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It is dismaying to anyone who has been paying attention to the Global Warming Scam that Pope Francis is apparently about to sign on to something that is so replete with fraud. John Hinderaker at the  Powerline blog brings us the latest:

We have written many times about the fact that the scientific agencies which are keepers of the world’s historical temperature data are all, or nearly all, under the control of warmists. These warmists have systematically altered historic temperature records, so that the temperatures they report today for past eras are not the same as what were measured, say, 70 or 80 years ago. The effect of these adjustments is strikingly consistent: they almost always make the past look cooler than it was measured at the time, so that the present looks warmer by comparison. The opposite–an adjustment that results in reporting a historic temperature higher than what was published contemporaneously–never, or almost never, happens. These adjustments may or may not be explained; sometimes, they are kept quiet until someone stumbles across the original data and points out a discrepancy.

A man named Paul Homewood, an accountant by profession, has taken it upon himself to research this issue of unexplained temperature adjustments. He reports on his findings at Not a Lot of People Know That. His site is worth checking out, as he is producing a lot of highly relevant data.

One of the areas that Homewood has looked at is Paraguay. In a post titled All of Paraguay’s temperature record has been tampered with, he found that GISS has systematically altered temperature records to make the past look cooler and the present warmer, and to create an entirely fictitious warming trend.

To show his findings, Homewood created animated GIFs of the data from each weather station in Paraguay, contrasting the “old” data–the data actually recorded by thermometers and reported at the time–with the “new” data, i.e., the massaged numbers that GISS now publishes. Here they are. The deception is obvious:

Go here to read the rest.  We live in deeply dishonest and politicized times, and the Global Warming Scam is one of the big manifestations of a period in History where the World in general is more interested in, to use one of the Pope’s favorite words, ideological truth instead of truth truth.  Junk education, politicized beyond belief, has begotten junk science which is leading us to green totalitarianism, all in the name of saving Mother Earth.



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  1. Not sure I’d say ‘scam’, but something has been amiss. I follow on occasion Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit, though the discussion is over my head. McIntyre’s interpretation is that the UEA emails indicate that the principles
    have ‘lost control of their data’, are at a loss to process it correctly, and have not sufficiently document how they processed it in the past, and that it is this they’ve been concealing, not frauds per se.

    There is that, there is the corruption of the peer review process (documented in email exchanges), the forgeries meant to defame the Heartland Institute, Michael Mann’s bizarre libel suit, lunatic personal attacks on scientists like Willie Soon who do not toe the line, and Lonnie Thompson going to the ends of the earth to collect ice cores which sit in a warehouse unanalyzed. Their behavior suggests a modest nexus of people whose professional reputations are invested in a research program that has some serious problems. The problem has been wildly exacerbated by government funding of research. See Prof. Phillip Johnson on some of the systematic problems which arise from agencies like NSF and NIH.

  2. I do not agree with the theory of anthropogenic global warming. However, dumping millions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere each year is an experiment previously untried in the annals of human history and will have unintended and unforeseen consequences. There is however a way to prevent this. It consists in replacing our need for fossil fuel energy with nuclear. As discussed many time previously, using so-called renewables produces instability in the electric grid when the percentage of electrical energy supplied is greater than 20% due to the intermittent nature of wind and solar, and renewables always require spinning reserve backup to provide energy when there is no sun (e.g., at night, on cloudy days, etc) and no wind or too much wind (which requires wind turbine lock down to prevent damage). Only uranium and thorium can provide the electrical energy we need without pollution for our homes and businesses, and to make hydrogen gas for transportation vehicle fuel by electrolysis of water. Yet ironically all those crying about climate change due to fossil fuel pollution are the same people who oppose nuclear energy. But none of this will be explained to Pope Francis, and he does not have the scientific nor engineering background to understand even were it explained. 🙁

  3. The goal of the scam (hatched politically from the one-world UN,) has long been the forceful transference of wealth, (cap and trade etc.) hence power, and the destruction of sovereignty, since climate transcends all borders.
    Since the pope has called for nations to “distribute (redistribute by force?) wealth to the poor, he might well support the climate change issue (hoax) for its goal–not as much for its very corrupt science.
    One has to wonder how to resolve the contradiction between forceful transference of wealth and Pius XI’s admonition about violating the Principle of Subsidiarity as being a “qrave evil.”

  4. Don Lond wrote, “One has to wonder how to resolve the contradiction between forceful transference of wealth and Pius XI’s admonition about violating the Principle of Subsidiarity as being a ‘qrave evil’”
    Bl Paul VI addressed the issue in Populorum Progressio
    “77. Nations are the architects of their own development, and they must bear the burden of this work; but they cannot accomplish it if they live in isolation from others. Regional mutual aid agreements among the poorer nations, broader based programs of support for these nations, major alliances between nations to coordinate these activities—these are the road signs that point the way to national development and world peace.
    78. Such international collaboration among the nations of the world certainly calls for institutions that will promote, coordinate and direct it, until a new juridical order is firmly established and fully ratified. We give willing and wholehearted support to those public organizations that have already joined in promoting the development of nations, and We ardently hope that they will enjoy ever growing authority. As We told the United Nations General Assembly in New York: ‘Your vocation is to bring not just some peoples but all peoples together as brothers. . . Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes?’”
    If the central power is too weak, the secondary powers will run riot and oppress.

  5. It’s the biggest scam and lie of all time.

    They are cramming it down school children’s throats and they are swallowing it hook, line, and sinker.

    Send Climate Depot .com to as many friends and relatives and acquaintances as possible (to help in the deprograming of said).

  6. Good gif here:
    It has reached the point now that anyone who falls for the AGW hoax is either a mental case or an evil schemer. This is why its so sad, (at least for this weatherman), to see the successor of Peter running with the followers of Satan. I mean, he just can’t be so stupid that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. I suppose that, like most celebrities, large doses of pride blind him.
    But really, who knows?

  7. Folks,
    Having read a great short essay at Utah Thorium Energy, I simply cannot help but reprint a salient portion here which I wish someone would please explain to Pope Francis. I am NO adherent to the false gospel of anthropogenic global warming or earth goddess gaia nonsense, but indiscriminate dumping of billions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere each year will have unforeseen and unintended effects. Yet I will wager that none of Pope Francis’ advisers will consider the ONLY viable alternative to fossil fuel for baseload generation of electricity. No, without further delay:
    Let us look at how this works in real life. The North Omaha [coal fired] Power Plant in Omaha, Nebraska, produces 500 megawatts (MW) of electricity, about one-fifth of the power needed to run the city. Every three days, a 110-car unit train arrives, each car is loaded with 125 tons of coal. One car produces twenty minutes of electricity. The plant occupies more than two square miles—much of it needed to store the mountains of coal.
    Each day’s consumption of 4,500 tons of coal at North Omaha will combine with atmospheric oxygen to form 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide…Across the country, America has 600 similar coal plants that provide half our electricity and put 3 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year—10 percent of the world’s total. This is the greatest single source of global greenhouse gases on the planet.
    About thirty miles south of Omaha lies the Cooper Nuclear Station on the banks of the Missouri River. The plant occupies two square miles, slightly less than the coal station. Every eighteen months, a single tractor-trailer arrives carrying several dozen bundles of 18-foot nuclear fuel rods. These rods are only mildly radioactive and can be handled safely with gloves. They are loaded into the reactor core, where they will undergo nuclear fission for three years. After the fuel rods are spent, they will be removed from the reactor core looking exactly as they did when they went in, except they will be highly radioactive. They can be stored in a 40-foot-deep, on-site “swimming pool,” where their radioactivity dissipates in six feet of water. There, they can remain for decades. After three years, when the radioactivity has dropped by half, they may be moved to nearby outdoor dry casks. There they may remain for almost a century. The Cooper Station produces no sulfur emissions, no mercury, no soot, no particulate matter, no ash, no slag, and no greenhouse gases. And it does produce more electricity than North Omaha—750 MW.

  8. Quote: “—10 percent of the world’s total. This is the greatest single source of global greenhouse gases on the planet.”
    Paul, don’t let people read these falsehoods. Man is an insignificant creature on the planet Earth. He in not capable of producing 3 or 4 percent of so-called GHGs. This 10 % is of man-made products…which amounts to 0.35%…if true.
    brief link:
    Be careful. These are the kind of numbers that deceive readers. A significant tool of the warmists (and Satan).
    P.S. It’s true that these plants eat a lot of coal.
    Rumor is that the AGW scam was first figured by advisors to the Thatcher administration in UK in a fight against mining unions; in favor of nukes. Kinda backfired though.

  9. We agree, exNOAAman. My point is this: if all the eco-nuts are really so concerned about carbon pollution, then why do they oppose the only feasible alternative – nuclear?

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