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Or rather no doubt make the ears of his staff ring since I suspect that Bishop Bootkoski will not be picking up the phone himself. The Lepanto Institute is doing what I am sure bishops truly hate: exposing them when they cravenly crawl in reaction to “outrage” when Catholic teaching is supported by a Catholic teacher:


Bishop Paul Bootkoski is playing defense these days, as a series of radio commercials urge Catholic faithful around the country to call the bishop and ask why a Catholic schoolteacher may lose her job for rejecting arguments for gay “marriage” on her private Facebook page.

The Lepanto Institute, headed by Michael Hichborn, aired two radio ads during the Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s radio shows on WOR on two days. “It’s wrong that a Catholic school teacher is fired for defending Catholic teachings on a Facebook post,” he said.

Last Friday’s ad encouraged listeners to “call Bishop Bootkoski now, 732-562-1990” and “ask him whose side he’s on: Catholics who defend our faith or Hollywood liberals who mock it.”

“Tell Bishop Bootkoski to put our values ahead of political correctness,” he said.

Another ad that ran yesterday accused the bishop of “trying to cover up her firing.”

Controversy and confusion has surrounded Patricia Jannuzzi who – depending on whose story you believe – is or was a 57-year-old teacher of theology at Immaculata High School in New Jersey.

Go here to read the rest.

Most Reverend Paul G. Bootkoski, DD
Diocese of Metuchen
146 Metlars Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854
(732) 562-1990 ext. 1711

Go here to read my original post on this travesty.  So Catholic teachers, even on their own time away from school, can no longer defend Catholic teaching?  Keep those calls, e-mails, cards and letters going to Bootkoski.  He has earned them.


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  1. Mr. McClarey.
    I revisited your post and read the Bishops statement concerning this matter. ( fRED’s comment)

    Misguided mercy from the Bishop.

  2. They don’t care about no stinking telephone calls. They care about faux outrage from adulterers, fornicators, and sodomites.

    They are tearing apart the Church itself. Support of sins against life and the family threatens Church unity and growth. True human dignity has nothing to do with adultery, fornication or unnatural vice.

    This is why I pitched into the garbage can the Bishop’s Appeal letter.

    Old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

  3. The Bishops want us to defend traditional marriage and “religious freedom” so they don’t have to pay for contraception/abortion coverage on their health insurance bill; it would seem very dangerous to actually do so.

  4. Seems the grip of agents of the influence of worldly ways grows tighter.
    The “cat has their tongues”. “Go along to get along.”
    It must be found to be easier to suffer righteous indignation than the possible vandalous deeds of hateful condemnation.
    This has been the modus operandi in the face of the hundreds of thousands for years in January in DC, while agents wait until the next thing “makes it go away”.
    They were prayed for in the Garden of Gethsemane, but have forgotten.
    Go to dark Gethsame,
    Ye that feel the Tempter’s pow’r;
    Your Redeemer’s conflicts see,
    Watch with Him one bitter hour;
    Turn not from His griefs away,
    Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.
    Follow to the Judgment hall,
    View the Lord of life arraigned;
    Oh, the wormwood and the gall!
    Oh, the pangs His soul sustained!
    Shun not suff’ring, shame, or loss;
    Learn of Him to bear the Cross.
    Lamentations 3:19
    James Montgomery – 1820

  5. DJ Hesselius-my thoughts exactly. Perhaps an orthodox school elsewhere should offer her a nice incentive package to move.

  6. Good. If bishops start thinking they’ll catch hell from genuflecting before the left, so much the better.

  7. Now if someone like that poor soul Sol Alinsky were a solid lay Catholic, I suspect the money for these confused shepherds would suddenly dry up.

  8. After the past 50 years of bad catechesis, I’d wager most parents today
    who have their kids in Catholic schools do so not because they want junior
    in a Catholic school per se so much as they just don’t want
    junior in a public school.
    For those parents, academics and sports and getting junior into the right
    university are the priorities, and sadly, junior’s catechesis and future fidelity
    to the Church are not. In fact, I suspect those parents take a dim
    view of either schools or teachers that are, shall we say, “too enthusiastic”.
    Bishop Bootkoski is simply giving those parents who are his customers what
    they want. They pay the school’s bills. If the parents who sent their kids to
    Immaculata demanded fidelity to the Church’s teachings and solid catechesis
    for their kids, Ms. Jannuzzi would be a cherished teacher instead of a woman
    searching for a new job. But the parent’s don’t– and Ms. Jannuzzi is now
    on administrative leave pending the certain non-renewal of her contract this
    I say this not as a defense of His Excellency– I think he’s acting in dereliction
    of his duty to his flock in addition to being, well, a coward in the face of
    criticism from people who hate the Church anyway. But I think the parents
    of those students at Immaculata High School are also villains in this story.
    The bishop and the school’s administrators wouldn’t be behaving this way
    if they weren’t certain that the parent’s had their backs.
    One closing thought: Pope Francis has also spoken out against gay “marriage”
    loudly and in public. Doesn’t it follow that the Pope would also be unwelcome
    to teach at Immaculata High School?

  9. Ms. Januzzi certainly should be re-instated.
    But more so, those who were responsible for her firing need to be fired themselves.
    I does nor surprise me, however, that a weak bishop would go along with the decision. From Judas to this day, who have been the main instigators of betrayal and heresy?
    Why – dissident priests and bishops – that’s who. From Arius and those bishops who supported him and then persecuted the Faithful Church, Luther, Knox – and today, Kasper, Marx, Forte and many others – the ones at the very top.
    So God bless the Lepanto Institute and all those lay organisations, supported by the likes of Burke, Mueller and other faithful clerics, because it is the laity – the people of the Church – who are the force that will stem these tides of error and destruction.

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