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Midwest Conservative Journal brings to our attention that Obama continues his pretense of being a Christian in order to bash Christians:



If there’s one thing I love, it’s a quote which doesn’t even require “fisking”. At the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast on Sunday, an occasion of great significance to Christians, here’s what President Barack Obama had to say:

“On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love,” Obama said. “And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned.” As the crowd began to murmur, the president backed off, saying, “But that’s a topic for another day.”

Nothing like trashing fellow Christians as they’re busy observing the most important day in the Christian year, and the event which defines their faith. Fortunately, President Obama has the gift of knowing exactly what is in the heart and mind of each and every person, and that allows him to pass judgement on them. I’d just like to see him make a similar statement to Muslims on the first day of Ramadan… but I won’t hold my breath.

If Obama is not a stone cold atheist like his mother and father, I will eat whatever dog is left on Obama’s plate after he has the blue plate special in Seoul.  Exhibit A is his contention that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright led him to Christ.  Obama isn’t an idiot and only an idiot would have found Christ through the rantings of the hate filled Wright.

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  1. His comments are revealing!
    To me they scream I Abhor Christianity.
    This slick tongued snake is going to feel the heel on top of it’s head. She will be victorious, and it will return to the pit from which it slithered.
    Obama would of been better to have stepped into a bunny costume than try to speak of Christ and His faithful.

  2. Note that Christians’ “expressions” are high crimes while 14 centuries, continuing today, of desultory Muslim conquests and genocidal massacres are tacitly approved. The ME and North Africa have been seized by terrorists. Iran is about to get the bomb. America is fiscally and morally bankrupt.
    I don’t blame him. But, lying is inexcusable. And, I can’t blame the stupidest, worst electorate in the History of Creation for voting him eight years to drive America to Hell. You can’t fix stupid. But, we are screwed.
    Pardon my French. B. Hussein is named after Saint Hussein who helped the prophet mass murder and pillage his way across Arabia and what is now Iraq.

  3. I have nothing profound to add to what Philip and T Shaw wrote. I am not supposed to hate, but truly I do hate Obama, Moochele and the Demoncraps. It is wrong to hate people. We re supposed to love our enemies and do good to those who spitefully use us. But I cannot bring myself to feel that way about these godless, idolatrous, sexually deviant, baby murdering criminals. Everywhere I turn on the internet, their filth and depravity infects and infests. Web sites that I once frequented I now avoid because they have been overtaken by people who believe in that wicked man and his principles. He has fundamentally changed America and I am afraid that only a Maccabean solution will restore what was once a Christian Constitutional Republic. I wish fervently for the sake of my children that that were not so, but Obama is wholly evil and the Demoncraps along with him that no other response will work. 🙁

  4. Satan is the “Father of Lies” and it appears this President ObaMao willingly follows in his evil mentor’s footsteps. Sadly, having the revered title “Christ” in the name, United Church of Christ, does not make one a follower of Christ IF that church, while politically lobbying for the poor or immoral, eschews all of Jesus spiritual treasures. In a nutshell, BHO is evil.

  5. He’s ‘concerned’ and is serving to strengthen faith in his attempt to disturb it. All should just lovingly, quietly, and silently allow the “wide” gate to perdition be opened as planned.

  6. And what’s sad is that no one in the media, and that includes Fox News, will admit the obvious and call him for exactly what he is. Either a practicing Muslim or an atheist. They cower down to him like he’s a king and the country crumbles.

  7. Patricia.

    Your correct. The narrow way which leads to Eternal Life is not easy. The wide is paved with lies and double-speak. When both paths converge at the end of the road each sojourner will receive their rewards. The gates will fly open. Each person walking into the Kingdoms they helped to create. Simple enough. “…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”

    Helping to condone sodomy and to coerce tax-payers to fund in the killing of innocent children is a building of Hell on Earth! Is HELL ON EARTH Mr. President. Enjoy your kingdom Barack!

  8. Well all branches of Christianity and all Born Again Christians will in their hearts believe that only Jesus judges when we all assume room temperature. Still, Scripture tells us to watch for one’s Fruit if one claims to be a follower of Jesus. His fruit: it seems 6-7 yrs. of huge domestic failures, support for illegality, open borders, IRS and NSA spying, socialist ACA, hatred for all opposing groups, and foreign quirks which seem to think more of Islamist terrorists than our Const, our allies like Britain, Israel and France. The fact that his policies as a leader endangers so many people throughout the world, does not seem to bear on grace, kindnesslove, and loyalty and courage. Appeasement is not courage it is quasi-treason. Then to use sarc. comments to question other Christians IF they question him on anything, seems a bit over the top!

  9. I agree with what Thomas Fleming from Chronicles magazine said. The only God Obama worships is the one he sees in the mirror.

  10. Well, I haven’t your insights into people from practicing law, but I find it difficult to believe that Obama has any unconventional views on any subject or is emotionally invested in anything. And by ‘unconventional’ I mean non-modal in a professional-managerial class stratum in a large city populated with graduates of name institutions. His mother spent most of her adult life in Indonesia, and much of it engaged in tedious fieldwork. That’s not her son. His father drank himself to death. That’s not his son. Recall Paul Fussell’s description of his social circle: “X people don’t go to church. They don’t know anyone who does. The whole idea would strike them as embarrassing”. “Stone cold atheist” is for people on the payroll like Michael Shermer or people suffering from free-floating aggression. Obama’s not aggressive, just peevish.

  11. Why in the name of heaven do they even continue to have miserable events like these breakfast prayers? Waste of money, and a silly glory for some with 5 seconds in the spotlight. These spectacles are insults to this Christian nation and a ludicrous enactment of ecumenism.

  12. Our age with love is love, God is love, Christians ought to love, etc., betrays a lack of understanding of what love is,

    CCC 1766 “To love is to will the good of another.” – [St. Thomas Aquinas]. All other affections have their source in this first movement of the human heart toward the good. Only the good can be loved. Passions “are evil if love is evil and good if it is good.”

    What even our Catholic leaders fail to articulate.
    POTUS did not complete his argument, so not sure where he was going. My response is that it is incumbent upon Christians to practice virtue e.g. truthfulness which entails honesty. Cf. If, you like your plan you can keep it; I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, etc. POTUS ought to examine himself and weigh his behavior against the Christian calling.

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