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Right before I hit “send” on an email sharing the following, my husband sent me a text mentioning that there was finally a mainstream article that had a clue about ISIS.

Suburban Banshee has 14 points, but I think the first five are enough to make the point, and you can always go read the rest at her blog.  It is very much worth the time.

1. The leader of ISIS is a member of Mohammed’s Quraysh tribe, and thus is potentially eligible for being a legit caliph.

2. A legit candidate having declared himself caliph, all Muslims are supposed to declare their allegiance to him. If they support anybody else, they can be considered apostate and killed. (Of course, Shia Muslims and Ahmadi Muslims are pretty used to that.)

3. There’s a lot more Sharia law for individual Muslims and the state to follow, when under an caliphate.

4. Under a caliph all Muslims are supposed to live off the state, and all People of the Book and slaves are supposed to do the paying and the working. So other than fighting, ISIS supporters don’t plan on doing anything with their lives; and they must keep conquering and oppressing, or the whole structure collapses under its own weight.

5. If the caliph neglects anything in Sharia law and doesn’t respond to criticism from his followers, they can declare him apostate and kill him. Another member of the Quraysh tribe can then take over as emir, and later, caliph.

They’re not crazy, and they’re not suicidal– they have a radically different world view.  Well, maybe they are crazy, but if so it’s a very human sort of crazy– one which Himself spent a lot of time and effort forming a culture, a world-view, that could accept what His Son had to tell us about the different way.  Their idea of strength doesn’t allow for mercy, for starters… I’m not good at explaining it, but if you keep studying, you can find it.

It’s sad, but it can deepen your appreciation of what an amazing gift we’ve been given.

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  1. …so curing the underlying problem (giving these peoples jobs according to the Obama admin. ) won’t work?????!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmm…thought so!

  2. He has history on his side (so he says). The only thing holding back Obama: he is not a member of Mohammed’s Quraysh tribe . . .

  3. This is speculation and probably not worth the time of day it takes to read it, but what if some left wind liberal progressive narcissist demagogue like Obama is the antichrist, and what if he is the one to masquerade himself as the man of peace – a sort of messiah – by making peace with these Islamic terrorists? What if afterwards this peace process breaks down – this unholy alliance between men who murder unborn babies and men who murder already born children – in that final battle of Armageddon when the Lord eventually returns?
    I am NOT a dispensationalist. I have no idea when the Lord will return – today or 2000 years from now. And I do know that the Church has been viciously persecuted many times in the past, so maybe this is just another round of that same old persecution. But man’s technology prowess has never been greater than today. So that’s my speculation and I would be happy to be wrong.

  4. In the interest of accuracy, I have a couple of quibbles with what you wrote:
    1. ‘True’ Islam and ISIS do have a place for mercy…but it’s the mercy after submission to Islam and sharia law. If you are an apostate muslim or an infidel, you are give the opportunity to submit to ‘True’ Islam and live, or if you refuse to submit you become a slave or are executed.
    2. Christians who believe Jesus is the Son of God (which encompassed most Christians) are infidels who can be enslaved or killed. From the Koran, Sura 5.72 “They are surely infidels who say: ‘God is the Christ, son of Mary’.

  5. BPS-
    I don’t think you understood what I was saying about mercy. “Do what I say and I will not kill you” is not mercy, it is a demonstration of power, in a very raw, simple way. We recognize that the truly strong will often control themselves; in the main cultures involved over there, not demonstrating your power means you don’t have the power. (highly simplified, there is a lot of possible messing around)

  6. “they have a radically different world view” boy is That true! Not only different in the religion but also the culture that is the outgrowth of religious tenets. Lots of great books out there about how Christianity has formed civilization.

  7. Can you suggest some?
    It took sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean for months at a time, paying attention to what they were doing, and eventually reading a Show Your Work fiction that had a heavy focus on tribal morality before I started to really understand, in as much as I do really understand.
    It’s one thing to know that Jesus was being radical when He said that stuff about all men being your brother, and that “brother” covered all your kin-group, but then to realize that the behavior of the others in the Good Samaritan story was normal….
    It’s like a fish explaining water.

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