The Left Begins to Notice That the Catholic Vote is Slipping Away



Over at Salon Patricia Miller sounds the alarm bell for her fellow leftists that the Catholic vote is taking a walk:


There’s no “Catholic vote” in terms of Catholics representing an electoral bloc that votes according to what their bishops tell them, or in lockstep with the tenets of their religion. Yet winning Catholic voters has been essential to almost every presidential victory in modern times. And the defection of Catholics voters has played a role in some of the most consequential congressional turnovers in recent history — from 1994 to 2014 — making Catholics the ultimate swing voters. And for Democrats, that could be bad news.

While Catholics have been swing voters since Richard Nixon’s second term, white Catholics are now identifying as Republican by historic margins. According to the most recent polling from the Pew Research Center, 53 percent of white Catholics now favor the GOP, versus 39 percent who favor the Democrats—the largest point spread in the history of the Pew poll. And for the first time, white Catholics are more Republican than the voting group usually considered the ultimate Republicans: white Protestants (a designation that includes both mainline and evangelical Protestants).

These are ominous signs for the Democrats, evincing a new and growing allegiance with the Republican Party that has long-term implications.

Since Miller is a pro-abort Catholic she really does not understand why this is happening as the rest of her post demonstrates.  Allow me to clue her in:

When the Tokugawa shogunate was stamping out Christianity in Japan, it made use of Fumi-e (stepping on pictures).  Regime officials would place pictures of Jesus or Mary before suspected Christians and order them to step on them.  Refusal to do so, if persisted in, would end in execution.  In our own country we are seeing the growth of a movement just as antithetical in theory to Catholicism and traditional Christianity as the Tokugawa shogunate, and it finds its home in the Democrat party.

What we have seen over the past few decades is the evolution of the Democrat party into an overtly anti-Catholic party.  The Obama administration is the culmination of this trend.  This of course is deeply ironic, because the Democrat party is a major party in this country with the help of the votes of tens of millions of purported Catholics.

In the past four decades the Democrats, with honorable exceptions, have championed abortion which is anathema to the teachings of the Church.  The embrace of homosexuality followed, which has caused governments around the nation to drive the Church out of adoptions because the Church refuses to arrange adoptions by homosexual couples.  In California, a state wholly controlled by the Democrat party, homosexual indoctrination, masquerading as education, is now mandated in public schools.  For cynical political purposes the Obama administration mandated that Catholic institutions, and individual Catholic employers, be required to provide “free” contraceptive coverage, and has been quite willing to run roughshod over the First Amendment to accomplish this goal.  We have the President’s support of gay marriage, although, until he further “evolves”, I guess, he “generously” has stated his opinion that churches opposed to gay marriages should not be required to officiate at them.  These changes in society are the modern Fumi-e by which believing Catholics and traditional Christians are made to renounce, in effect, the teachings of Christ step by step.

It doesn’t require brilliance to see where this is all going.  The powers that be in the modern Democrat party are busily constructing a society that is deeply hostile to traditional Christianity in general and to Catholicism in particular.  Ultimately I have absolutely no doubt that we are on a path, if not altered, which will  end in effective second class citizenship for believers in what the Church has taught for 2000 years and, finally, active persecution.  Pope Benedict sounded the alarm bells about the threat to religious liberty in America in 2012, and you may read his words here.


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  1. Hmmm, we’ll see. Many bishops, clergy, religious, and the entire “social justice” establishment will work hard to keep the sheeple voting Dem.

  2. Polls that try to describe the political leanings of Catholics first must define
    who is Catholic. Too many carelessly designed polls simply rely on subjects
    self-description** when many being polled might be nominally Catholic but
    haven’t been to Mass in years and simply claim the description of “Catholic”
    for want of a more accurate description. Studies that examine the relationship
    between the regularity of Mass attendance and political affiliation indicate
    that if one attends Mass at least once a week, one also tends to hold more
    ‘conservative’ political views. Greater participation in the sacramental life
    of the Church, on the whole, appears to go with a greater incidence of
    having one’s head screwed on the right way, at least for those of us in the
    pews. The crazy left-wing priests and Church professionals out there
    seem to be working under a different dynamic.
    ** I make no claim that such people are not, in fact, Catholic. If they were
    baptized into the Church, then there they remain, barring apostasy. We
    should all be grateful that we needn’t be perfect Catholics to be in the Church.

  3. I have heard Father Frank Pavone of Priest for Life say that if a Catholic votes for a pro-abortion candidate they have renigged on the right to call themselves Catholic. He says no abortion for any reason is a non-negotiable truth of the Church and you can’t be a Catholic in good standing with the church and support a pro-abortion candidate. How many democrat-voting Catholics know that? I’ll bet not too many. I know many I go to Church with that vote democrat and would argue with you till the cows come home that they are “faithful Catholics” and that the Church tells them they can “vote their conscience”, so they pull the lever for Obama and his Catholic-hating democrats. It would help if priests occasionally gave a homily on the ills of abortion and what is required of Catholics in the voting booth, but most priests never mention abortion or homosexual “marriage”. They avoid it like the plague……and that is the reason so many Catholics vote for democrats.

  4. I hope and pray that the walk away of Catholics from the Democratic Party is due to their taking a closer walk with Thee, Lord. We are in danger of losing our country and our souls otherwise. Mere politics will save neither.

  5. Donald’s analysis proves that Patricia Miller should have shut her yap after the first sentence. That is, there’s no per se Catholic voting bloc. What we’re seeing in the example Miller provides has at least as much to do with the Democrat party’s war on white working men (and the women who marry them –married women vote Republican more than Democrat while single women do the opposite), and probably more.
    The same thing is at play where commenter Clinton notes “Studies that examine the relationship
    between the regularity of Mass attendance and political affiliation indicate that if one attends Mass at least once a week, one also tends to hold more ‘conservative’ political views.” Studies show the correlation with Protestants who regularly attend church services and Republican voting patterns.
    I’ll have to find the reference again, but the guy who broke the Catholic voting bloc was himself a Catholic –but an advisor to the McGovern campaign and good servant of the Democrat party first.

  6. Well, if Fr. Pavone said that he is plainly in error. Voting for a pro-choice candidate is not objectively sinful as such, and certainly is not inimical to being a Catholic. One must distinguish between voting for a candidate because he is pro-choice (impermissible for a Catholic) versus voting for a candidate despite his being pro-choice (permissible). A vote is a prudential calculus, and it is certainly possible to reasonably conclude in good faith that a pro-choice candidate is superior to an opponent, even potentially a pro-life opponent. Now before folks a chime in with the boringly predictable reminders that such prudential decisions are often masks for impermissible abortion support or indifference, well of course.

  7. The only thing I have to say is that I shall never ever vote for a sodomy-sanctifying, baby-murdering liberal progressive Democrat. Never. I may despise and hold in contempt RINOs. But I utterly loathe to the depth of my being the liberal progressive Democratic Party.

  8. I’m voting with Paul Primavera!

    The C.C.C. #2322 – 2323 is enough for me. It is a very poor choice to continue to think it’s okay to vote for a candidate that has difficulties prioritizing the gravest injustices in our land. If the murder of the innocents is not at the top of the list, well then we will continue to see the destruction of an America not worthy of Gods grace. Our foundations are crumbling because of the blood of the innocents.

  9. I never vote for any Democrat. Even if they are pro-life, how can they belong to an organization that is not? It’s like belonging to the Mafia being okay so long as you don’t whack anyone yourself.

  10. Further to my previous comment:

    Some commentators [like Miller here] still identify Catholics as an important swing group, but the figures don’t quite show it. According to the Pew Forum, in 2000 Gore got 50 percent of the Catholic vote and Bush 47–while the total for all voters was Gore at 48.4 percent and Bush at 47.9. In 2004 Bush defeated Kerry 52 to 47 percent among Catholics, and 51 to 48 among all voters. In 2008 Obama beat McCain 54 to 45 percent among Catholics, and 53 to 46 in the general population. These differences are small, and they suggest, if anything, that Catholics weren’t swinging elections; they were being swung by elections–moving a fraction more than other groups toward the national choice [bold emphasis added, italics original]. But even that effect disappeared in the 2012 election, when 50 percent of Catholics voted for Obama and 48 percent for Romney, basically matching the nation’s popular vote
    The major role–perhaps the only role– that Catholicism [as distinct from Catholic voters] genuinely played on the American stage is as a source of the vocabulary for phrasing moral issues. Sanctity of life, just war theory, natural law, dignity of the person: It became the single viable vocabulary for expressing moral concepts in a secular space. [….] [I]t was the genius of a handful of writers–laymen mostly, from Michael Novak to Robert George– to take what, circa 1959, was a liberal Catholic idea and turn it into a mainstay of contemporary coservatism. The horrifed fascination of, say, the New York Times with all things Catholic isn’t caused by worry about the religious authority of bishops or some monolithic Catholic voting bloc. It concerns the political Left’s desire to discredit Catholicism as an influence on secular thought[emph. added].
    Catholic voters in 2012 broke the way the rest of the nation broke: Hispanic Catholics in one direction, white ethnic Catholics in another; churchgoing Catholics trending one way, non-churchgoing Catholics a different way. Just drop the word Catholic, and you have areasonable idea where their votes went [bold emph. added] But the vocabulary of Catholocism, that way of bringing religiously grounded moral claims into the public square, and doing so nonreligiously, still somehow remains a force in American public life–incomplete and, I argue, declining, but nonetheless real. (Joseph Bottum (2014) An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America, 191-93.)

  11. but the guy who broke the Catholic voting bloc was himself a Catholic –but an advisor to the McGovern campaign and good servant of the Democrat party first.

    There was no such person. What would have broken any voting bloc was the loss of a sense of distinction between the elements thereof and the rest of the population. You have the abolition of customary devotions (e.g. Friday abstention), the Novus Ordo, Marty Haugen, the priestly rebellion over celibacy and Humanae Vitae, and the implosion of the religious orders (and the knock-on effects of same) to thank for that.

  12. And, of course, the teaching authority of bishops has been ruined because those bishops are, taken collectively, no longer trustworthy. Individual bishops may be conscientious, but it is difficult for the layman to see that as anything other than a personal predilection. Also, the better bishops often do little to clean up er the lousy bishops. Manifest investment by Bp. Robert Cunningham in liturgical renewal during his first 40 months in his see = nil.

  13. There was no such person

    Then Fred Dutton is a non-Person (article behind a pay-wall, alas).

    link to amazon download if you really want to read the article but don’t want to subscribe to Commonweal

  14. Catholic voters are the only reason Obama was elected twice. Catholic Democrats are the only reason Democrats get elected. They will have to answer to Jesus when he returns. The unfortunate thing is those Catholic Democrats don’t realize they are the only reason the murder of unborn babies remains the law of the land after 42 years, contrary to those Catholics saying they believe God is the giver of life. They give the Democratic Party the electoral power to attack God in this life. They will tell Jesus they were helping to care for the poor with their votes, but Jesus never directed his disciples to get Julius Caesar, i.e., government, to care for the poor, he directed them to care for the poor themselves. So, those Catholics who line up with the left in life will find themselves ordered to line up on Jesus’ left side with all the other goats when he returns to “judge the nations’ and they will hear those fateful words, “Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Mt 25; 41)

    They have time to make amends by leaving the Democratic Party and not vote for it again until the party repents and seeks forgiveness, which it will never do. They don’t have to join the opposing party which they detest, just stop endorsing and supporting the Democratic Party which proved its opposition to God in this famous voice vote in the 2012 National Democratic Party convention. It is a classic!

  15. Voting for a pro-choice candidate under the belief that you are “voting” for something else may somehow make you feel like you did’nt vote for abortion, but the end result is still the voted to kill Our Lords children.

  16. Couldn’t agree more. You either vote for the candidate from the Holocaust promoting party or you vote for someone else. Now, if you can justify a vote for the former on a prudential basis, perhaps your conscience needs to be better formed.

  17. Catholic voters are the only reason Obama was elected twice.

    Blacks and unmarried women might disagree with you.

  18. It’s interesting to note that many Catholic’s are switching to voting Republican. While the Democrats are often blamed for allowing abortion and homosexuality into the United, it’s worth noting that many Republican politicians have been pro choice. The Republican party are often seen as the party of God and the family, but many Democrat politicians have spoken with the same vision. Perhaps an example of a Christian vision in politics was the setting up of the National Health Service in Britain and was supported by King George.

  19. “Perhaps an example of a Christian vision in politics was the setting up of the National Health Service in Britain and was supported by King George.”
    It is NOT the job of govt to dispense health care from the teat of the public treasury. The command to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, care for the sick, visit the imprisoned and welcome the alien is given to us Christians. Every time we evade our responsibility and abdicate our accountability to care for the sick onto Caesar, we sacrifice on the godless altar of political expediency our citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven and our adoption as children of God.
    “…it’s worth noting that many Republican politicians have been pro choice.”
    Some Republicans are pro-choice. Some Republicans are pro-gay marriage. They are called RINOs – Republicans In Name Only. The platform of the GOP is different. Here is what that platform says about marriage:
    “Preserving and Protecting Traditional Marriage: The institution of marriage is the foundation of civil society. Its success as an institution will determine our success as a nation. It has been proven by both experience and endless social science studies that traditional marriage is best for children. Children raised in intact married families are more likely to attend college, are physically and emotionally healthier, are less likely to use drugs or alcohol, engage in crime, or get pregnant outside of marriage. The success of marriage directly impacts the economic well-being of individuals. Furthermore, the future of marriage affects freedom. The lack of family formation not only leads to more government costs, but also to more government control over the lives of its citizens in all aspects. We recognize and honor the courageous efforts of those who bear the many burdens of parenting alone, even as we believe that marriage, the union of one man and one woman must be upheld as the national standard, a goal to stand for, encourage, and promote through laws governing marriage. We embrace the principle that all Americans should be treated with respect and dignity.”
    And here is what that platform says about protecting individual conscience opposed to abortion:
    “Protecting Individual Conscience in Healthcare: No healthcare professional or organization should ever be required to perform, provide for, withhold, or refer for a medical service against their conscience. This is especially true of the religious organizations which deliver a major portion of America’s healthcare, a service rooted in the charity of faith communities. We do not believe, however, that healthcare providers should be allowed to withhold services because the healthcare provider believes the patient’s life is not worth living. We support the ability of all organizations to provide, purchase, or enroll in healthcare coverage consistent with their religious, moral or ethical convictions without discrimination or penalty. We likewise support the right of parents to consent to medical treatment for their children, including mental health treatment, drug treatment, and treatment involving pregnancy, contraceptives and abortion. We urge enactment of pending legislation that would require parental consent to transport girls across state lines for abortions.”
    The Democratic Party on the other hand is utterly and completely evil, openly supporting the foul of sexual perversions as marriage, and openly advocating the murder of innocent unborn babies right up to the moment of birth. To be or support the Democrats is to willingly cooperate with grave evil. To support Republicans may involve holding one’s nose against the stench, but at least one’s conscience will be clear.

  20. “The Democratic Party on the other hand is utterly and completely evil, openly supporting the foul of sexual perversions as marriage, and openly advocating the murder of innocent unborn babies right up to the moment of birth. To be or support the Democrats is to willingly cooperate with grave evil. To support Republicans may involve holding one’s nose against the stench, but at least one’s conscience will be clear”.

    My good friend you have made a number of valid points and I thank you for the clarity you have written them. The only thing is I feel calling the Democrat’s evil is a little judgmental and I am not a supporter of the Democrat’s. As for the murder of innocent unborn babies right up to the moment of birth, is something I have always had a problem with even when I once considered myself an Anarchist. As someone who has Autism and worked many years caring for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, I believe all individuals have a right to live on this world. Discovering I was Autistic recently has made my pro life views stronger.
    God bless

  21. “The only thing is I feel calling the Democrat’s evil is a little judgmental…”
    Correct. 1 Corinthians 6:2-3 states:
    Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases? Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, matters pertaining to this life!”
    Then just a little later verses 9 and 10 state:
    “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.”
    And Jesus said in Matthew 7:16-17:
    “You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.”
    Everyone always seems to remember Matthew 7:1-4 about not judging lest we be judged, but then promptly ignores the rest.

  22. James and Paul, you have taken the conversation around an interesting corner, that intersection of Who am I to Judge & Know them by their Works. I find it difficult to pontificate on a matter with which I somewhat struggle to fully understand but here’s my tentative take on it. If I love my neighbor, I place a kind interpretation on the state of the person’s conscience and leave that judgment to Christ. I won’t be called to judge anyone until that last great day in the “hereafter”. Concerning the “here-for” is another matter. Here we need to discern the works and fruits of people and human organizations. We need to be both gentle as doves and wise as serpents.
    So after many years of observing the Democratic Party, I may conclude that it is “effectively” the most evil organization in the country. The Communist Party is effectively less evil due to the miniscule influence it has.
    The Democrats often carry a majority of the electorate down the wide road to destruction. By the same token, I may conclude that the Republican Party is merely mediocre.

  23. Voting for a pro -abort republican is just as bad as voting for a pro-abort democrat. I don’t know how remote guilt by remote participation can be, but giving any assent to someone far enough off their nut to be pro abortion is just not prudential.
    But the depths! How low can people go! of both parties. The idea that you can be conservative about economics and that is all. Making the Lie true- “It’s the economy, stupid”
    Common sense is not common enough to form a bloc.

  24. Anzlyne,
    You are correct. However, many Katholycks use what you indicated – that there are pro-abortion Republicans – as justification to vote for Democrats under the pretext that Republicans are no better. However, the fact of the matter is that most Republicans are pro-life and pro-sanctity of marriage whereas most Democrats are anti-life and anti-sanctity of marriage. Furthermore, the Platform of the Republican Party is superior to the Platform of the Democratic Party. Yes, far too many Republicans are hypocrites and traitors to the cause of Republicanism. But the overwhelming majority of Democrats are purely evil.
    As for me, I defer to what the Psalmist wrote so long ago:
    “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help.” Psalm 146:3

  25. Paul Primavera: ditto and ditto and ditto. The word is getting out-difficult as it is to spread-that it is a mortal sin for a Catholic with a wellformed conscience to vote for any Democrat at any level. This Party Of Death [a la Card. Burke] has not only promoted abortion and tax money payment for abortion, but it is the main purveyor or RETA – racial eugenic targeted abortion. Since Roe, tens of millions dead, but over 55% are minority babies – and it is the Democrats/Deathocrats who have made this national policy. Over 17,000,000 less Black voters; over 12,000,000 less Hispanic voters – this kind of holocaust numbers are no accident. at site:, Check out my Virtuous Citizenship 2014. And this destruction of the family is not lost on Hispanic Americans who love family. The Democrat may be able to hold a goodly number of priests and bishiops in lock step, but the sensus fidelium is beginning to relfect the truth. Guy McClung, San Antonio

  26. I agree with you both. I was just warning about pro-abort republicans. We have to be careful of individuals as well as party. Especially at primary time.

  27. We, a small group at the nursing home, recite the Holy Rosary on Tuesdays.
    Our intention was for St. Patrick to drive the snakes out of those who seek public service positions in 2016.

    Then this reading came to light.

    John xiv 16,17 ; “And I shall ask the Father, and he shall give you another Paraclete, that he may abide with you forever. The Spirit of truth, whom ( the world cannot receive,) because it seeth him not, nor knoweth him: but you shall know him: because he shall abide with you: and shall be in you.”

    So it’s the complete blindness of the world that knows not the truth, hence the disrespect for human life. You, the ones that abide in truth, must continue to pray fast and offer yourselves as examples of truth so the blind may come to see the truth for themselves.

    Pray for the great conversion. Vote as sons and daughters of God. Lead the blind.

  28. Describing Democrat-voting Catholics is a complicated issue.
    Catholic immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries became faithful Democrats. They lived on the East Coast between Boston and Baltimore and in a “belt” that stretched from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. They were Irish, Italians, Germans and from Slavic parts of Europe that were carved up among Lutheran Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia.

    As the Republican Party of the day enacted Blaine Amendments in state after state and wanted immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe shut off, the immigrants of the day saw the GOP as someone who hated them.

    This Democrat Party loyalty passed from generation to generation. Today there are countless lapsed East Coast and Rust Belt Catholics in name only who rarely or never go to Mass but hold that inherited Democrat Party loyalty as if it were their religion. I can’t tell my 74 year old mother anything about politics as she reverts to what she learned in the Monongahela Valley in the 1940s and 1950s.

    Ted Kennedy, more than any other Democrat, was responsible for the Democrats being the abortionist party and he found clergy in Massachusetts who gave him cover for it. You can look it up.

    The USCCB has NEVER taken up the battle to end abortion with the Democrat PARTY. The Dems throw them a few bucks to fund Catholic Charities and this keeps the USCCB quiet.

    Latino Catholics do what most immigrant groups do – gravitate to the Donkey Party. They are usually poor and the Donkeys are right there to give ’em what they want in exchange for votes. The same principle works for the Donkeys and blacks.

    Both American parties have had their disgraceful bunch but the Donkeys have had far more of them. The Donkeys can take their abortion, their homosexuality, their atheism, their class warfare and their suck-up attitudes to Islamic terrorism, Communists and human rights abusers and shove it. I consider the Donkeys not to be a political party in this day and age but organized crime. They rig elections. Their judges overturn elections and make their own laws. Their presidents (as of late) have no regard for the Constitution or middle class taxpayers. Going back 70+ years, FDR was a liar, a habitual adulterer and he sold Poland down the river to placate Stalin. JFK was another who couldn’t keep it in his pants and allowed Castro to consolidate power in Cuba.

    I don’t like Republicans but the Donkeys make me sick.

  29. Clinton- I much agree about defining terms being a very important first step. When they say “Catholic,” most people hear it as “people who are observant and practicing,” but when someone is asked, it’s more often “well, my parents are Catholic and when we visited grandma when I was a kid we ate tuna casserole on Friday.”
    When even the observant are offered such sadly lacking teaching– have I complained lately about total strangers in Church asking me when I’ll get sterilized? And not when the kids have been obnoxious?– it’s hardly surprising that those who are more of the world put more focus on the world.
    The Dem’s problem is, they keep picking an smaller and smaller area, and alienating their whole “nice” specialization. (Which means that if they attack someone, they make sure to attack their reputation, too.)

  30. @Eric; “Blacks and unmarried women might disagree with you. ”

    Catholics are the largest single group in the Democratic Party. Their votes for Obama were twice his margin of victory. “Blacks and unmarried woman” are not on record as saying they believe God is the giver of life; nor are they praying the Our Father standing in front of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist during Mass, praying the only prayer Jesus ever taught us in which we pray for “God’s will be done on earth….” Is it God’s will that he creates life for it to be aborted? Catholic Democrats are the only group in the Democratic Party that professes to believe in God as the creator of life and prays for his “will to be done on earth” in contradiction to what the Democratic party believes and acts on keeping abortion-on-demand the law-of-the-land.” Therefore, Catholics give the Democratic Party the power to keep abortion legal. Those Catholics, including the clergy will find themselves being told to stand on the left side of Jesus along with all the other “goats” when he returns to judge “the nations.”

  31. Catholics do not equal “Catholic Democrats” Obama’s margin among Catholics in ’08 was +9%, 2 points greater than amongst the general population. In ’12 it was +2%, 2 points less than amongst the general population, according to Wikipedia

    According to the same source, Obama’s margin over Romney among unmarried women was 36 points, and among blacks, 87 points. Women were 53% of the electorate, blacks 13%, Catholics 25%.

    I’m still going to agree with Bottum conclusion that there is no longer a voting block that is per se Catholic.

    I’d love to be able to drill down into those exit polls, and find out how the Catholic vote breaks down along racial/ethinic lines, as well as by income and geographic region, but I haven’t done any work along those lines since the Clinton administration (first term).

  32. from another comment — >”Catholic voters are the only reason Obama was elected twice.” —

    My comment –> Remember it was Non-White Catholic voters who voted for him. You’ve got to wonder why the hierarchy and the gov’t. is so anti-white Catholic. For some both groups believe the illegal alien is the future of the church and the nation. However the Non-White Catholic voting patterns seem to indicate that the Non-White Catholics may be voting to abort and gay- marriage themselves [and the Church] out of existence in the USA. That being said, and having been a pro-life voter since I was first eligible to vote in 1980, I’m pretty fed and up disgusted with the Republicans’ lack of performance on moral issues. They seem to do just enough to keep the pro-life vote, while hanging onto their country-club pro-choice membership.

  33. supporting legal abortion was the first democrat decision that began to alienate catholics from the party. more recently, the democrat party’s decision to use the federal government and some state governments’ monopoly on the use of force against catholics has caused the alienation to grow.

    the democrat party using secular governments’ monopoly on force to condemn and punish catholics who only want to exercise their freedom of religion is becoming more widely known all the time. it is obvious to those who pay attention, but many Americans, catholic and non-Catholic do not take time to stay aware of societal issues and our governments’ responses to those issues.

    for example, the democrat party’s use of the federal government to try to force its faith, there is no evidence, that artificial contraception is good on catholics is becoming more widely known among catholics. the democrat party’s belief in the goodness of sexual perversion and the use of governmental force to punish catholics who do not have that democratic party belief is becoming more widely known.

    the democrat party’s belief that a child’s right to both a mother and a father is another belief that many catholics reject once they learn of it and how real the democrat’s attempt to attack innocent children is.

    finally, the democrat party’s belief that the unique relationship between men and women is prohibited by the law from being recognized by secular government’s will add to the exodus from the democrat party of everyone who is rational and strong.

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