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One of the interesting aspects of the current pontificate is how freely conflict within the Church is breaking out into the open.  Courtesy of Rorate Caeli, here is the takedown by Cardinal Cordes of Cardinal Marx:



Vatican City. Authorised summary of a letter to the editor of the “Tagespost” from March 7, 2015, in which Paul Josef Cardinal Cordes, former president of the papal work COR UNUM, publicly refutes some statements made by Reinhard Cardinal Marx and Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück at the plenary meeting of the German bishops in Hildesheim:

During the conciliar debate on the relevance of social or ecclesiastical phenomena for the Faith the arguments focused on the biblical expression “signs of the times.” However, the debate of the Council Fathers had as its result that it would be erroneous to discover the “signs of the times” in human life simply as a “source for the Faith”, and they explicitly rejected the embarrassing shortcut that a phenomenon challenging the Church would as such already be a source of the Faith (Locus Theologicus). On the contrary, the Vatican II constitution on “Divine Revelation” leaves no doubt that the Faith of the Catholic Church is nourished by Scripture and ecclesiastical tradition only. Independent of this unambiguous direction it would be paradox to attribute to a small group of members of the Church, who live in a spiritually pitiable but objectively irregular situation, the function of a source of the Faith.

We living in interesting times in the life of the Church.  It is encouraging that in these turbulent times the Orthodox within the Church are beginning to make themselves heard.

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  1. “….has to proclaim the Gospel in it’s own way.” Cardinal Marx.

    Change of paradigm..? No doubt about it! Maybe less cigars and more time before the Blessed Sacrament could give the dear Cardinal a clear perspective. One that is in unity of Christs Holy Church. Germany is ready for that paradigm.

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