Now America Is Against Dissent



100% pro-abort Senator Richard Durbin (D.Il.) celebrates his Jesuit education

My irony meter just broke.  America, the Jesuit rag and not the country, is now against dissent:

It is a curious view of leadership, to say the least, for bishops who do not like what Pope Francis has said to head off to reporters who share a common political ilk to complain.  

Thankfully, Cardinal Wuerl spoke out. Bishops have to be the ones who criticize bishops to garner any attention in the upper echelons. We need their gravitas to address any bishop taking on the pope, the source of unity in our church.

Others might complain of the stupidity of criticizing the church leader who is reaching the public as no one in recent years has done. Still others also can recognize the importance of defending a leader of what can seem like a hidebound institution that needs change to keep the institution vibrant and ready for years to come. Still others can appreciate the paternal, pastoral leader needed by billions of people and the need to support him.

However, it is the bishops themselves who must speak out when dissent comes from within the highest level of the church. This is worthy of their calling to leadership as bishops. Bravo, Cardinal Wuerl.

Go here to read the rest.  Well, this is certainly a change from the way that America has traditionally viewed dissent within the Church.  One of hundreds of examples comes to us from an article in 1993:

Undoubtedly, there are those who would say that there would be no impasse and all would be well if theologians would fall in line and support the teaching of Humanae Vitae, or at least remain silent. Yet many would–and correctly, I believe–regard this as an abrogation of theo­logical responsibility and an act of disloyalty to the church and the Holy Father. As the late and eminent Karl Rahner put it: “What are contemporary moral theologians to make of Roman declarations on sexual morality that they regard as too unnuanced? Are they to remain silent, or is it their task to dissent, to give a more nuanced inter­pretation?”

Of course there is no contradiction.  For the Jesuits of America there are two types of dissent:  “My dissent is good and obedient to the best interests of the Church while your dissent is a terrible treason against the Church.

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  1. If the discussions now under way are NOT a matter of doctrine, then how can disagreement be dissent? I thought we were only discussing pastoral practice which, we are assured, is safely removed from doctrine and dogma?

  2. When an orthodox like Benedict XVI or John Paul II is Pope, then dissent is required.
    When a liberal progressive like Francis is Pope, then dissent is treason.

  3. The pretenders to the faith view it as a giant slice of Swiss cheese. When asked about what the faith is–they cunningly point to the holes, but, when asked about what it should not be–they point to the cheese.

  4. Irony squared. Was it not Cardinal Wuerl and his predecessor McCarrick who dissented from Popes JP and Benedict on the issue of the Eucharist and openly pro abort pols? Is it not Wuerl now openly suggesting that Cardinal Burke is a dissenter because Burke advocates the integrity of Church doctrine and warns against the possibility of a hierarchy bound and determine to undermine that doctrine. The left is breathtaking in its chutzpah.

  5. Liberals are so predictable. Hillary Clinton famously said that dissent was the highest form patriotism. If she gets elected president, something tells me she will change that tune. The Jesuit hierarchy is no different.

  6. Durbin and the rest of the pro-abort “catholic” politicians will be the first to bust hell wide open. Wuerl and the rest of the pro-abort bishops will join them in hell. When the church needs a strong, traditional leader a marxist Jesuit liberal is elected pope. Liberal, homosexuality-advocating bishops have all but destroyed the Church.
    Pray and pray a lot with leftist modernist bishops like Wuerl, Dolan and Kaspar leading the Church, with Francis signing off on any piece of anti-Catholic garbage that comes his way.

  7. Go back to what I said about Donald Cardinal Wuerl. Praise from America Magazine is as damning as any criticism from anyone else. America Magazine is a left wing rag.

    I repeat that I am happy he is gone from Pittsburgh. We are stuck with a Catholic high school named for him. My boys won’t go there.

  8. Cardinal Wuerl is a Democrat first and a Catholic second. If this were not true, he would long ago have refused Holy Communion to a gaggle of so called Catholic pols in his Archdiocese. Don’t need to name who these people are; we all know that list of evil people.

  9. Well here’s a way Francis can get rid of “dissent”. Run off any seminarian that actually wants to teach the authentic Catholic faith. Limp-wrists little Wuerl-clones highly sought after. Godly men that actually want to model their life after that mean old Cardinal Burke, don’t bother applying. Franciscan University and Ava Maria might as well close down. Francis is on the loose. When does he speak at that bastion of Catholic teaching called Notre Damn and Georgetown? Maybe he can fit it in after he meets with Obama and Dolan in September.

  10. My comfort comes from verse 13 in Marks reading chapter #1. This mornings 2nd reading is Mark 1:12-15;
    13″..and he (Jesus) remained there for forty days and was put to the test by Satan. He WAS WITH WILD ANIMALS and the angels looked after Him.”

    It’s comforting to know that while wild beasts abound the Church will be preserved. A rabid clergyman nor a hundred will harm Holy Church since the promise of victory is given to her in the end.

    Satan is constantly putting us to the test especially pious souls because he knows what losses he can expect if they live holy fruitful lives. More will wake up from their sinfulness and repent, leading to an loss for Satan.

    Truth will not be swallowed up and eaten by beasts. Truth will win the day.
    In October we will see if Satan’s testing of PF will prove to be a disappointment for Holy Church, or a victory. I pray the doctrine will be upheld and Satan will agian be humiliated.

  11. D Black.

    (sigh) I thank you for the link.
    Upsetting and disturbing!
    To falsely accuse traditionalist clergy being disturbed and inflexible is a illnesses that is blackening pf’s soul.

    Purge! May he purge the demons out of his heart….and quickly!

  12. In my calm faith in Christ’s promise to Peter and the Church, I do not expect the Pope or the Synod to overturn established doctrine.
    That said, I should ask hypothetically how does one dissent from heresy?

  13. D black I love the photo at the top of the linked article at Lifesite! What a Look!

    That ad for Jesuit education featuring Dick Dubin will certainly be counter productive. “America” and Durbin etal. might not realize it, but the days of the Left are winding down.

  14. I am increasingly convinced that Pascal’s assessment of the Jesuits in his Fifth Provincial Letter has lost none of its relevance:-
    “Know then that their object is not the corruption of manners- that is not their design. But as little is it their sole aim to reform them-that would be bad policy. Their idea is briefly this: They have such good opinion of themselves as to believe that it is useful, and in some sort essentially necessary to the good of religion, that their influence should extend everywhere, and that they should govern all consciences. And the Evangelical or severe maxims being best fitted for managing some sorts of people, they avail themselves of these when they find them favourable to their purpose. But as these maxims do not suit the views of the great bulk of the people, they waive them in the case of such persons, in order to keep on good terms with all the world. Accordingly, having to deal with persons of all classes and of all different nations, they find it necessary to have casuists assorted to match this diversity.”

  15. “If the discussions now under way are NOT a matter of doctrine, then how can disagreement be dissent? I thought we were only discussing pastoral practice which, we are assured, is safely removed from doctrine and dogma?”

    Fr. Andrew: to use the Catholic term–Bingo.

    The Kasper proposal is either (1) a little ol’ pastoral pastoral practice tweak–just showin’ the mercy of Jesus to a limited, penitent few–or (2) a full-bore assault on the notion of marital indissolubility. If it’s the former, there’s no possibility of dissent in opposing it. Especially before the fact.

    If it’s the latter, then the game is up and the real dissenters are Kasper, et al and those blowing smoke in their favor (i.e., Wuerl).

    I hope everyone is enjoying the last few months before the progressive schism.

  16. “If the discussions now under way are NOT a matter of doctrine, then how can disagreement be dissent?”
    But there may be dissent from laws and policies, as well as doctrine, as witness the quarrel over the Temporal Power, when Catholics who defended the Unification of Italy were subjected to ecclesiastical censures.
    Even the great Catholic historian, Lord Acton was rebuked by Cardinal Manning for quoting Swinburne’s praise of the Italian patriots in a public lecture at Cambridge:

    “Only her bosom to die on;
    Only her heart for a home,
    And a name with her children to be
    From Calabrian to Adrian sea
    Famous in cities made free
    That ring to the roar of the lion
    Proclaiming republican Rome.”

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