Holy Thursday Massacre


God help them:


A security operation is over and 147 people have been killed in an attack Thursday by Al Qaeda-linked terror group Al-Shabaab on a Kenyan college, officials said. 

The officials said four attackers were killed during the operation. 

The siege on Garissa University also left dozens more injured and hundreds of students unaccounted for. 

Hours after the assault began, Kenyan security forces cornered the gunmen in a dormitory at the school, and President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a speech to the nation that the attackers were holding hostages.

“There are many dead bodies of Christians inside the building,” Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab told Sky News. “We are also holding many Christians alive. Fighting still goes on inside the college.”

Collins Wetangula, the vice chairman of the student union, said when the gunmen arrived at his dormitory he could hear them opening doors and asking if the people who had hidden inside whether they were Muslims or Christians.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot,” he said. “With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die.”

A spokesman for the terror group told the BBC that it attacked the school because “it’s on Muslim land colonized by non-Muslims.” The spokesman also said the gunmen had separated non-Muslims from Muslims and had freed 15 of the latter group.


May these martyrs slain for their Christian faith even now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.  Prayers for their poor parents, brothers and sisters.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle.  Be our protection against the malice and snares of the Devil.

We humbly beseech God to command him.

And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.



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  1. I’m sensing pacifistic strains of theology in that area if 4 men can kill 147….in an area that has Al Shabaab as a threat. It wasn’t New Hampshire. Their expectations in Kenya should have prepared them for the worst. Several of Christ’s men carried machaira…combat swords probably against muggers as in the good Samaritan parable. Is there a preacher on earth that will mention it. No. Pre modern medicine, you could more likely be indigent for life after an atrocious assault….hence Christ did not de-sword them though He rebuked Peter in Gethsemane because Peter was using it against authority….however sinful that authority was. But in the US, we are rolling the dice too until the next school killing because armed guards at schools disturb our culture’s premise that this is not a fallen world…what Gabriel Marcel called a “broken” world.
    Two women were just arrested across the river from me in NYC for plotting jihadist terrorism…one leaves two children …5 and 11…without a mom as she serves life probably. The children are better off…and they seemingly have a non jihad dad who never saw it coming. He’s having quite a week.

  2. “…..if you were a Christian you were shot on the spot.”

    Grace comes in many forms.
    For the slain it was final victory.
    For their loved ones, a hope of healing and peace.

    If Grace comes in the form of final victory for us, I pray we are ready to admit our Christian Faith, and not deny it.

    Blood of Christ wash us and make us ready for what may come.

  3. Four is how many of the attackers were shot, not needfully the total who were there.

    I do want to know why people aren’t armed, though; I’m pretty dang sure that the number of people carrying where they’re not allowed to in the US is going way up.

  4. From Reuters….a poignant detail yet the best mistake of their lives in eternity terms:

    Reuben Mwavita, 21, a student, said he saw three female students kneeling in front of the gunmen, begging for mercy.

    “The mistake they made was to say ‘Jesus, please save us’, because that is when they were immediately shot,” Mwavita said.

  5. Foxfier,
    In CT, IL, NY, NJ, etc. the only ones carrying weapons are cops, criminals and jihadis. I am so safe I could . . .
    I bet Obama won’t retire to Kenya.

  6. Can you imagine the joy of a quick martyrdom? Knowing that you’re dying for your belief, no long trials, just the simplicity of testimony and instant reward.

  7. (That’s not to discount the joy that would be found in attempting to wrest a gun from a murderer’s hand and go Rambo.)

  8. Well, by definition, someone who is carrying a gun even where it’s not legal has become a criminal.
    Doesn’t mean they’re what most folks are thinking of when they say “criminal.” I know that there’s a dang good reason that, even though even residents are not supposed to carry their weapons around on base, there has not been a mass shooting in any area where they weren’t taking active steps to make sure folks were disarmed.
    Kind of like that mall in Portland that has a no-gun policy. Didn’t stop the guy who went there to do a mass murder… but it also didn’t stop the guy who knew the “or else” involved was just being banned from the mall if caught.

  9. T. Shaw: I can’t speak to what’s happening in CT, NY or NJ, but IL has now had concealed carry for over a year and more than 5,000 people got permits immediately after the law took effect. The numbers continue to increase. The Illinois State Police process the applications and to date only a small percentage of applicants have been rejected. If you are an IL resident that can bear the expense of the application fees and the required training (8 hours if you have military or previous firearms experience, 16 hours if you’ve never handled a gun before), and don’t have a criminal record, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a permit, as far as I can tell. So no, you need not be a “cop, criminal or jihadi” to carry in IL these days.

  10. One of the murderers was overheard by a survivor to be taunting his victims:
    “We are not bad guys, we are just here to make your Easter Holiday better”

  11. So muslims are on the rampage again?
    Well, how about kissing their “holy” book the Koran; and then canonize Catholics who wish to protect the religion of Islam (thereby continue to wreck havoc on Christians)
    By the Way: not one single muslim will be saved except by the blood of Jesus. So why would a Catholic wish this blasphemous religion well.

  12. This horrific massacre deliberately timed for Holy Thursday is sending a message to Christians worldwide that they perceive us vulnerable everywhere, and also to President Obama, in advance of his announced trip to Kenya, that they have no fear of the US and no respect for a weak leader.

  13. CAM.

    Obama is not a threat to radical Islam.
    I see Obama as one of the most influential contributors to the advance of radical Islam. Nothing better for Obama than open boarders allowing the growth of terrorist cells in this nation which Obama hates. Obama is ISIS.
    Anti-colonists from his beginnings, he seeks the death of America.

  14. Anti-colonists from his beginnings, he seeks the death of America.

    Rubbish. The President seeks little other than the next round of golf and strategies to get Mooch and ValJar off his back. Not much too him other than vain and peevish displays.

  15. Unfortunately for the US and the world, Obama is Muslim.

    Do not be fooled by his “apparent” weakness.

    The U.S. commands the largest army in the world amd Obama knows the power that he holds. He CHOOSES not to act. Even in Kenya where his roots lie.

    I’m beyond words at the ridicule and indifference of your president in the face of the suffering brought on by Muslim extremism.

    What strikes even harder is his buffoon of a wife. Michelle Obama acting like an idiotic clown on National TV on Jimmy Fallon. With no respect to the office her husband was elected to. Completely different to the suffering of the suffering of the Chrstians who begged for their lives to Our Lord Jesus. Africans, like her ancestry. Africans like her husbands ancestry. Holding up stupid placards in abhorrent patronising mockery to so called “bring our girls back” when Boko Haram kidnapped and raped those girls. Raising insolent spoilt brats who sulk like fools during public appearances. I can’t express my loathing for Obamas pathetic indifference. And his wife. And his brood. Full stop.

    They want to wipe out the Christians where they can. In Africa. In the Middle East. Because they are Muslim. The President of the United States of American is Muslim. There is not an ounce of even fake Christian blood in his Halal body.

    He is a monkey in every sense of the word. A despicable excuse for a human being.

    I pray those students were welcomed in Paradise. I pray for their mourning families. Their suffering will endure till the day they die.

    And Obama will sit back and feign weakness and his wife will still act like a hyena.

  16. Cpola- it was one mistake kissing that piece of garbage. That one mistake does not colour an ENTIRE pontificate. St PJPII was a great man. A solid leader of the Church. Yes he failed to uncover and control abuses in the Church. He was a poor administrator and gullible to some (Marciel). But so am I at times. And so are you at times. The difference is our expectations are high of our Church Leaders. But there is no point expecting him to have the knowledge and perfection of God. No human on this Earth has ever or will ever. All will disappoint and fail. It should remind us we are ALL human. Even the Pope. Even past Popes. They make mistakes. Saints made mistakes. Whoever has no regrets on this earth and no remorse is frankly- a liar.

    I prayed to St PJPII during my chemo. I was meant to have 8 rounds (4 cycles). On the morning of my 6th round my Doctor told me he thought this would be my last and I would not require more. That morning was October 22nd 2013. The feast day of St PJPII. I don’t believe in “coincidences”. Because I believe in God. St PJPII interceded for me.

  17. Philip, I agree that Obama is not a threat to Islam, Islamic militants, or Muslim theocracies. If fact, the jihadists are bolder and have more distain for the US because of him and his Administration’s bad foreign and immigration policies. I don’t underestimate the man at all. What appears ineptness and non chalance could be cunning. Our government appears weak and afraid and same for some of Church hierarchy. Strength is a deterrent.

  18. In my comment below the post Pat Archbold Fired From National Catholic Register, I tackled the accusation made against Pope St. John Paul II [the Great] i.e., that he allegedly kissed the Qur’an. I was able to show inter alia that those making such an accusation have not even bothered to reach out to the Vatican for a clarification.

    In this comment, I would like to address the following from the Holy Father’s prayer:

    God bless you all! God bless Jordan!
    May Saint John Baptist protect Islam and all the people of Jordan, and all who participated in this celebration, a memorable celebration. I’m very grateful to all of you. – Cf. John Paul II | Travels 2000 | JUBILEE PILGRIMAGE OF HIS HOLINESS JOHN PAUL II TO THE HOLY LAND (MARCH 20-26, 2000) | VISIT TO WADI AL-KHARRAR | PRAYER OF THE HOLY FATHER, Tuesday, 21 March 2000.

    Of course I speak neither for the Vatican nor for the Church nor for the saintly Pope, whose intercession I try to seek daily. Perhaps it is because of his intercession that I make this defence on his behalf.

    One will note that after Pope St. John Paul II [the Great] prays God bless Jordan, he doesn’t extend such a prayer and blessing to Islam. cpola in his comment here interprets May Saint John Baptist protect Islam to mean thereby continue to wreck havoc on Christians.

    Prayer is the raising up of the mind and heart to God, therefore one wonders then how cpola knows what was on the mind of the Pope when he made this prayer or how God received it.

    A definition of protect protect is to keep safe from harm or injury. Therefore using this definition, the saintly Pope’s prayer becomes May Saint John Baptist keep Islam from harm or injury. The players in drama of the History of Creation are God and God in his angels and in his saints, and the primeval serpent – the devil or Satan – and his angels, and men who give themselves over to him. It is the war of the good guys and the bad guys.

    Therefore we may now interpret the Pope’s prayer as Islam be kept from being harmed or injured by the Good or the evil. I would say the ones capable of doing harm or injury are the evil ones since every action of God even when he punishes or brings disaster is good. For this prayer to be good, the Pope might have been praying that May Saint John Baptist protect Islam and all the people of Jordan from being the instruments of evil/the evil ones. To me this is a good prayer.
    If the prayer be interpreted as cpola interprets it – I do not see how he arrives at this interpretation, – it is a bad prayer, and if bad, why does he and others of like thinking worry? A bad prayer goes unanswered and one praying as such is accountable for it.

    Of the things that appear missed in my other comment: since Pope John Paul II is now a saint, whatever his sins, mistakes, shortcomings, etc. – I gave the example of the good thief, first Pope Peter and 10 Apostles who are now saints – they have now been forgiven and he is now beholding the face of the One who in his mercy and Power made him Shepherd over all of his flock and made him saint. Pope St. John Paul II, pray for us.
    This comment is already long to tackle the other issues with cpola’s comment e.g. if Catholic, not submitting to the Judgment of the LORD’s Church, which in itself is a direct attack on the LORD himself, and places one’s salvation in grave danger on so many levels.

  19. Just to be clear:
    1) Islam, Christianity: Only One Can Be True.
    2) It appears Catholic-Muslim dialogue is at the end of the road.
    3) God will explain to us later VII and its aftermath. We know via the Apostle to the Gentiles that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. [Cf. Rom 8:28 (RSVCE)].
    To me the perpetual message of the Church – again from the Apostle to the Gentiles – ought to be preaching in season and out of season, Jesus Christ and him crucified, a preaching which Islam/Muslims reject.

  20. FM Shyanguya: “A definition of protect protect is to keep safe from harm or injury. Therefore using this definition, the saintly Pope’s prayer becomes May Saint John Baptist keep Islam from harm or injury.”
    Islam says Jesus of Nazareth is not the Son of God.
    Islam says Jesus of Nazareth did not die on the cross at Golgotha
    Islam says Jesus of Nazareth did not die for anybody’s sins
    Islam says Jesus of Nazareth did not resurrect on the 3rd day
    Islam says Jesus is not the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world
    Therefore why would any Catholic pray that the Catholic saint who says Jesus of Nazareth is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world [St. John the Baptist] should protect a satanic and false religion called Islam?
    Folks, really, the Church is in deep crisis.
    And so is the world with people like President Obama in position of power

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