I Can’t Wait For the Holocaust Themed Prom


Young and stupid people, and for myself let me say been there, done that, have decided that the fun filled frolic of the last century, known as Communism, would make a great prom theme:





Students at a New Mexico high school voted for a Communism-themed senior prom this year — calling the event “prom-munism.” 

Seniors at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in Albuquerque voted online for this year’s theme, KRQE News 13 reported.

But some students say the idea, while meant to be funny, is no laughing matter.

“I would hope Cottonwood would realize the seriousness of having a very powerful and destructive idea as the theme for a prom,” one student told the station.

“While the seniors meant no harm in their choice of theme, it is not appropriate,” said another.

The prom is expected to take place at the Albuquerque Aquarium on April 25. School officials have not yet approved the idea — with some saying they are not sure what the event is supposed to look like.

I can’t get too excited against the students since I am not so old as not to recall the maturity level of my colleagues and me forty years ago when I was a high school senior.  However, can anyone imagine a Fascist themed prom?  Communism, which killed more people in the bloody last century going away than Fascism, receives much better treatment in academia and entertainment.  Leaving aside the morons who actually believe in Communism, why is that the case?  Largely I think because contemporary liberalism has features that make Communism seem like an error with its heart in the right place.  From demonization of free enterprise, to a longing for Big State solutions, to an enthusiasm for curbs on free speech, it is all too easy for liberals to view Communism as a forgivable excess, while Fascism with its nationalism and its racism are to be condemned out of hand.  Actually, of course, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin were quite similar regimes, say by 1944:  both intensely nationalistic, both one party dictatorships, both making idols of state power, both intensely militaristic and both treating minorities like dirt, although Stalin never quite reached Hitler’s level of evil with the Jews, although his campaigns against Kulaks, so called “rich” farmers, and Ukrainians in the thirties came an exceedingly close second.

I guess we could blame a likely bad education for the New Mexico students not realizing how similar Communist and Fascist regimes are in practice, if it were not for the fact that many of their elders, who lived through those times, make precisely the same mistake:

Some of the passages in the “Evangelii Gaudium” attracted the criticism of ultraconservatives in the USA. As a Pope, what does it feel like to be called a “Marxist”?

“The Marxist ideology is wrong. But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended.”


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  1. As for these Seniors at the New Mexico High School. Be careful what you wish for. Today it might be a joke…tomorrow they might just be the ones killing themselves for jelly to spread on their govt. bread.

    What a disservice to the young. To reinvent History omitting the facts and accepting all fashions while calling it All Good. Example. The Crusades via The History Channel. Example. So called same sex marriage. Example. All religions are equal.

    God help us.

  2. Here’s how to stage a commie-themed event. Participants can’t bathe or eat a full meal the entire week before. A selected 10 incognito kids are given power to arrest (for thinking differently) and torture (real torture) any of the rest of the morons. Stop me.

  3. I wonder if there are any people from Russia or Eastern Europe living near this school? They ought to raise hell about this idiocy!

  4. I believe it is precisely because it is identified with the Anti-Fascist cause that Communism is seen today through rose-tinted spectacles.
    One has only to look at the statue of La Passionaria in Glasgow, commemorating those whose war against the Fascists began on 17 July 1936. It was erected in 1979 by the City Council and the British Labour Movement.
    In France, too, the legend of « le parti des soixante-quinze mille fusillés» [The Party of the 75,000 shot] is still, occasionally invoked – somewhat tarnished by memories of 1956, when the Party of the Resistance gave its blessing to the dirty colonial war in Algeria and expelled comrades who supported the FLN

  5. Teaching kids about the evil history of communism is not in the best interests
    of this nation’s leftists. Katyn, the Holodomor, gulags, show trials, “re-education
    camps”, the Cultural Revolution, etc. — it’s as though none of that ever happened.
    It is, to borrow a phrase, “an inconvenient truth” for the left.
    I don’t blame the kids too much. Their so-called ‘educators’, on the other hand…

  6. “…Stalin never quite reached Hitler’s level of evil with the Jews, although his campaigns against Kulaks, so called ‘rich’ farmers, and Ukrainians in the thirties came an exceedingly close second.”
    No one knows the total number of deaths in the Holodomor: anywhere between two and a half and seven and a half million Ukrainians murdered by starvation. I would say Josef Stalin was running neck-and-neck with Adolf Hitler for the most demonic leader. Only God knows who won that race, and it was not one to win.

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