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  1. Harvey just texted in….he said; “It’s okay. The chocolate bunnies will be ready for Easter.” “The Chipmunks will have to wait.”

    Apology accepted.

  2. So, Francis personally calls aberrant sexual practitioners, personally apologizes to Muslims, Protestants, etc. for the Church being the Church, but his archbishop has to apologize on his behalf for dissing large families (anything above three kids, apparently). And he is vicariously sorry about what? Causing disorientation?

  3. This is pretty shocking coming from the pope. There are several families in my parish that have 6 or 7 kids- they bring them to Mass on Sunday , one family most week days as well – and the children are a blessing, even if they are a rowdy bunch.
    This is not the first time, nor the last , I fear, that our Holy Father has had to extract boot leather from amongst his dentistry

  4. I see from the quoted text that the Daily Mail continues to promote the Establishment Media’s breed like rabbits meme based on their own twisting and misquoting of Pope Francis’s words.

  5. He didn’t say three children were about right, he said he thought experts said three per family was required to sustain the population, per Vatican Insider.

    That’s wrong, incidentally– an average of three per woman would be required to keep the population from shrinking, and that’s not experts, it’s basic math. It’s pretty obvious to anybody who grew up with a bunch of cousins, because their grandparents or great grandparents had four to eight children, and is now looking around at the family reunion where there aren’t even enough children to keep that generation jumping, because they had none and three was ‘a lot,’ and their children have mostly followed after them, if they are even married.
    (I’m one of the “little” cousins, there’s only three younger, but got married and had kids before most of the others. After five years in the Navy, even.)

  6. Hey Don the Kiwi – i have 7 children 240-20 y.o.a- all adults now and all friends; all with degree;s 3[soon to be 4] with advanced degrees and 2 of those Summa grads- all still worship which is the greatest achievement -3 of the 7 attend with me at the ancient rite – the other 4 i am working on to win them back to the faith and undo what i did when they were growing up – plus there are 18 grandchildren – so i am a rabbit in the private heart of the white bishop of Rome – between us, I am a very lucky Rabbit enjoying the fruit of my labors. i am routinely elected best poppa by the older grand kids…….. and the younger ones i just get on the floor and roll around a lot with them……..keeps me young!!

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