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Austin Ruse has an interesting post at Brietbart:


In early January, Valladares, who spent 22 years in Castro’s prisons and went on to write a highly influential book about it, says the recent opening to Cuba by the West is part of an “Obama-Francis axis” that he calls a “spiritual-political axis which… will now provide the repressive apparatus of the Cuban regime with rivers of money and favorable publicity.”

He says Pope Francis and President Obama are merely replacing the Soviet Union, then Venezuela, and finally Brazil as Castro’s financial enablers.

Two days after the simultaneous December 19th announcement by Rome, Washington, and Havana of the diplomatic rapprochement, Valladares reported a Cuban Coast Guard boat “began ramming a boat fleeing Cuba with 32 people on board, including seven women and two children, to sink the frail craft.” Valladares called it “a brutal action by a regime that feels back up by powerful allies. A criminal event so seriously damning for the Castro regime would deserve a worldwide outcry of repudiation but was hardly noticed…”

He said the event wasn’t even notice by “churchmen who should imitate the Good Shepard by being ready to give their lives for their sheep.”

Valladares, who served as U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission under Presidents Reagan and Bush, charges that the “most serious and tragic aspect of this agreement” between the US and Cuba, “falls upon Pope Francis, its most eminent architect and mediator.”

But, he says, “This is not the first time that Francis takes measures that objectively favor the political and ecclesiastical left in Latin America… For example, he personally attended the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in Rome from October 27 to 29. It gathered 100 revolutionary world leaders, including well-known Latin American professional agitators.” Valladeres called the meeting a kind of “beatification of these Marxist-inspired revolutionary figures…”

Valladares also points to Francis’s overturning the suspension of the Nicaraguan priest Miquel D’Escoto who had been the Foreign Minister of the revolutionary Sandanista regime, “a leading pro-Castro figure in liberation theology.”

Where Valladares might be described as a man of the right, a man of the farthest left sees the same thing in Francis and approves.

Richard Greeman, a writer for the Marxist website New Politics, wonders if “Catholicism is the new communism.” He describes his years, after the Second Vatican Council, working in Latin America, participating in the rise of “liberation theology.” He says, “Liberation theology Catholics were consistently more revolutionary than Leftists of all stripes.”

Go here to read the rest.  Like many Catholic clerics of his generation in South America, Pope Francis seems to see no enemies on the left.  Pope Francis throughout his pontificate has emphasized mercy.  Unfortunately a mercy that is blind to the victims of leftist policies is a very limited mercy indeed.

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  1. Many people wonder if this Pope will be a martyr. If he doesn’t repent, he will be a martyr for the left, like Romero was.

  2. Pope Francis loves humanity but hates the individual person into oblivion, those persons in the boat trying to escape Cuba and rammed by men doing evil by murdering people.

  3. Who knows….maybe in a few years Pope Francis will see Cardinal Burke at the World Meeting of Popular Movements where a radical group, Revolutionary Remnant of Conservative Catholics, will be in attendance.

    As for the Coast Guard…?
    New name is needed!
    Coast Gorilla’s.

  4. One of the amazing things about the 20th century, and now into the 21st, is the influence that the Castro dictatorship has had in the world. Cuba is a small country, with about 10 million people, and has been independent from Spain for little more than a century.

    The Castros have been running the place as a tropical gulag for more than half of Cuba’s independence. The nations of Western Europe, along with Canada and the former USSR/Russia as well as Venezuela and Brazil, have all been too happy to support the murderous tyrants less than 100 miles from Key West. Few nations abuse human rights as much as Cuba, yet the Castros remain in power and can always count on lip service support from the American Left.

    The Roman Pontiff is a Peronist and a left wing sympathizer as is much of the Latin American Church hierarchy. the United States

  5. stupid fat fingers

    The United States is the bad guy in that world. Cuban exiles have been marginalized since the Elian Gonzalez fiasco (remember when a Democrat wanted a Latino deported?) and even before then.

    Reagan should have blockaded Cuba until the USSR withdrew and given Castro an ultimatum – get out or get killed. It’s a shame he did not do it.

    I expect nothing less from this Roman Pontiff. Over at Rorate, one of the few places on the Web that one can get straight reporting about the Roman Pontiff, he is getting into a war of words with the Polish Bishops about the upcoming Synod.
    The Polish bishops will not under any circumstances approve of any measure to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion and they won’t allow active and notorious homosexuals to receive Communion no matter what the Roman Pontiff or Cardinal Kasper or the Synod says. The Roman Pontiff can not excommunicate the entire Church in Poland. if he were to try, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a repeat of what happened when Charles V gave the Holy See a piece of his mind.

  6. Richard Greeman, a writer for the Marxist website New Politics, wonders if “Catholicism is the new communism.”

    Not that I’d expect him to notice, given where he was writing, but it’s the other way around; communism is a heretical form of Catholicism.
    It’s kind of scary how many things it warps around to bad ends– starting with simple virtues like charity, and treating your neighbor like family…but unlike family, without the knowledge and respect a human needs to really provide what another needs, and without the respect for free will, the love to make stuff work.

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