Various & Sundry, 3/26/15

– Was Jesus a nonviolent pacifist?


Kids climbing on a statue by the Vietnam War Memorial? End of civilization as we know it or no big deal? Or maybe something in between.

– Who says economics can’t be exciting? Well, pretty much everyone, but it can be enlightening.

The best way to (in Barack Obama’s 2008 words to Joe the Plumber) “spread the wealth around,” is, Tamny argues, “to leave it in the hands of the wealthy.” Personal consumption absorbs a small portion of their money and the remainder is not idle. It is invested by them, using the skill that earned it. Will it be more beneficially employed by the political class of a confiscatory government?

– On a related note, James Lileks on the power of the Apple watch. He takes some fun shots at those who lament the unequal distribution of goodies.

It’s so different today. Every morning an executive in a $100,000 car is driving through the housing projects, when suddenly he really, you know, looks around for once, and understands. Like the hero of Metropolis, he clasps his hands to his breast and cries out with his newfound solidarity with the toiling and the idle. Half of these guys pull over, toss someone the keys, and take the bus the rest of the way. So if you put them in cars where they can’t look out, they will never develop social conscience. Also, all personal jets should have glass bottoms and fly at a maximum altitude of 750 feet.

– Chefs weigh in on the central question of our time? Is Chicago style deep dish pizza even pizza?

Not really.

I’ve never been a fan. I feel like it’s a lasagna with a crust.

Bread with tomato sauce is how I’d describe it. But to each his own.

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  1. Is not pacifism a sin?

    Refusal to bear arms against man….a sin of omission?
    Jesus wasn’t known as a sinner.

  2. Will [wealth] be more beneficially employed by the political class of a confiscatory government?

    Depends. Are part of the political class or the entrepenuerial class?

  3. Now, another issues is the differences over how people hold their pizza slices while eating them. Where I live people hold the slice horizontally with two hands while eating. The next county over, they fold the slice crust into a U.

    The county line also happens to be the border between two major league baseball fan bases, one county preferring the teams to the south, the other the team to the north. Who knew the two sets of preferences correlated?

  4. 1. Deep dish pizza is awesome.
    2. It’s pop west of the Alleghenies.
    3. While global warming crybabies turn up the intensity, the weather gets colder.

    Undeniable truths of life.

  5. I always call it pop! My wife however, who was born on Midway Island, calls it soda. No doubt the influence of her Navy dad who lived most of his life in Wisconsin but was born and reared in New York.

  6. Back in Jersey, years ago, you might here “soda pop”. We were a mite west after all. As to Pizza, the first pizzeria was in New York City. However, it seems an ancient thing to accent bread with various toppings. So we’ll leave a quest for the origin in the mists of ancient history. Tomatoes are my favorite fruit. So I’ll take a tomato pie, a jug of wine, and the bride of my youth and consider myself a king.

  7. 1. MA West: Many pizza shops for thin crust, but can be risky as to being rubbery. The Chicago (sausage, cheese, veg’s) Deep Dish has dependably crispy crust, is really pizza, and can be served with knife, fork, and soda.
    2. End of civilization as we know it: Kids won’t or can’t read, write, cipher, or listen. They drop things off pizza slices and don’t use napkins.
    3. Jesus, the Head of the Church, watches the members body urge focus on all below its heads, and not on His revelation of violent non-pacifism resulting from such as freely attending to golden calves rather than His Word .

  8. The Hell’s Bible map shows the fault line running through the middle of Pennsylvania.

    Signs here in supermarkets, restaurants, etc. say soda but nobody here calls it that. There is a similar local phenomenon. If you were to look at a Google map of use GPS while in Pittsburgh, it would refer to Interstate 376. Nobody here calls it that. It is the Parkway West or Parkway East depending on what side of Pittsburgh you are on and there is NOT ONE SIGN that says “Parkway West” or “Parkway East”.

    Pittsburgh is not the home of thin crust or deep dish pizza but it is the home of a “sammitch” with fries and cole slaw piled on it.

    Don’t stay up too later tonight, everyone. Palm Sunday is tomorrow and the Palm Sunday Passion requires what can be referred to as “Orthodox legs of steel”. The Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics tend to stand throughout the Divine Liturgy.

  9. It’s tonic not soda, pop or soft drink in MA and RI. Learned that at a Labor Day Lithuanian picnic at the Motherhouse of Sisters of Jesus Crucified and the Sorrow Mother in Brockton, MA. The beverage board read coffee, water and tonic yet we saw people drinking Coke and 7 Up.

  10. Penguins Fan, I ran into an old acquaintance at a Byzantine Church Friday Lenten supper. She remarked, “Half the guilt and twice the service”. ??
    Eating potato/cheese pierogis with butter and onions, haluski, borscht and sauerkraut/mushroom soups was hardly a penance. I ended up taking home frozen same pierogis, and lekvar (prune) ones. Also parprika bacon, fresh kielbasa, and red horseradish ordered from a Scranton smokehouse. Plus locally made apricot and poppy seed rolls and a pashka mold.
    Best of all it was my 30ish younger son’s idea to attend with a Catholic gal pal. Other than grandparents’ funerals he hasn’t set foot in a church since h.s. To paraphrase, maybe food is the way to a young man’s soul. Happy and Blessed Easter to all!!

  11. CAM, “maybe food is the way to a young man’s soul.” Perhaps even more, a Catholic gal pal. You’re not alone with such things but we hope for answered prayers, whether we live long enough here to see them answered. Happy and Blessed Easter to all!! Indeed! He is risen!

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