PopeWatch: Liquefy

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  1. Thanks for all you do to make TAC what it is…an oasis in the parched land.
    Blessings and Peace to your family as well.

    btw….we’re still seeing the effects of St. JP II when he liquified Russia! The polar ice is still melting. Green house effect??…ha haa ha haa….

  2. “I think it started liquefying for Francis until it realized it wasn’t me kissing it, and so it stopped”.

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI telling EOTT this sounds like a little bit of bad feeling with Pope Francis. While Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is seen by more conservative Catholics as the real pope. Many see’s Pope Francis reaching out to the people at a time when the Catholic Church was seen as becoming insular

  3. Eye of the Tiber and the occasional animated satire from the Lutherans bring light heartedness at a time when the world’s human populace is threatened from the Darkness. Thank you.

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