confusion, and when pressed to clarify – spew out an incoherent stream of specious arguments steeped in elaborate nonsensical terms directed at a mysterious mix of assorted strawmen that contain enough vague subjective characteristics so that they can be applied to any and all ideological groups.

    Hence, the sophist Bergoglio keeps most groups appeased even though they’re diametrically opposed, and behind the scenes his dictatorial regime steamrolls ahead with brutal micro-management. Oh and, he’ll be sure to sprinkle in some stagecraft of overt “Francis Humility™” by hugging a few dozen wheelchairs and throwing a slew of sloppy kisses on the most physically disfigured people he can locate …. all while the lightning conditions are optimal for the cameras of course.

    Because all contradictions can be conveniently draped in the false candy-wrapper of “Mercy” – which of course means tolerance and acceptance of all forms of moral depravity. After all…. “Who Am I To Judge?™” is not just for the secular shallowness of moral relativism any more. It’s the new Church Doctrine of St Bergoglio.

    Then, he sits back and basks in the populist adulation and smirks his “clever” grin as he gleefully throws out more of his on-going bombs and slurs at Traditional (read that faithful orthodox) Catholics in his daily disgraces he calls “homilies”.

    And…. rinse and repeat.

    Behold, it’s no longer just the smoke of Satan that has entered The Church. It’s now officially a Blazing Inferno from H*ll itself.

    “Many false prophets will arise and deceive many” – Matthew 24:11

    “Woe to you when all speak well of you, for their ancestors treated the false prophets in this way.” – Luke 6:26

  4. “This Pope confuses me. One moment he says something orthodox and the next he is ingratiating himself with liberals and Muslims.”

    I believe some of his orthodox pronouncements are the result of orthodox writers in the Vatican. Not everything the Pope speaks is written by him. I think his spontaneous comments reflect his real thinking.

    This is not to say that he does not hold some orthodox positions. I think his being all over the map reflects his lack of intellectual seriousness and exposure to non-sense theology over the years.

  5. I ignore most of what the duplicitous Bergoglio says. One day,
    he condemns Catholics for their obsession with abortion. The next
    day, after many offended Catholics strongly criticize Bergoglio for his
    critical statements concerning their obsession with abortion, he loudly
    condemns abortion and praises pro-life Catholics. Why? Radicals
    usually attempt to mask who they really are and what they intend
    to do, because most people would reject them. The radical Bergoglio
    needs to persuade most Catholics that he is a faithful son of the Church,
    while he is radically transforming her.

  6. solidarity – humanism; Modernist terms he is ‘inculturating’ along with his other vapid ideas like the silliness about the womb. Eventually he gets around to the spiritual essence of a God given life. He’s not a good representative of the Church; hangs up obscure neo-people-of-God terms like garish wallpaper.

  7. “The Pope said that by opening ourselves to life and serving life, “we experience the revolutionary power of love and tenderness, inaugurating a new humanism: the humanism of solidarity, a humanism of life,” he said.”

    Wait, what? a new humanism? experience revolutionary power? solidarity?
    Donald McClarey makes a wonderful point referencing the unique Christian and Jewish view of life and care/protection of children. The Hebrew idea was not just that the child and the parents or society are in “solidarity”- mutually recognizing each other’s rights… esp noting that infants and pre born have not yet the intellectual ability to Be in solidarity.. And even more than just being humane- The Mishnah Sanhedrin says in part “Therefore the man was created singly, to teach that he who destroys one soul of a human being, the Scripture considers him as if he should destroy a whole world, and him who saves one soul of Israel, the Scripture considers him as if he should save a whole world.”
    It’s not just the one life that is lost, it is that one live’s potential descendants who are also lost— the whole future of the world depends upon procreation.

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