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Austin Bay at Strategy Page gives us the details of the ludicrous Iran-Obama deal:

At the moment, it isn’t certain that Iran has agreed to comply with anything other than conducting more talks later this year. Yet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, quote, “This is the best deal we could get.”

Yes, he said that, even though this “best deal” quickly lifts the stiff economic sanctions imposed on Iran. Kerry’s best deal looks like payoff.

To blunt criticism from Democrats as well as Republicans, Obama has claimed that “this deal is not based on trust; it’s based on unprecedented verification.”

Really? So, Mr. President, what is the coercive mechanism to enforce nuclear research and weapons development verification? The answer, so far: crickets. The “understanding” definitely fails to address Iranian missiles (nuclear weapon delivery systems).


Obama’s “historic understanding” has the sad woof and warp of so many of his administration’s domestic and international policy efforts: glowing, inspirational, dramatic rhetoric disguising episodic, hodge-podge, ill-considered, poorly planned and often hastily organized operations. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” is a domestic example. When Obamacare arrived, many Americans learned they could not keep their preferred doctor. Obama said Americans would eventually love the health care law. A substantial majority despises the legislative monstrosity. Now a foreign policy example: Obama’s promise to “reset” U.S.-Russia relations. For Vladimir Putin, Obama’s reset was a setup. Putin’s Russia is now a neo-Fascist expansionary nuclear power slowing carving and digesting Ukraine. Obama’s “red line” threat to punish Syria’s Assad regime if it used chemical weapons against civilians, and his failure to do so when the Syrians used nerve gas, is another example.

Obama has an enormous trust problem; the man does not keep his word. But his obedient, word-mongering national media corps consistently fails to call him on this grand malfeasance.

So what can be verified regarding Iran? Here is a verifiable fact: Iran already possesses long-range ballistic missiles.

Here is another verifiable fact: more talks, sometime, somewhere in the future, has been Tehran’s modus operandi for two decades. Kerry’s “best deal” is an ayatollah three-fer. It gives them money. It gives them more time to develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. It also gives them diplomatic political cover to continue dithering, courtesy of Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Go here to read the rest.  In the wake of the Munich treaty of 1938, Winston Churchill rose to his feet in the House of Commons and said this:

“Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonor. They chose dishonor. They will have war.”

One of the prime lessons of History is that weakness breeds war.  Obama is doing his worst to transform war throughout the Middle East into the prelude to World War III.


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  1. Obama’s historic understanding continued; Increasing national debt 1 Trillion dollars a year while in office is NOT making “America financially stronger.” He belittles G.W. Bush yet compared to George, Obama is the delinquent degenerate. btw…When Iran was in their streets trying to fight for democracy where was numbn#¢¡? He sided with the mullah’s…in other words his heart is in the WRONG place almost ALL of the time. This faux American President is not stupid. He is a serpent.
    He will destroy as best as he can, these once United States and our relationships abroad with long time allies. Israel as an example. Let the fumigation begin, starting in the White House. Then let’s make damn sure not to ruin the work by installing another cockroach!

  2. Philip,

    Truth. Obama and 52% of the electorate are the most dangerous threats to our freedom, peace and prosperity. Dick Cheney has it 100% correct. Obama is taking down America. No worries, though. We know that we live in the Vale of Tears. Our true home is with Jesus Christ in Heaven.

  3. Dick, that’s like saying the sky is blue.
    Then again, it was you that your GOP elites enlisted to do the hit on Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz so playing the good guy doesn’t quite work with you.

  4. Quoting Dick Cheney doesn’t mean one endorses all about him.

    The next President will have a mess of unprecedented size on his hands. Short of war with Iran, I think the only way to stop them is to take out the real power there – the mullahs who actually run the government.

  5. T. Shaw.
    Your right on all accounts!
    True home!! It’s worth all the struggle and disappointments in this land to be welcomed home by the King of Kings.
    Bad kings no more!

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