Patheos: Crickets Chirp

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The American Catholic would like to take this opportunity to salute the extensive coverage given by Catholic bloggers on Patheos of the decision of Vatican official Father Thomas Rosica to threaten a defamation suit against blogger Vox Cantoris.  Go here to read about it.  What follows is that coverage:


“Crickets chirp.”


Way to go Patheos Catholic bloggers!  When something big happens in the Church, it is always news to you!

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  1. I appreciate the joke but truly, Patheos most definitely doesn’t deserve you posting a link to their site. Truly they don’t.

  2. Vatican Staffer Threatens to Sue Blogger is something big? I wouldn’t even call it something small. I don’t know that it’s even something – it might actually be nothing.

  3. “Vatican Staffer Threatens to Sue Blogger is something big? I wouldn’t even call it something small. I don’t know that it’s even something – it might actually be nothing.”

    Very big. Especially since Rosica is a big shot at Salt and Light:

    Highly unlikely that he decided to threaten a lawsuit against a blogger without discussing it with higher ups at the Vatican.

    More about Rosica from the Lepanto Institute:

  4. That site is so buggy I cannot imagine attempting to page through it. In fairness to most of them, they have specialized interests (for example, G. Popcak is a marriage counselor) and wouldn’t ordinarily be remarking on news bits. Also, any individual may simply not have noticed it. What would be troubling would be Patheos recruitment policy, which managed to produce a crew where in no one had anything to say at all. That’s the editor, not the bloggers.

    Still the very opinionated Mr. [redacted]’s absence of opinions is inneresting. I have little doubt you could never get a straight answer out of Kyle Cupp.

  5. I’m afraid that we disagree on this one. What some bloggers like Anthony at Vox Cantoris forget is that it is possible to disagree with someone without being disagreeable in the process. In the context of this case, it is possible to disagree with what Fr. Rosica offers without resorting to insult and liable.

    I am very sorry that this entire affair has happened though. There are more than enough enemies of the faith outside the tent without having to resort to shooting at those inside! I makes everyone look bad as there are never any ‘winners’ in these sad affairs. This said though, if people were publicly posting some of the allegations against me that have been aimed at Fr. Rosica, I think I’d be tempted to take some steps to stop them too. I just don’t know if suing them would necessarily be the best course of action.

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