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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

Ahead of a planned assault on Italy by the Islamic State, members of ISIS met with leaders in the Italian gay community for a one day summit/pizza party in Pisa, Italy today.

Officials from both sides held a press conference earlier this morning, telling reporters that they were meeting in regards to ISIS plans to throw homosexuals off the Leaning Tower of “Pizza.”  Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria admitted to reporters after hours negotiations over cheese pizza at the Italian restaurant Chuck E. Formaggio, that the homosexuals were actually a pretty fun crowd to be around.

“We came to the summit to strike fear in their hearts,” one ISIS member told the press. “We were really looking forward to throwing them off the ‘Tower of Pizza,’ but once they started talking, it was like, we still disagree with their lifestyle choices, but they’re really sweet. A couple of the homosexuals were telling us about how to make the perfect quiche and how to drape ISIS flags around our shoulders without wrinkling them, and we all kinda just looked at each other. We knew right then that no one was getting thrown off the Tower.”

The ISIS member went on to explain how, after a few pizza’s, they all went out to a night club and “danced the night away,” and calling them “a real sassy bunch.”

At press time, ISIS officials plan to meet with the largest gay community in Rome tomorrow when they visit with members of the Roman Curia.

When asked to comment, Pope Francis remarked, “ISIS is an important issue and we should deal with it after we solve the two most pressing problems in the world:  youth unemployment and lonely geezers.”

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  1. This parody is revealing.
    The terrorist groups are one in the same. Isis. Homosexuals.
    Each wishes to impose their beliefs on others. For the homosexuals, they will use discrimination laws to force a business owner to transact or face fines.
    For Isis, they will force a person to convert or die. In each example is found the diabolical.

    Pizza pals for certain.

    They place their orders; “Give us thin crust with extra cheese sodomy and fellatio. Oh…please sprinkle swordfish and light the whole thing on fire.”

    The only difference between these two misguided repulsive groups is that one is praiseworthy in public schools while the other is demonized as they both should be. The ACTS of each group is the same….death.

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