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That tribute to all things heretical, The Political Religious Indoctrination Education Congress a/k/a “Three Days of Darkness” sponsored by the LA Archdiocese, is getting under way today on Friday the 13th.  If you aren’t going, here is a sample of what you will be missing:


08  The Early Church’s Practice of Eucharist: A Provocative Treasure

Edward Foley, OFM Cap (bio 5-12)

Some believe Christianity was born in uniformity and has become more diverse over the centuries. This consideration of Eucharistic practice in the first three centuries will dismantle that myth. Exploring some of the great diversity of practice in these centuries will allow for fresh interpretations of our Eucharistic traditions. In the process, we will challenge narrow thinking about a moment of consecration, and offer pathways for thinking about inculturating worship today, founded upon ancient and foundational practices of Christian communities.

1-23  The Political Bones: A Mexican Reading of Ezekiel 37? 

In honor of my many Mexican and Mexican-American students, I decided to do some reflection on potential Mexican themes of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in relation to Ezekiel’s famous vision of the Valley of Dry Bones in chapter 37. It was a wonderful intellectual journey. The real joy of my reading was “discovering” (for me, anyway!) the early 20th-century Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada. This session is a report of my findings on how Posada’s political art helps us think about Ezekiel’s magnificent vision!

Prof. Daniel Smith-Christopher

2-03  Dancing with the Saints 

Many saints and holy ones have encouraged us to “open our eyes” to embodied practices of prayer and praise. Through simple song-dances developed for the Abbey of the Arts and based on the spirituality and teachings of the saints, come see these mentors in a new way – as partners in embodied prayer. Kick off your shoes and learn how you (and your students of all ages) can dance with the likes of King David and the prophet Miriam, with Hildegard of Bingen and Mary our Mother, with Francis of Assisi and Thomas Merton. No previous movement experience needed … just a willing heart!

Betsey Beckman, MM

2-09  Leadership & Social Justice: How Catholic Schools Can Change Our World 

Catholic schools are called to be leaders in a world of change. Leadership skills can be learned and lived by every single child within a school setting, regardless of their age. This dynamic presentation will demonstrate how children from kindergarten to grade 12 can use the power of a “Social Justice” mind, the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and “Effective Behavioral Supports” to become leaders for a lifetime. Using practical examples, Dan Friedt will give the educator a step-by-step process to support the current culture of their school, and invite every child to practice the habits of effective leadership that can change our world.

Dan Friedt

3-07  Catholic Ethics Concerning Acceptance of Gay and Lesbian Persons 

The Gospels challenge us to welcome all into our church communities, but should there be a limit to acceptance? This session will draw from Sacred Scripture, Church teachings and scientific research in considering how we are called to love our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Through addressing difficult questions – such as whether acceptance of the person implies condoning one’s actions – this workshop will move beyond merely presenting Church teaching toward helping us make sense of it in our hearts.

Arthur G. Fitzmaurice, PhD

Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice is Resource Director of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, based in Washington, D.C. He formerly served as Chair for the Los Angeles Archdiocese Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons. Dr. Fitzmaurice has spoken at national and diocesan conferences, including the Faith Formation Conference, the annual Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, and the Gay Christian Network. He also appears in several of Ignatian News Network’s YouTube series on pastoral care of LGBT Catholics.

-16    Walking Tall with Our Immigrant Brothers and Sisters 

This workshop will trace the biblical, historical and national aspects of immigrants and immigration policy. The plight of today’s unauthorized immigrants living in our midst is deplorable – an ethical and moral issue that cries out for the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and his disciples. All Catholics involved in any Church ministry need to know the truth about immigration policy and reform efforts. Sadly, too much of the public discussion of this issue is false and anti-immigrant.

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony

Ah, our Church donations at work!  What better use for the money than a celebration of the silly, the heretical and left wing politics!

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  1. We can only cast fire upon the world if we keep Jesus in our hearts, for it is Jesus Who casts fire upon the world. The Church is God’s house not a convention center.
    “Three Days of Darkness” are the three days Jesus laid in His tomb, dead. Is there more darkness than this?

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