PopeWatch: Liquefy

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Just days after St. Gennaro’s blood liquefied after Pope Francis kissed the relic in Naples, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI told EOTT that he would be able to” liquefy the entire thing if really wanted to.”

In an exclusive interview with EOTT this morning, the former pope said that the same vial of hardened blood had not liquefied when he kissed it in 2007 simply because he hadn’t tried to liquefy it hard enough.

“If I had wanted it to liquefy, you better believe I would’ve liquefied the heck out of that thing,” Benedict said as he clenched his fists and bent his neck to the side to crack it. “You wanna know something? I think it started liquefying for Francis until it realized it wasn’t me kissing it, and so it stopped. I’m not saying that as fact…it’s just a theory going around.”

Benedict went on to say that not only would he be able to liquefy the entire vial of blood, but also the vial and reliquary as well.


Asked to comment, Pope Francis said that he had no desire to enter into miracle contests with someone who thinks that sauerkraut is a delicacy.


And on that note, PopeWatch goes into its annual Easter hiatus until the Monday after Easter.  A blessed Easter to all PopeWatch readers!

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  1. Thanks for all you do to make TAC what it is…an oasis in the parched land.
    Blessings and Peace to your family as well.

    btw….we’re still seeing the effects of St. JP II when he liquified Russia! The polar ice is still melting. Green house effect??…ha haa ha haa….

  2. “I think it started liquefying for Francis until it realized it wasn’t me kissing it, and so it stopped”.

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI telling EOTT this sounds like a little bit of bad feeling with Pope Francis. While Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is seen by more conservative Catholics as the real pope. Many see’s Pope Francis reaching out to the people at a time when the Catholic Church was seen as becoming insular

  3. Eye of the Tiber and the occasional animated satire from the Lutherans bring light heartedness at a time when the world’s human populace is threatened from the Darkness. Thank you.

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