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  1. The Church marched on after Alexander VI. She will march on after Francis. That said, if Francis does something stupid such as giving homosexual or adulterous relations his blessing, then there will be a schism.

  2. There is cause for concern regarding the upcoming Synod on the Family later this year. I don’t expect doctrine itself to change, as so much a “spirit of the synod” to arise which will lead to confusion, much akin to what happened after the issuance of Humanae Vitae in 1968. The Canadian Bishops never came out and repudiated doctrinal teaching on contraception, but they all but invited others to do so.

  3. This current state of heresy that is clearly being fostered by this cult-of-personality on The Throne Of Peter must be openly and forcefully challenged. Truth demands no less. Righteous anger and courageous resistance is the duty of all faithful Catholics.

    “Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.” – St Augustine of Hippo

  4. The archbishop of Warsaw has already said that Poland will not accept the decision of the Synod or the Roman Pontiff if either or both move in the direction desired by the German bishops.

    The Roman Pontiff can look for a +Cupich in Poland to put in power, but my guess is there are no +Cupich wannabes in the Polish Church hierarchy.

  5. Cdl. Bourke is truly a hero of our times. It saddens me deeply that our new cardinal, John Dew appears to support the Kasperian proposition, and if that proves to be the case, there will be major ructions here – the NZ church has leaned toward a more conservative stance in recent times, compared to the wild liberalism of the past 4 or 5 decades – although we never did clown masses.
    We have our new bishop for the Hamilton Diocese, Stephen Lowe being ordained this coming Friday in the Hamilton Cathedral. I have met him, and he is solidly orthodox. It is even rumoured that he will be presiding at the TLM in the chapel by the cathedral once a week – time will tell.

  6. My question is if Francis does in the October synod what Cardinal Burke fears, i.e. sanction Communion for adulterers, and/or those indulging sodomite inclinations, does it not then become a real issue that we may have an anti-Pope, and that Benedict’s abdication, and Bergoglio’s election were not licit?

    That idea right now exists only on the fringe. But the Holy See sanctioning such an action would have to move it front and center.

  7. Well, ok, we won’t talk about ‘schism’, but what then, do you call it when a Pope goes against Church Doctrine or even ‘skirts around it’ thereby deeming Doctrine irrelevant? Not saying this indeed will happen in the upcoming Sin-Od but it surely looks like that’s where we are headed. When Cardinal Burke is worried, I am worried.

  8. …and if there is a schism, at the result of a pastoral allowance of Holy Communion for adulterers, bigamists, and homosexuals, it will be blamed on those who adhere to orthodoxy.
    Those, who adhere to a “supposed soundness of doctrine or discipline leads instead to a narcissistic and authoritarian elitism …” EG 94.

  9. My prediction for what it is worth. The Pope will end up not allowing communion for the remarried but he has certainly moved the Overton window far to the left. Conservatives will see it as a victory when the Pope keeps the current discipline but the “language of welcome” will be something they never would have accepted under Pope Benedict. Meanwhile, he will continue to appoint Cardinals and bishops who will go much further in the future.

    As for myself, a luddite who thinks Little House on the Prairie represents the way things ought to be, I think the battle was lost along time ago. Gay marriage is the inevitable outcome of no-fault divorce, pornography, strip clubs, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and the entire sexual revolution. That divorced and remarried men like Clinton and Reagan could be seen as qualified to hold the office of President of the United States exemplifies this.

  10. You really think we’re going to refight the battles over divorce, strip clubs and such? I could use a dose of your optimism Donald:)

  11. Just compare the sexual morality of the eighteenth century to that of the nineteenth century Tom. Morality, especially in sexual issues, is always shifting. Our present sexual amorality is not the final word on the subject, and that certainty comes not from my optimism, but from my knowledge of history.

  12. Join thousands of Catholics on this petition to Pope Francis for the future of marriage and family at the forthcoming Synod in Rome.

    Cardinals have signed it as well as a long list of VIPs, including bishops and civil leaders and dignitaries such as King Kigeli V. The voice of faithful Catholics must be heard with great clarity at this time of great confusion and concern.

    St. Joseph, please protect the Church.

  13. Cardinal Burke is a brave man and true son of the Church.

    I believe he will stand against Bergoglio’s position to change the
    practice of refusing Communion to remarried Catholics and
    homosexuals. Bergoglio will insist he is not changing the teachings
    of the Church. He merely will be changing the practice of not giving
    Communion to polygamists and homosexuals, which is a deception.

    Burke will expose Bergoglio’s deception and remind the humble
    Argentinian that he does not have the authority to change the teachings
    of the Church, unless he wishes to violate the principle of infallibility.
    Whereupon, he will regarded as the anti-pope.

    I should imagine Burke will be ordered into hiding, where he is to remain

    I believe the Catholic Church is on the threshold of a horrific chastisement.

    The clergy is far more corrupt than I ever thought possible.

  14. Cardinal Burke is truly a hero. Can we all spend as much time writing to our Bishops as we do here? If we do, we could turn the tide.

  15. Besides Cardinal Burke I hope and pray there are a few other Girolamo Savonarolas from the clergy who will emerge to challenge the compromising of Catholic morality. This is a job they can expect only God will reward them for their efforts.

  16. “Bergoglio will insist he is not changing the teachings of the Church. He merely will be changing the practice …”
    He has already done that with his phone calls, public statements and actions.

  17. Gay marriage is the inevitable outcome of no-fault divorce, pornography, strip clubs, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and the entire sexual revolution.

    Rubbish, unless you’re contending that x is the ‘inevitable’ consequence of y if y precedes x in time.

    It’s the outcome of the social and cultural dynamics within the legal profession, and how the professional-managerial bourgeoisie views the larger society generally. Minimal professionalism within the judiciary (such as displayed in New York), and you’d never have gotten a tenth of it.

  18. As a devout catholic for over 65 years I am so unhappy with what is going on in the catholic church. In my state we have a Governor who is divorced and has a live in girlfriend. This same governor is all for killing the unborn and also for same sex marriage. He is also catholic and goes to church on Sunday and the Bishop will give him communion. This is very upsetting to me and when I went to confession and talked with my priest I told him that as a parent how can I teach my children right from wrong when the bishop allows this and my child tells me if it was wrong the bishop wouldn’t let him receive. My children will believe what the priest and bishops do before me. My priest on the other hand told me that it wasn’t up to me to judge another person. These so called shepherds are leading their sheep into the fires of hell. I now don’t trust any priest or bishops and just following and live my life by the 10 commandments and do the mass on tv.

  19. One would have to wonder aloud if the goal of the diabolical isn’t to use the Synodic attempt at the deceptive “pastoral” concern and “gradualism” hogwash, as a way of attacking the sacraments themselves. Not only would its open approval of giving the Eucharist to unrepentant sinners be scandalous, and sacrilegious, but it would also simultaneously attack and degrade confession, desecrate Holy Orders, make a mockery of marriage, and make the very concept of sin nothing important enough for Christ to bother with being crucified.
    The, diabolical, “we’re all going to heaven ” crowd is alive and well.

  20. Doris, you are endangering your soul if you fail to go to mass and confession. Jesus didn’t leave His Church because Judas betrayed him and Peter acted like a fool. The priests and bishops still give valid sacraments and your obligation is to receive them. TV is not a valid substitute.

  21. Putting the toothpaste back in the tube is pretty hard to do. .Sexual morality issues have always been with us but people were held accountable by society; once we started talking about an emotional and psychological rationale, the whole outlook changed. No one is responsible for their choice of behaviors. Maybe they had a tough childhood. probably their mother’s fault.

    Here is an interesting look at the history of Church response to homosexuality.

  22. Steve: I wish it were as simple as ‘writing your Bishop’. That has been happening to a mega extent and especially within the last couple of years. It depends of course, on your Bishop and how beholding to the money machines of the left they are, but mine now is Blase Cupich (LOL) He is as Bergoglian minded as they could possibly come, so……here in Chicago anyway, THAT surely wouldn’t work. Maybe with some it may, but I’m not terribly optimistic about that. I do believe, as they say……..that ship has sailed.

    Anzlyne and others: If you change the ‘practice’ of the Doctrine, in all actuality, you in fact ‘change the Doctrine’. They are inseparable.

  23. It is correct that “attending” Mass via television is not valid…unless there is no other available valid Mass. In fact, in the absence of a valid Mass a number of options are acceptable substitutes, including participation in Mass via Internet streaming. That’s how shut-ins and others unable to travel required distances have worshiped for some years now. It is probably unlikely that there is not a Mass available to the poster who referenced this. But I would not be at all surprised if there is not a VALID/licit Mass available to her, given the situation she describes and the comments of her confessor. Until I gave up entirely on the NO and started attending only TLM (at the time then Bishop Burke founded the daily Latin Mass at his Cathedral in La Crosse and established the Latin Mass order, Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem), I felt that no more than 25 percent of the NO Masses I attended had been valid and almost none of them had been licit. I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn the sincere poster to hell for her seeking alternatives to the NO given the nature of the Church of Nice–and its pope–today.

  24. Doris Butler said; “These so-called shepherds are leading their sheep into the fires of hell.”

    Excellent observation. Now go in search of a good orthodox priest. They are worth the extra miles that you must drive to attend Mass. If there is a traditional Latin mass is your 40 mile radius please do your soul a service and attend.

    The TLM at our Church is heavenly.

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