Pat Archbold Fired From National Catholic Register




Well this is no surprise.  Pat Archbold was repeatedly guilty of telling truth out of season which is apparently a mortal sin these days in the Catholic Church:



Yup, they fired me.

I am grateful for the five years I spent as a contributor to the Register, the online presence of which has grown immensely during my tenure and that of the other original group of contributors. There is a lot to be proud of there. I stuck with them in hard times even when they were completely broke and it looked like they would blink out of existence, only to be saved at the last minute. Alas and alack, our time together has come to an end.

There are many things I could say about why this happened and how and maybe one day I will say more. But for now, suffice it to say that my particular contributions have not been well received over the last year or so and that has lead to increasing tension. I suppose that is plain to anyone with eyes to see. I will note that upon my departure, among the top 10 posts for the last 3 weeks, you will find three of my contributions.

I am proud of my writing at the Register. I feel I have been consistent in my approach to writing and the topics I cover. I think I brought a viewpoint to the Register that is otherwise not well represented among their stable of good writers. The Church has been going through some tough times and as a consequence I have sometimes tried to tackle some tough issues. I have always tried to do so fairly and as a loyal son of the Church. I will leave it to others to decide whether the Register is better off without my writing or viewpoint. 


In the current pontificate of love and mercy, if you are an orthodox Catholic who seeks to defend the traditional faith, do not be surprised when you get it in the neck.  If all you care about is your career, in these Franciscan days this is the song you had better be singing:

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  1. Surprised at all. Pat’s recent posts have made me very sad. He seems to openly mock Pope Francis as well as the second Vatican Council. If I were the Register, I wouldn’t want someone on my staff who chose openly mock and insult the current pope.

  2. If I were the Register, I wouldn’t want someone on my staff who chose openly mock and insult the current pope.

    Well, deadpan reportage of some of Francis’ daily blurt might be mockery enough.

    Regrets the Register has had such troubles, and that the Vicar of Bray wing of the Church now owns it.

  3. See, I choose not to openly insult and mock the Vicar of Christ, even if I disagree with some of his actions. I’m sorry that you seem to think it’s acceptable behavior for someone who claims to be an orthodox Catholic.

  4. “Pat’s recent posts have made me very sad.”
    Oh, please. Spare us the passive aggressive nonsense. You’re just as likely to read sentiments quite similar to Pat’s from any number of people posting here. Yet, here you are, risking more “sadness”.

  5. “Pat’s recent posts have made me very sad.”

    What makes me sad is that too many Catholics don’t remember this timeless admonition:

    “Peter has no need of our lies or flattery. Those who blindly and indiscriminately defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff are the very ones who do most to undermine the authority of the Holy See—they destroy instead of strengthening its foundations” – Fr. Melchior Cano O.P., Bishop and Theologian of the Council of Trent.

  6. Okay, JoAnna. This is the bit where you cite actual examples of Mr Archbold’s open mockery and insults directed toward the Holy Father. I haven’t seen anything of the sort from him, but maybe I missed something?

  7. JoAnna
    “He seems to openly mock Pope Francis as well as the second Vatican Council.”
    Not true. Are you suggesting the Register published pieces openly mocking the Pope and the Council? Are you just lying?

  8. Typical calumny from the likes of JoAnna. To her lot “mockery” is expressing any type of discomfort with the current Pontiff.

    And now we have two fishwraps with an NCR acronym.

  9. Bingo, Pat Archbold. Consider it a badge of honor to have been let go. By the way, in all the articles of yours that I’ve read over the years, not once did I ever feel that you were “mocking” the Pope or disparaging VII. Always respectful. But thank God you pull no punches, either. Keep on doing what you do so well, at Creative Minority Report.

  10. “Are you just lying?”
    Either that, or just plain ignorance as to what constitutes “open mockery and insults”. But it certainly seems that calumny is the order of the day where your reputation is concerned, Pat.

  11. The tongue reflects what is transpiring in the heart.
    The utterances of Pope Francis betray a heart, at best, in conflict with its own perceptions and the Magisterium of the Church. A heart in conflict with its touted devotion to “mercy,” and a vindictive and retaliatory nature finally getting a chance for vengeance. A heart fossilized by adolescent resentments birthed in the novitiate, in conflict with the mystery of the Church. He really is the poster boy for his clique. And here it is right now, they go after another guy. Rosica, Dolan, now EWTN. Can you imagine what they are pulling off behind the scenes? Deeply saddening to see this man trashed.

  12. And here I was giving them credit for not being totally off course when he was able to blog a response to the counter-Catholic-teachings Death Penalty group hug.

  13. Intelligent Catholic discussion could be forced underground, huh. Wouldn’t that be too bad! The NCR is inviting disaster on themselves and on their Church.

  14. In the countries where the State has taken over churches– like a patriotic church in China or the Russian situation– Church media and Church leaders did not go gladly – they were forced underground by the secular State. Here today we are not at that point yet, though we do have a seriously compromised culture. But the secular transformers of society are given space to grow in influence and power by Church leaders (whether in the episcopate or the media) who do not articulate our side. They are going down before they have to. If EWTN only knew how much we and esp our children and grandchildren need those earnest voices, like Archibold, defending the Faith.

  15. “So, in summary, Pat is too toxic for NCR, and yet they continue to publish Fisher and Shea.”
    Maybe Fisher will show up here at TAC to gloat over Patrick’s firing. There is precedent for that, after all.

  16. “So, in summary, Pat is too toxic for NCR, and yet they continue to publish Fisher and Shea.”

    Yes indeed. What was is someone once wrote, sin makes you stupid?

  17. I admit to not following Pat Archbold’s writings at the Register closely. Mark Shea’s writings are toxic and I don’t go to websites that publish him. Prayers for him today.

    EWTN has been accused of something close to Papal worship in the past with St. John Paul II. He appointed some real, in Pittsburghese parlance, “jagoffs” to be bishops, bit I never thought he had some agenda he wanted to shove down everyone’s throat.

    With the current pontificate, I have no doubts of his agenda. Look at what he says, what he does, who is around him and who he appoints. Is it any wonder why the Latin American Church is losing members? Not to me.

  18. “Who am I to judge?” In other words::Go to hell, I cannot be bothered teaching the truth.
    Pat Archbold’s capital punishment column was right on target. The Catholic Church in America is already an underground church. This is why our Bishops and priests do not speak out. That the Pope assists in sending our Bishops into the catacombs, is reprehensible.
    At least there is still Creative Minority Report.

  19. PZ: “And now we have two fishwraps with an NCR acronym.”
    Terrible, isn’t it?
    The real problem about the crisis in the RCC is that many faithful Catholics don’t yet realize how grave the crisis is. And it is going to get worse, even after Pope Francis. We need prayers.

  20. How very sad. For years I would get the free copy of the NCR inside the church . Good solid conservative paper. Read it every week. Then over the years it was gone! Now we have CDs or little booklets written by the “peace and love” crowd. I dont read them . I read the Wanderer or The Remnant ….. Both excellent newspapers I get in the mail. What bothers me is that very few priests will buck this trend. We rarely get any good sermons anymore that really matter. Pablum about Job , usually a canned sermon from some company that writes them for homilies or some Old Testament story… Whoopeeee!!!

  21. How interesting that Archbold was betrayed by those close to him this holiest of weeks. Welcome National Catholic Register to the ranks of the New Pharisees.

  22. The NCR did Pat a favor. They threw him off the Titanic before it hit the iceburg. BTW, it was really crappy that they fired him before a major Christian holyday. To show they can be impartial, they should fire Shea and Fisher before Halloween.

  23. So, my question is where will we be able to find Mr. Archbold from here on out? His writing is honest, thoughtful and refreshing. Sure, it sometimes makes us uncomfortable but in the service of truth that is to be expected.

  24. Yeah, some examples of Pat’s seeming “mockery” would be nice.

    Truly, making idols out of pontiffs and councils is rather silly. Some popes are poor leaders and some councils are failures. To argue otherwise is baffling to me.

  25. Patty,

    Pat has also written a couple of articles for Steve Skojec’s excellent and wholly orthodox OnePeterFive site, so we may see more of him over there.

  26. IMO, Pat’s problem wasn’t so much what he wrote, but how he wrote it. An unhealthy spite grew into his sphere. Sad indeed.

  27. And this one, which I think he (or the Register’s editors) may have edited after it was originally republished, because it doesn’t read like I remember — in the first version I read on the day it was published, he didn’t say that Scalfari was “putting words into the Pope’s mouth.” Rather, Pat seemed to be saying that the Pope had said the things that Scalfari claimed and no one cared.

  28. PZ, are you claiming that the Register is on par with the Reporter? Can you please demonstrate where the Register has openly condoned heresy, as the Reporter has?

    Personally I do think Mark Shea should be fired as well, given that his public and flagrant vitriol of late is unbecoming to an orthodox Catholic. But I’m not the editor of the Register so it is their call to make.

  29. JoAnna really? He “sounds like,” and is “implying,” or this one must have been edited because it “doesn’t read like I remember.”

    Is that all you have? Because if it is you have nothing and your original offering was indeed a calumny.

    It just sounds to me that you are the type who definitely doesn’t like to read or hear anything that nudges you towards the edges of your comfort zone. But that type of writing, properly done and based in truth, is exactly what is needed, especially now. Mr. Archbold’s writing was worth reading for that very reason.

    The Popolatry and the council worship really needs to stop. But it is stoked because these are very useful errors for modernists, with the right pope of course.

  30. Congrats JoAnna. You have managed to prove one thing through the links you provided: you do not know what the word “mockery” means.

  31. This is the post that raised several red flags for me, in which Pat sounds like he’s denying the validity of Vatican II…
    What on earth are you talking about? Nothing Pat writes in that short post could possibly be construed as “denying the validity of Vatican II”.

  32. I do believe that Pat is a respectful and devout person. I would hope and pray that his writing is not censored. We all must pray for humility and the love for The Truth
    As Catholics, who love our Lord and His Church, we should be mindful how we react to people like Shea and his like. It’s easy to develop that hardness of heart. Having said that I believe that most Traditional Catholics are more heartbroken than angry and Our Lord knows this.
    It’s easy to feel very alone when defending Church Teaching to others, especially in one’s own family, but we are not alone. Our Lord is our defender and we must follow Him.
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  33. Sadly, lines are being drawn for the likely upcoming schism. Pat’s just been directed to his side of the playing field, perhaps for his “dissent” from the new death penalty “orthodoxy.”

  34. Are all of you relatively new Catholics? This process has been going on since the 60’s. There are traditionalists and conservatives. Pat is a traditionalist writing for a conservative paper so this was bound to happen. I’ve seen it dozens of times over the years. In fact the current kerfuffle is rather tame compared to the days of JPII’s ecumenism, inter-religious dialouge, and especially when he kissed the Koran.

  35. Are all of you relatively new Catholics? This process has been going on since the 60’s.

    If your definition of “new Catholic” is “everyone younger than my kids’ grandparents” you may have an issue.

    I don’t consider this:
    to be more of an outrage than a Catholic being fired from a Catholic paper for, apperently holding to Catholic teachings over prudential ones.

  36. In fact the current kerfuffle is rather tame compared to the days of JPII’s ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, and especially when he kissed the Koran.
    Since comments have touched upon the 2nd commandment [by which we are commanded to speak with reverence of God and all holy persons and things … ] the JPII should properly be addressed as Pope St. John Paul II [the Great]. Since a saint, who shall bring any charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies; who is to condemn? [cf. Rom 8:33-34]
    We are in Holy Week and my thinking is that those with this kind of thinking without knowing why the Pope did what they think he did, would have an issue with these words of the LORD to the good thief: “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise. [cf. Lk 23:43]

  37. Personally I do think Mark Shea should be fired as well, given that his public and flagrant vitriol of late

    “Of late” in Joanna’s lexicon would be “in the last 10 years” in most people’s. Idiosyncratic usage makes for confused communications.

  38. “Joanna: Can you please demonstrate where the Register has openly condoned heresy, as the Reporter has?”

    Yes, their call for the abolishment of the death penalty (with which they aligned with the Reporter). This contradicts almost 2000 years of Church teaching which allows the state to enact the death penalty as a matter of retributive Justice.

    What will be interesting to see if the pope does the same on Good Friday, as reports say he plans to.

  39. Robert, did you read what I posted about Mark Shea in this thread? He recently accused me of attempting to kill his grandchildren because of my reluctance to get my children vaccines derived from aborted fetal stem cells. Why do you assert that I am his “groupie”?

    Apparently I am not the only one who has been uncomfortable with Pat’s posts of late, hence why the Register chose to let him go. Those who have eyes to see, let them see.

  40. Steve D: Catholics are allowed to have differing opinions on the death penalty. The Register believes it’s wrong. They are allowed to hold that opinion, as Catholics. Is is not heretical to believe it is wrong – unless you want to claim that JPII is also a heretic. (FWIW, I do not believe the death penalty is wrong, but I do agree it may very well be unnecessary in the U.S.)

  41. @FMShyanguya,

    Not I “. . . would have an issue with these words of the LORD to the good thief: “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise. [cf. Lk 23:43]”


    The “good thief”, aka, St. Dismus merited Jesus’ blessing because he counted on Jesus’ mercy, and on his infinite good and compassion.

    And see the wonderful prayer St. Dismus addresses to Him: “Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom” (Lk. 23, 42). He says very humbly, “Remember me.” He does not one to dare to ask for the first place in the kingdom, by his throne — although he has that first place by his cross. He does not even dare to ask for the last one; he is nothing but a bandit. St. Dismus only says, “remember me,” or — in other words — “have mercy on me,” the way the publican did, who did not even dare look up on account of his sins. His prayer is not long. As Jesus had recommended to his disciples, he does not multiply words (Mt. 6, 7).

    And, St. Dusmus defended Jesus from the rebukes of the other condemned thief. And, St. Dismus may be the only one on Calvary (aside from the Blessed Mother and St. John) who was converted by Jesus and came to believe in His Redemptive sacrifice.

  42. Catholics can indeed disagree on how and when the death penalty should be implemented. But they cannot demand the complete abolishment of the DP, for this denies the right of the state to retributive Justice, which contradicts Church teaching and is heretical. As far as I know, JPII never called for the complete abolishment of the DP.

  43. In the last several decades, Big Education has failed the public in the US, Canada and Western Europe. We are at the point where criticism is considered the same as insult.
    The current Roman Pontiff’s words and actions in the Petrine office are clearly open to critique and criticism. The priest that the current roman Pontiff put in place to wreck the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata has been convicted in an Italian court for slander against the family of the founder of the FFI, who for all we know is still virtually under house arrest and has been ordered to pay restitution. Has the current Roman Pontiff done ANYTHING to discipline Fr. Volpi? If he has, Rorate would have reported it.

    Fr. Volpi is a convicted liar and the Roman Pontiff backs him. Birds of a feather.

    I have no use for papolatry and the Second Vatican Council should be painstakingly reviewed, word for word and anything not worthy of Catholic teaching that preceded it should be revoked. Its so-called implementation has led to an abandonment of Catholic teaching and furthered the decline of the Church in the Western World.

    Jesus never promised us that the Church would be free of selfish, greedy, weak, nasty, self serving men in the clergy. Warren Carroll’s book Isabel – The Catholic Queen discloses in great detail the sleaziness of the Church hierarchy in Spain in the 15th century. Scotland threw out the Catholic Church because of a sleazebag bishop and the problems he caused. Luther, not really a sane person to begin with, went over the edge due to popes like Borgia.

    Bishops and priests who blather never endingly about immigration, “social justice”, poverty, pacifism, ecumenism and “unity” while completely disregarding Church teaching about sin, The Last Four Things and how the Church used to deal with Islam (punch it in the mouth and kick it in the ass) do nobody any favors.

    Pat Archbold was forced out because the Register “can ‘t handle the truth”.

  44. I know nothing about Pat Archbold or the National Catholic Register, but there is something very disturbing when a leader – spiritual or political – is set above constructive criticism. There is only one Messiah, and He is neither President Obama nor Pope Francis. May God protect Pat Archbold and help him to find alternate means of providing his valuable insight.

  45. I’m not at all familiar with Pat Archbold and his blog.
    However, I’m confident he was fired for his truthful
    analysis of Bergoglio. Telling the truth has become a mortal sin
    in Bergoglio’s Catholic Church. Being truthful, also, will destroy
    the sinner’s reputation and moral character.

    To be a good Catholic in Bergoglio’s church, one must wear
    five-dollar shoes; eat baloney sandwiches; participate in
    sodomy; have more than one lover or spouse; and worship the poor.

  46. I think Pat Archbold would be happy about leaving a place that didn’t appreciate his contribution. Taking on the Church of St. Francis is a holy crusade. Jesus would give Pat and atta-boy for his good work. We look forward to what Pat will do now that he is unchained.

    Also, let us hope that Joanna gets over being scandalized by the courage and truth expressed by Pat and others. Let her take off the blindfold of political correctness and see what’s actually happening. It ain’t pretty.

  47. FM Shyanguya: “JPII should properly be addressed as Pope St. John Paul II [the Great]”
    Tell that to the victims of Marcel Marcial (dear friend and collaborator of JP2).
    Tell that to the Christians who see ISIS beheading their families and friends. And the ISIS kissing the Koran just as JP2 did.
    Tell that to souls misled by the desecration(s) that took place in the holy houses of Assisi in October 1986.

  48. As a new Catholic, I can see both sides of the argument. That part of the Church that happily and submissively, defends the traditional dogmas and doctrines of the Church, views any change with skepticism, and expects the right of review from the authoritative position. Oddly, those in the Church who hope to make adjustments in how to defend those same dogmas and doctrines – given a radically different world environment today – are now the ones in the authoritative position. It must be very frustrating for the traditionalists.

  49. “Apparently I am not the only one who has been uncomfortable with Pat’s posts of late”

    You aren’t. I’m not a close enough follower/reader of the Register to say whether or not Pat’s “firing” was or wasn’t justified, nor do I have any desire to impugn his integrity or his intentions. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he can find an appropriate outlet for whatever he wishes to say.

    But I have to say there was something about his style and choice of topics that I personally didn’t care for, and could only take in small doses. The best way I can describe it, is a sort of pervasive doom and gloom attitude — the Pope is destroying the church, Obama is destroying the country, our future is going to be nothing but persecution and martyrdom and disaster, etc. The “problem” may have been not so much what he said, as how he said it. But, everyone’s style is different, and “your mileage may vary”.

  50. But I have to say there was something about his style and choice of topics that I personally didn’t care for, and could only take in small doses.

    Again, everyone’s mileage may vary, but this is a website that continually publishes one writer who does nothing but snark away at anyone who offers even a hint of disagreement, and another writer who has basically carried out vendettas and whose husband relishes berating her interlocutors. That NCR sees fit to continue to have them in their employ while firing Pat says all you need to know about its motivations.

  51. I don’t know which was funnier.

    The claim that the definition of ‘open mockery’: when the highest priest in our Church stands in the public square and tells the people we love to contradict 2000 years of Church teaching and Catholics use the Magisterium to explain the reasons it’s an error that robs them of salvation.


    The claim Pat was out of sync with the tenor of Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher’s apostolate of open mockery.

  52. Elaine, I somewhat agree with your opinion on Pat’s writing style, except for one thing: I like gloom and doom when it is focused on a deserving subject. Not so much when applied with a broad brush, but yes with a pointillist’s flair.

  53. Tell that to the Christians who see ISIS beheading their families and friends. And the ISIS kissing the Koran just as JP2 did.

    This is crazy with a side of ridiculous; you’re seriously trying to draw an association between a single incident where the Pope exhibited an ill-deserved sign of respect and murderous, monstrous slaughterers of children?
    An out-of-context quote that’s about overcoming afflictions and trials because of the love of God and odd notion that not taking the Lord’s name in vain means you can’t criticize a saint is odd, but good grief! The bodies of those slaughtered for admitting they are Christians are not even cold, there are still possibly hundreds of hostage in the hands of known monsters, and you’re using this as somehow the same as kissing a book?

  54. Foxfier,

    There are a number of Catholic radtrads who loathe St. John Paul II because he excommunicated Archbishop Lefebvre, met with other religious leaders at Assisi and kissed the Koran.

    Lefebvre ordained bishops, including the crazy Williamson, without approval and that is a nono – and Lefebvre knew it. The Assisi gathering is still lamented in the pages of the Remnant, 19 years after the fact. Kissing the Koran was a mistake, but the only people who never make mistakes are Catholic radtrads.

    Maicel was a serial abuser, a hypocrite and a man who did much evil. But by all means, St. John Paul II was responsible for EVERYTHING that was wrong with the Church, wasn’t he? I wanna see how Catholic radtrads would have survived in Nazi and Communist controlled Poland. Instead, they whine on and on, annoying all but their precious little clique.

    By the way, it was Blessed Paul VI who removed from the Novus Ordo Calendar the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, observed on September 12. Pope John Paul II put it back, along with hanging a painting of the Hussars’ charge down Kahlenberg Mountain.

  55. The koran is simply another instrument the enemy puts before our face and asks Christ’s Mystical Body to submit or be executed.

    St. John Paul II was and is a mystic. Yes, he kissed the Koran but I would invite you to consider he kissed in the same gesture as we will bend over tomorrow and kiss the wood upon which our Beloved was executed.

  56. Carol,
    Now he’s a mystic, huh. 🙂 This is getting good. Should’ve brought some popcorn.

    Perhaps he should’ve exhorted St. John the Baptist to bless Islam more often [Jubilee Pilgrimage JPII To The Holy Land (MARCH 20-26, 2000) Visit to Wadi Al-Kharrar], then we wouldn’t be in this mess, am I right?

  57. Penguins Fan –
    *shrug* I don’t much care about the motivations for the crazy, it doesn’t change the true or false.
    And that was not just false, it was crazy.
    I am rather hoping Don isn’t too busy today, if it were my thread I’d be doing some house cleaning. He’s been getting pretty good results with polite reminders about thread hijackings, but I somehow doubt it will work this time.

  58. I’m not saying that Pat’s concerns were exaggerated or misplaced, not at all. But, there is a big difference between calmly stating “Houston, we have a problem — and here’s what we need to do about it” and shrieking “We’re doomed! We’re all gonna die!”

    It is possible, IMO, to be realistic about a threat without making the situation sound hopeless. An example of a trad-leaning Catholic blog that does this fairly well, in my opinion, is Fr. Z’s What Does The Prayer Really Say? He has plenty of bad news to report, of course, but he also frequently asks readers to share their good news, and his “Brick by Brick” posts focus on successful efforts to establish the older/traditional forms of liturgy. He doesn’t just wring his hands about how awful everything is, but offers actual advice about what we can do about it.

  59. Hell Joanna,

    Re: the death penalty: “Is is not heretical to believe it is wrong.”

    If by “wrong” you mean “intrinsically evil,” then I am afraid that you would, in fact, be in direct conflict with the perennial teaching of the Church.

    John Paul II did not like the death penalty, but even he realized that he had to recognize that it remains a licit option for states in both Evangelium Vitae and the Catechism.

  60. Yep, fairly busy today, but I am on my lunch hour now. This thread is a monument to how threads take on a life of their own. All, please stay on topic and no personal insults. I am tempted to close down comments on this thread, but I will keep them open for now and I trust that my wishes will be respected.

  61. Mr. McClarey, your word is law here. I’ll sign off and get some things done. Have a Blessed Easter.

  62. That Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Pell head of the new Secretariat for the Economy should afford reason to pause before sentencing the Holy Father to the Catholic dustbin of history.

    “Nakedness is uncomely, as well of mind as body.”

  63. Joanna may be a Mark Shea groupie but she may also be something else. I’ve read the article she links to substantiate her allegation Pat suggests Vatican II was invalid and I do not see how any rational person could draw such a conclusion.

    The article substantiates the indisputable fact that Vatican II cheapened Church teaching, which ultimately robbed Catholics of Sanctifying Grace like Luther. Without Sanctifying Grace, the pews of the Catholic Church were emptied.

    It was the dumbing down of Christ’s elect. The Common Core of the Catholic Church. The dimming of the intellect and starvation of souls.

    Pope Francis has at numerous times made mention of V2, saying how wonderful are the fruits. The empty pews, the souls lost, the empowerment of the devil inside and outside of the Church, priests living with gay lovers and cruising the side of highways looking for an afternoon delight, women who see the vocation of motherhood as an impediment to their personal growth and happiness, people who don’t know if they are women or men, the Church tinkering on the edge of moral bankruptcy and financial insolvency, not enough priests to sustain what our ancestors built.

    He has now for two years divulged his game plan. He has instructed bishops not to ordain men who appear to be faithfully practice the Catholic religion as they are nutters. He’s told bishops when same sex men apply to seminaries they should make no judgments. Women who follow the magnificat of Mary and accept children from God are mindlessly copulating like selfish, irresponsible rabbits crowding up the planet. He’s given everyone we know, including our children and people we love, the impression that the moral teachings pertaining to sex do not apply and feeding the poor is the sacrament of absolution.

    With every moral compass broken around us, he is poised to feed mortal sin rocket fuel which the devil will use to drive that soul to its spiritual suicide.

    These are people we love. This is the Mystical Body of Christ which we love more.

    There isn’t a job or bag of cash big enough to sell out either one of them.

    Get some popcorn and lemonade and find a good seat. Bring some extra hankies for sappy women and sissies. You’re about to see a good show.

  64. So Pat is accused of being doom and gloom huh? Well, I think that is a totally appropriate response. Some of us have been dealing with this for a long time and disillusionment is understandable. Maybe people could stand by when Pius XI excommunicated the faithful Catholics of Action Francaise or when Pius XII gave us the “reformed” Holy Week rites. But then Paul VI gave us the Novus Ordo and Vatican II and JPII was the biggest ecumenist in the history of the papacy not only kissing the Koran but hosting the indifferentist spectacle of Assis 1 and 2 where a statue of Buddha was placed on the tabernacle. At one time, I had hope for the traditionalist movement but it has totally fragmented into what must be dozens of different little sects like the SSPX, SSPX “resistance”, CMRI, SSPV, etc. etc. And it’s not like those traditionalist sects actually have much of a following. The biggest, the SSPX has something like 500 priests. The worldwide Catholic Church has something like 400,000! So yeah, I don’t blame Pat at all for doom and gloom. And one thing that is indisputable. After the last 50 years, nobody will ever see the Catholic Church the way people saw it in the 50’s. That’s gone forever.

  65. I am wearied! [Cf. Is 7:13]
    This is what Pope St. John Paul II [the Great] says about the Qur’an and Islam [cf. Muhammad? in Crossing The Threshold of Hope. And I encourage all to read not only the entire Chapter, but the entire book]:

    […] Whoever knows the Old and New Testaments, and then reads the Koran, clearly sees the process by which it completely reduces Divine Revelation. It is impossible not to note the movement away from what God said about Himself, first in the Old Testament through the Prophets, and then finally in the New Testament through His Son. In Islam all the richness of God’s self-revelation, which constitutes the heritage of the Old and New Testaments, has definitely been set aside.
    Some of the most beautiful names in the human language are given to the God of the Koran, but He is ultimately a God outside of the world, a God who is only Majesty, never Emmanuel, God-with-us. Islam is not a religion of redemption. There is no room for the Cross and the Resurrection. Jesus is mentioned, but only as a prophet who prepares for the last prophet, Muhammad. There is also mention of Mary, His Virgin Mother, but the tragedy of redemption is completely absent. For this reason not only the theology but also the anthropology of Islam is very distant from Christianity. […]

    To my knowledge, the Vatican has not clarified the picture of the saintly Pope allegedly kissing a green book and I am not aware if they have even been asked [cf.
    – Re: the green book, cf. Did the Pope (John Paul II) REALLY kiss the Koran? [].
    In my earlier comment, I referenced the 2nd commandment. In this, it would be good for us to recall the eighth [calumny and detraction].
    To me, knowing what the Pope has said on Islam, the Qur’an, and Muhammad, and not knowing the details of the pictures nor whether or not the green book was a Qur’an, etc., and because the person so accused is not only the Pope but a saintly Pope, I honestly do not know on what basis is the alleged scandal.
    The Sacred Triduum begins today and there are plenty of lessons from these solemn days. In my earlier post, I mentioned the good thief. Even better would have been to mention the first Pope St. Peter and his brother Apostles. St. Peter denied our LORD, Judas betrayed him, and the rest fled. All but one are saints.
    We do not say, ‘St. Peter? Tell it to the people he scandalized by denying our LORD …’
    Re: @Tom M.’s That’s gone forever. Will the Church not follow her LORD, her head, whose body she is? Good Friday is not the end of the story. Easter soon follows on the third day.

  66. It’s good to get a number of quotes from JPII on Islam so we’re not giving a slant. Nevertheless, could you imagine a Pope Pius X saying the following about Islam. From JPII’s addressto the people of Jordan?
    “May St John the Baptist protect Islam and all the people of Jordan, and all who participated in this celebration, a memorable celebration. I’m very grateful to all of you. Thank you very much.”
    Asking a saint to protect Islam is worse than kissing the Koran!

  67. “Houston, we have a problem — and here’s what we need to do about it” and shrieking “We’re doomed! We’re all gonna die!”

    Houston, we’ve a problem. The pilot of the plane is a kamikaze. Musn’t panic.

  68. Tell that to the victims of Marcel Marcial (dear friend and collaborator of JP2).

    John Paul’s entire life prior to 1978 was spent in Poland and Maciel was based in Mexico. How could they qualify as ‘dear friends’ and ‘collaborators’? John Paul was indulgent toward Maciel’s order and did not believe accusations against him (in part because many of them were rather dubious).

  69. Pat will land on his feet, and has indicated that he doesn’t need the NCR for financially. But God Bless him, he has had the courage to tell it like it is. Whether or not some don’t like his ‘style’ is completely irrelevant to his message. He is sounding the alarm that is so necessary for the good of Catholics everywhere no matter their stripe. Does anyone enjoy witnessing our Church being highjacked in real time? I don’t think so. But if some would only take off their rose colored glasses, maybe they could at least prepare for what’s coming. I do believe that is his goal as it should be. This business about calumny seems to be a blanket excuse for not wanting to face facts. Calumny seems to be the buzword for being in complete denial. Nothing that Pope Francis has said or done has much to do with ‘infallibility’, but they are teaching moment, that’s undeniable. When all of Hollywood wants to canonize him while he’s still alive says something, and it isn’t good. His off the cuff words and actions are harming the Church, and they are emboldening modernist Prelates. I don’t believe that it’s sinful to point that out. I think it’s necessary. Yes, he has given talks that are very orthodox, and as Catholics we are obligated to listen and obey what is truthful, but we are not to listen or obey dissent, and he has spouted quite a bit of that. Sound the alarm we must, as charitably as we know how to do, but it must be done. ‘Houston, we have a problem’? Been saying that for some time now……..’Rome, we have a problem!’

  70. Joanna,

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church permits the death penalty – therefore, it cannot be wrong. They have a serious theological flaw going on. You are not uncomfortable with this theological error but you are uncomfortable by a person who pointed out the error. I’d be one scared Catholic if I found myself suffering from that affliction.

    Cenlacatholic, yes, St. John Paul II was and is a mystic. I’m guessing your exposure to him is limited to reading quotes. Pick up a copy of his enclyclical on redemptive suffering. You can find it on the internet. You better watch out for him – literally – he takes a special interest in souls struggling in the spiritual warfare that invoke his name.

    Mary – thanks for the kind words.

    Blessed Triduum to all.

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