Who Needs a Clown Mass?


Courtesy of Father Z.  You know, maybe, just maybe, we need a Synod to rid the Church of crack-brained liturgical abuses like this?  I know, I know, that is just crazy talk!

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  1. The only thing missing is somebody squirting some seltzer water and singing “Make ‘Em Laugh”!

  2. “The sad thing about this video…. Not one of the older Franciscan Fathers got up and left this production of craziness…”

    They might have been nostalgic which watching it! If you have a 72 year old priest, he would have been 22 in 1965. Quite a few of that generation would have been going through the seminary when the craziness within the Church was at its height.

  3. Tom, that’s what I was thinking, too. After all, clowns need to fulfill the commandments of the Church, including Mass attendance. Then I discovered that they’re not born like that – they dress up that way intentionally. I’m not sure what to do with that fact.

  4. My first thought was some kind of neurological disorder but I’m afraid not. I suspect it’s more like, “I was having dinner with one of those cool womyprysts and she was telling me how dance is a perfect expression of love for our Lord . . .”

    Anybody else notice how “liturgical” dance is all the same? Turn, turn, lift hands, step, turn, turn, lift hands . . .

    Here’s Stephen Colbert’s take on liturgical dancing:

  5. Quite a few of that generation would have been going through the seminary when the craziness within the Church was at its height.

    What do you mean was at its height?

  6. People have seen worse.


  7. St. Francis would be turning in his grave.
    The guy missed his vocation – he should have been a ballet dancer – a student of none other than the great Nureyev, complete with tights and all the bulges 😉

  8. Liturgical dance?
    An image of a golden calf comes to mind. They worship what they do not know. If they knew Him they would listen to Him in the silence of their hearts in the spoken word and in the worthy reception of His Flesh and Blood. The Lord of the Dance gives all of us time for dancing and jumping about.
    The Sacred liturgy is not the time.

  9. I just had a dream like this last night!
    Actually it was a nightmare. Very strange.. It was an awful dream , so vivid, then I saw this.
    Very very disturbing.

  10. My son, one of our parish’s main altar-boys, refused to watch this. He had a painful expression when I read some of the Youtube comments.

  11. DJ Hessulius.

    Your son already has a heart of a deacon. Please ask your son to listen closely to “the Call.” We need sons like yours in the priesthood!

  12. Don’t expect the Roman Pontiff to do anything about this. In another story, the Roman Pontiff has stripped Bishop Oliveri from his small Italian diocese for the terrible offense of being Traditionalist friendly.

    Mercy my #$%.

  13. You do the hhooly pookie and that’s what it’s all about….you put your right arm up..you put your left arm up..you fling your brown robe around..and you jump and spout like trout..when the faithful leave you’ve succeeded no doubt…tTHATS WHATt it’s all about!

  14. I feel so bad for that guy. He doesn’t even realize how incredibly stupid he looks doing that. It was embarrassing. I couldn’t watch it all the way through. I fail to see how any normal man could do that and not be completely ashamed about it. And now it’s out there on the internet for FOREVER! Yet he has no clue that he’s made himself to be a total moron. You have to be pretty self-absorbed to pull off what he did and not immediately seek plastic surgery so you’ll never be recognized as “that guy”.

  15. The 1st Sign of “The Silly Season of The Roman Rite”,came in 1967, with those “Instruments Of Mass Destruction”, Guitars, with the playing of “Sons Of God, Hear His Holy Word”(Which in this PC World of Today would Be Sexist). THIS was made possible in the Sacrosanctum Concilium Document on Gregorian Chant, with extra and vague language.
    So, with the Coming of the Missa Ordo, which is today called The Ordinary Form Mass, 1st called “Novus Ordo” by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani in “A Short, Critical Study of The New Mass”, aka “The Ottaviani Intervention”, this New Liturgy was put under the jurisdiction of “The Competent Ecchlesiastical Territorial Authority” of the various National Conferences of Catholic Bishops, who would stress “Inculturation”.
    The Great Catholic Hymns disappeared. Pretty Soon, like starting in 1971, Lite FM Style of “Music” was incorporated into the Mass(The Music You Might Vomit To, if it didn’t induce drowsiness, first). Later in the 1970s the “Clown Mass”, which I call a desecration, made its Premiere.
    Altar Rails went the way of the Edsel. People were forced to stand for Holy Communion. The Abuse called Communion A Mano(In The Hand), originally an act of Disobedience in Europe’s Low Countries, plus Germany and France, was introduced to the USA in 1977, through a Falsification of Voting Results in the USCCB, under the Leadership of the then Archbishop of Cincinatti, Joseph Bernadin.
    And the Silliness, including Liturgical Dance, was to March on.
    From 1967 into The Present, the Church doesn’t seem like The Church of Old.


  16. Philip: that is fine. My typos are legendary, as is my poor spelling. I was once credibly accused of misspelling my own name back in the 3rd grade.

  17. The dude in the video reminds me of “the Whirling Dervishes.”

    Note that there were no pony tails in the group, Thank God for small mercies.

  18. How did the congregation keep a straight face?

    There’s a man at our Parish that sings the “Alleiluia” in such a camp way (complete with rhythm claps), my 7, 4 and 2 year old walk around the house mimicking him. At Christmas Eve mass my dad nudged me and said watch this (as if I hadn’t seen it before). This church singer gets a buzz out of his “Alleluia” rendition.

    But honest to goodness, that video takes the cake. God has a sense of humour- and I’m sure he is shaking his head in bewilderment. Like the above commenter said, If I was that Brother, I’d want the earth to open up and swallow me up, after watching myself.

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