Marie Harf: State Department Airhead Talking Head


When Chris Matthews is the voice of reason you know you are in trouble.  Marie Harf, that walking testament to the fact that it is often difficult to tell the Obama administration from a Saturday Night Live skit, has apparently lost a promotion due to her concern for the “root causes” of the Islamic death cult ISIS:

Not so fast! The Daily Mail reports that Harf’s “jobs for jihadis” campaign has made her such a laughingstock that she will be passed over:

Marie Harf, the embattled State Department deputy spokeswoman who insisted this week that helping ISIS jihadis find gainful employment was a better strategy than killing them, is not in line for a promotion when her boss moves to the White House on April 1, a State Department official said Thursday.

Harf said Monday night on MSNBC that “lack of opportunity for jobs” in the Middle East should be America’s focus in the war against the ISIS terror army. She refused to back down Tuesday night on CNN, insisting that the Obama administration should “get at the root causes” of terrorism. “It might be too nuanced an argument for some,” she sniped at her legions of critics.

Those mockworthy moments, a State Department official said Thursday, “are going to keep her from the top job.”

“Jen’s move to the White House isn’t something that happened overnight,” the official said, “and Marie’s TV appearances were an audition of sorts, a test run, and she failed spectacularly.”

We can’t argue with that. Still, Psaki set a low bar, and if the administration was looking for someone to follow in her footsteps, it is hard to see why Harf wasn’t the perfect choice.





Bonus:  Brilliant blonde Megyn Kelly eviscerates dumb blonde Harf:

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  1. We have just witnessed the TRUE “War on Women.” Gross incompetence!

    Joe Biden is looking for a smart cookie to make himself look good. A peach of a pair.

    Here’s one. She, Harf, could fly over to the poor misunderstood Isis clan and teach them how to produce and market Jesus Loves You license plates.

    Better still. Sword sharpener’s trade schools. After all; give a man a sharp sword he kills one, maybe two Christians…but TEACH a man to sharpen his sword and he kills hundreds.

    The possibilities are endless!!

  2. The Administration should give ISIS jobs in the White House. That might give the Administration a better appreciation of what they are dealing with.

  3. Smug, sanctimonious, stupid, University-of-Wisconsin product (oh: I was just making a linear progression, they all compute): to continue, Marie Harf as self-mockery = a SNL “skit”—or is that just an “empty skirt,” to go along with the empty suit @ Pennsylvania Ave>

  4. One wag called her ‘State Department rush chairman’. Wish I’d said that.

    I’ve a soft spot for Jen Psaki. It’s exceedingly difficult to think ill of a handsome redhead….

  5. This Administration is quite possibly the most stupid Administration to ever serve in Washington. We have an exceptionally stupid President, a diligently stupid Vice President, a former Secretary of State who oozed stupidity from each pore of her old drunken body, an Attorney General who got his law degree from a correspondence course found on the inside of a matchbook, a current Secretary of State with less brain power than my three year old, stupidity in the IRS, stupidity in the Justice Department. Marie Barf (as in her words make me barf) has proven that stupidity is no impediment to advancement in the Federal Government.

    We have a wonderful country in the United States of America. We have one of the stupidest governments in the Western Hemisphere, which is not easy when we share the same hemisphere as Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina.

  6. Must disagree. The IRS and the Department of Justice are not engaged in anything stupid. What they are engaged in is malicious. I have little doubt that Eric Holder’s Justice Department is staffed with shysters from the very best law schools. As for John Kerry and Joseph Biden, they’re rank-and-file local attorneys who never practiced much law but did manifest a talent for selling themselves to electorates willing to be gulled. You could say much the same of Obama, bar that he likely has higher psychometric scores than Kerry but less of an inner life. As for Hillary, she’s not stupid either; she’s shameless. (Did you catch that the Clinton Foundation is now taking donations from foreign governments? Cha ching). Did you ever read about Rahm Emanuel’s career as an ‘investment banker’ for Wasserstein, Perella?

    You want stupid, the most sterling example would be the Secret Service louts and their Colombian hookers, and the agency’s institutional response (barring ‘foreign nationals’ from agents’ hotel rooms, as if the Colombian citizenship of these high-priced tarts was the problem there). In fact, the whole clanking security cordon around the president would be a fine example of stupid right there.

  7. “I have little doubt that Eric Holder’s Justice Department is staffed with shysters from the very best law schools.”

    I agree with your larger point Art but let me assure you, and I think most of my brethren and sistren of the bar would agree, that where a lawyer graduated from law school tends to say almost zip about the quality of legal representation he or she will provide.

  8. Heartily endorse all of the above; have plenty to add to the litany, but decided not to bore. However, what a remarkable phenomenon that the mainstream press still swoons at the buffoon at the President’s podium, and the rank and file want to put his image on Mt Rushmore. There is much to toll the warning bells for an imploding civilization.

  9. And to think of the gainful employment we could have given to the Nazis we hung after Nuremburg. A war criminal is such a terrible thing to waste.

  10. William P. Walsh: “And to think of the gainful employment we could have given to the Nazis we hung after Nuremburg. A war criminal is such a terrible thing to waste.”


  11. Marie Harf is an agent of Barack Hussein Obama. Qui facit per alium facit per se.
    Therefore, when she speaks, the president speaks. We have good reason to believe that…….
    Barack Hussein Obama will never tell a lie when the truth will serve.

  12. William P., my irony meter is not always attuned, but you must be mocking the situation when you suggest that, “…Obama will never tell a lie when the truth will serve.” I rather think the reverse, since he being a traditional Marxist-Leninist, there is no objective truth, to the victors belong the writing of history, power grows from the barrel of a gun (I know, that was Mao’s), and all means are justified by the cause.

    The latest example of his rarified altitude of lying is the Keystone XL pipeline—he made it a flat-out campaign promise in the 3rd debate that “it would get done”, dislodging Romney’s flaccid effort to pin it on him: and now he is the only obstacle to the pipeline’s completion.

    QED, for Barry , why bother with the truth.

  13. Steve Phoenix: “you must be mocking the situation when you suggest that, “…Obama will never tell a lie when the truth will serve.” Yes, I am. My father sometimes used that somewhat cushioned critique of people he considered inveterate, habitual liars. While one tries not to rash judge, and to put the kindest interpretation on the behavior of others, there comes a time of obligation to honestly assess the performance of those who purport to lead us. The first thing I noticed about Obama was his untethered relationship to reality. Not to come to terms with his lies is to be complicit by omission in his policy of deception, in my humble opinion.

  14. OK, I certainly agree: Now, to me, Barry Obama is a well-practiced dissembler and he seems to be very much of the “Quid-est-veritas?” (John 18:38) mindset—yet always swift to cynically round on anyone else whom he can ostensibly entrap in a contradiction of facts (So, for him, a Romney was like shooting fish in a barrel, during the debates; McCain gave up on core principles years ago). A person like Romney believes in objective truth: but he showed he wasn’t quite sure what it was. Shows lack of a traditional Catholic philosophical education, I guess. But these are the “opposition politicians” (ha!) we have today. )

  15. The Truth shall make you free, and conversely the lie will enslave you. For this reason I favor investigations into Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, and other deceptions to expose the truth. Not for revenge do we seek this but to prevent the escalation of government by deception which threatens to enslave this once free country. The attitude of our so-called leaders is that the people are stupid and can’t handle the truth. Unfortunately, there is an element of “truth” in that. Very many people are, in spite of all the high-powered 24/7 communication, woefully uninformed.

  16. Mao believed power came out of the barrel of a gun but the current crop of cowardly leftists believe power comes out of a lying mouth.

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