Creepy Joe

Creepy Joe

Our beloved National Clown and Veep Joe Biden can’t keep his paws off the ladies.   The picture above is from the swearing in ceremony of the Secretary of Defense.  His poor wife looks visibly uncomfortable.  Biden apparently does this to every female he encounters.  I agree with a commenter at Hot Air as to how I would react to this.




Even without any violence, after seeing the shots made while he was giving his acceptance speech, if it were me I’d talk to my wife and find out what she thought the deal was… and if there was any indication at all that it was what it looked like, at the very least if I were him I would very publicly and loudly resign, and give my reasons why.

No, I’m not waiting for my successor to be sworn in. I’d make it known that the Secret Service is the only thing that keep me from showing up at his door with a baseball bat. And I’d make sure the media got to hear the same line from me again and again:

“My integrity is not for sale, Mr. Vice President, and neither is my wife.”

I’d suddenly have the support of every conservative in the country, probably all the moderates, probably even a fair number of feminists, and every male in the US who had any self-respect and any affection for his significant other regardless of their politics…including a fair number of his Secret Service detail, although they wouldn’t be allowed to say or do anything to indicate it.

For your own health Joe, stick to willing Biker Chicks.



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  1. ‘Rank has its privileges’, it always has had them. This is another example of bad influence. Society and culture these days, no longer polite and no longer limited by a good sense of right and wrong instilled by certain intelligence, counts being creepy, rude, ignorant, foul, drugged, drunken, blasphemous, and dangerously intimidating as privilege. The quality of innocent hope suffers widespread loss, but that may be part and parcel of the way of social engineering.

  2. Entering to another person’s personal space without her permission is trespassing on her privacy. The Court allows same sex couple to trespass into business proprietor’s personal space and contravene their conscience, so why not have public displays of demonic possession in our VP? The word is “sleeze”.
    Now that Biden “owns” the wife of the new Secretary of Defense; Secretary of Defense is telling since the woman has no defense against being mauled, and at a swearing in. Too bad the woman did not knock Biden down in front of the TV cameras. “Put y’all in chains” practices what he preaches. What a wretch. Do you think prayers would help Biden or should Biden just go and get exorcised from the slimy, lecherous demon?

  3. This is a crystal clear example of what can happen to a Catholic that is partaking of the Holy Eucharist unworthily. It’s Lent Joe!
    Time to repent. Either stop taking Holy Communion or renounce your support for abortion on demand.


    No. He’s an ass.

  4. … And the same left that accuses the right of waging a “war on women” will
    ignore this man’s behavior. If a republican senator behaved like this, Huffpo
    and MSNBC would have meltdowns.
    The fact that the Vice President chooses to act like this even in a room full of
    cameras and reporters tells me that he has A) no shame and B) no fear of
    consequences and C) no respect for other men’s wives –or women in general
    and D) no respect for the American public he treats to these spectacles. He is
    one of our rulers, and we are all just subjects– why should he care what any of
    us think?

  5. Biden had only one close political race in his entire career, his first Senate race in 1972 at age 29. The people of Delaware gave him everything on a silver platter thereafter. Other than not winning the nomination of his party for President the two times he ran for it, he has known nothing but success in his political career. Why not act like a lech and a loon if the voters are not going to punish him for it? He is a case study in the type of entitlement many successful career politicians exude like a bad odor.

  6. The people of Delaware gave him everything on a silver platter thereafter.

    What’s weird about that is that he brought little to the table to begin with (he was an associate with a suburban firm who had practiced for less than four years and was not even eligible to serve on the day he was elected) and a succession of capable businessmen with better things to do with their life failed to unseat him. It’s not hard to find magazine stories mocking him; the Capitol Hill press corps willing to speak plainly have laughed at him. He made himself look utterly absurd in 1987 appropriating Neil Kinnock’s biography. It’s not as if Republicans are not competitive in Delaware. They’ve won scads of statewide races in the last 40 years. It’s as if a third of the electorate is brain-dead and he gets all their votes.

  7. While Vice President Biden appears to believe he is entitled to droit de
    , he’s less on board with the concept of noblesse oblige.
    When he and Obama were campaigning in 2008, they both released ten years
    worth of tax returns to the public. In that ten years, it turns out, the Bidens
    reported charitable donations of between 0.1% to 0.3% each year–far less than
    1/10th of the average charitable donations reported by Americans in their
    rather affluent tax bracket.
    Biden is not only a lecherous fool, it turns out he’s a callous, tightfisted
    cheapskate, too.

  8. “That biker dude on Biden’s left does not look too happy that Biden is pawing the biker chic.”

    That was my thought back in 2012 when the picture was taken. Some day Biden is going to come up against a boyfriend, husband or father who simply doesn’t care that he has Secret Service protection.

  9. Paraphrasing Mark Twain. Suppose you were an imbecile. And suppose you were a liberal. But I repeat myelf. That applies to each and every moron that ever voted for Obama, Clinton, or any lying idiot democrat ever put up for election.

  10. I am an affectionate person BUT CREEPY Uncle Joe is just that – creepy! I’m curious – what is “Dr” Jill Biden’s (as the MSM emphasizes her PhD) reaction? Apparently she isn’t a lamp thrower like Hillary ….

  11. Dr. Jill Biden, like Hillary Clinton, has political ambitions that take precedence to their husbands’ creepy misbehavior, otherwise, they both would have gotten rid of their abusive husbands. That is not a husband, that is a criminal.

  12. Ah Clinton, you beat me to the “droit de seigneur” comment. By the way, tell Jolly Uncle Joe, I checked USC Article II and it’s not in there but watch out for Section 4., as it might be a misdemeanor and get him impeached.

  13. “Dr” Jill Biden’s (as the MSM emphasizes her PhD)

    “PhD” properly refers to degrees conferred in the academic arts and sciences as in “Dr. Lynne Cheney” (English literature) or “Dr. Paul Zummo” (political science, literary division). Not properly used for professional certifications unless the bearer did conjoined academic and vocational training (e.g. MD / PhD) or the discipline has an academic and a vocational aspect (e.g. psychology, information science, communications). Jill Biden is the issue of a teacher-training faculty, so she’s got a cheap knock-off (properly abbreviated “EdD”).

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